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Niigata’s new airline “Toki Air” adopts “WWS”, the origin of work suits, as the uniform for the airline industry’s “first” introduction

Oasis Lifestyle Group Co., Ltd.
Niigata’s new airline “Toki Air” adopts “WWS”, the origin of work suits, as the uniform for the airline industry’s “first” introduction Worn by pilots, CAs and mechanics

Oasis Lifestyle Group Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuzo Sekiya, hereinafter Oasis Lifestyle Group), which plans and sells the borderless wear brand “WWS / WWS” (hereinafter referred to as “WWS”), which originated in business suits. ) has partnered with Tokiair Co., Ltd. (Location: Chuo-ku, Niigata Prefecture, Representative Director: Masaki Hasegawa, hereinafter, Tokiair), an airline aiming to launch domestic flights this year, as the first airline based at Niigata Airport. WWS will be introduced as staff uniforms for pilots, cabin crew (CA), and mechanics of Toki Air. This will be the “first time” for the aviation industry.
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“WWS”, which originated in work suits, has been adopted as the uniform for Niigata’s new airline, Toki Air! “First” introduction to the airline industry
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Under the vision of “Don’t give up on your dreams! Be a bridge for new challenges”, Tokiair is a new airline that aims to start domestic flights within this fiscal year as a base airline for Niigata Airport. By using ATR’s turboprop aircraft with low fuel consumption and good environmental performance, CO2 emissions can be greatly reduced. In addition, since the new aircraft scheduled to be introduced in the future can take off and land on a short runway, we plan to open a route with Sado Airport, where regular flights have been suspended since 2014. In addition, it has a function to switch between seats and cargo, and by increasing the flow of people and goods, we aim to work on regional revitalization, mainly at airports, while improving sustainability.
When introducing this time, we focused on stretchability that improves the comfort of flight duties, durability that can be used for maintenance of the aircraft, and fatigue when wearing it. For this reason, we decided to introduce WWS as our uniform, which is light and not tiring due to its excellent stretchability and durability. [Image 3

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(above: worn by flight attendants)
All uniform products other than shirts use the new material “Ultimex” developed in-house, and can be washed in a washing machine 365 days a year. did. It is also highly water repellent, so it can be kept comfortable inside the clothing of mechanics who often work outside. Through joint research with a university, WWS has been proven to reduce fatigue to one-fifth that of ordinary suits, improve
concentration, and provide superior comfort. *1.
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(above: picture worn by the pilot)
All uniforms are Tokiair limited models, pilots will have MA-1 and pants without padding, cabin attendants will have jackets and pants for both men and women, and mechanics will have MA-1 with padding, pants and polo shirts. The MA-1 and jacket tops are equipped with anti-static tape, providing optimum anti-static properties even when working with precision equipment. The MA-1, designed for mechanics, will be on sale to the general public in January 2023. .
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WWS will continue to provide functionality and design to people working in all industries, including the aviation industry, and pursue work efficiency and motivation.
■ Introduced products All 10 types
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[Image 8

[Image 9

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Under the vision of “Don’t give up on your dreams! Be a bridge to new challenges”, Toki Air Co., Ltd. incorporates optimal solutions for the management of regional airlines, and is working to enhance hybrid regional networks and revitalize regions. This is an airline that is scheduled to go into service in March. Tokiea realizes freedom of movement, fulfills the dreams you gave up, and connects people’s hearts.
What is WWS

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Company name Oasis Lifestyle Group Co., Ltd.
Representative Yuzo Sekiya
Location 2F Aoyama Building, 1-2-3 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061 WWS corporate website: Details about this release:

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