Nihon M&A Center Holdings Co., Ltd. M&A Two food companies with popular products take on the challenge of new product development that leverages their respective strengths

Nihon M&A Center Holdings Co., Ltd.
[M&A] Two food companies with popular products take on the challenge of new product development that leverages their respective strengths I would like to enliven the region together by forming a tag between small and medium-sized enterprises! Thoughts of the transferee company
Our consolidated subsidiary, Nihon M&A Center Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Nihon M&A Center / Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / President: Suguru Miyake / URL: , supported the M&A of Shimizuya Foods Co., Ltd. (transferred company, Okayama Prefecture) and Takeshita Seika Co., Ltd. (transferred company, Saga Prefecture). URL: [Image 1

The closing ceremony was held at a hotel in Okayama City on January 5, 2022. Former President Keiko Shimizu (left) and President Mayu Takeshita (right) exchanging firm handshakes
Points to consider when choosing a recipient company
Takeshita Seika Co., Ltd., located in Ogi City, Saga Prefecture, is a company that manufactures ice cream “Black Mont Blanc”, which is especially famous in the Kyushu area. In October 2020, the company acquired ice cream manufacturer Sky Foods Co., Ltd. (Satte City, Saitama Prefecture), and in January 2022, it acquired bread
manufacturing company Shimizuya Foods Co., Ltd. (Okayama Okayama City) was taken over.
Mayu Takeshita, the 5th president of Takeshita Confectionery, points out that the point in deciding which company to take over is that “the company has areas that it lacks, such as technology and brand.” The fresh cream buns produced by Shimizuya Foods are popular in EC malls, and are also available in convenience stores and supermarkets in the Tokyo metropolitan area. “Although we are actively working on new product development, the market environment is harsh, and new products do not necessarily sell well. However, it is difficult to spend time and money to develop from scratch.We wanted to add one more pillar to our brand by working with a company that has products with strong brand power in a similar field.” I will talk about the reason for the partnership.
[Image 2

Main products of Shimizuya Foods and Takeshita Confectionery I want to revitalize the region together by joining hands with small and medium-sized enterprises
Takeshita Confectionery has formed a capital tie-up with companies in Saitama and Okayama. “Right now, people say that there is no energy in rural areas, and that there are no jobs even if you go back to your hometown. There may be differences in the scale of personnel and resources, but each company has its own unique strengths.
[Transferred company]
Company name: Shimizuya Foods Co., Ltd.
Business: Bread manufacturing, sales and wholesale
Location: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
[Transferred company]
Company name: Takeshita Confectionery Co., Ltd.
Business: Manufacture of frozen desserts and sweets
Location: Ogi City, Saga Prefecture
[Nihon M&A Center Co., Ltd.]
Nihon M&A Center Co., Ltd. celebrated its 30th anniversary in April 2021. As a leading company in the M&A brokerage business, we have a corporate philosophy of “contributing to the continuation and development of companies through M&A operations,” and have a track record of supporting more than 7,000 M&A cases since our founding. We are also deepening our ties with accounting firms, regional financial institutions, megabanks, and securities companies, accelerating the creation of consultation opportunities regarding business succession and M&A, and strengthening matching. We have 7 bases in Japan and 5 bases overseas (including a local subsidiary of Nihon M&A Center Holdings).
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