Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. Haruaki Deguchi’s latest book, “Ichiki Yomi Sekaishi”, has been released. Real education that can be learned in 7 hours

Nikkei BP Inc.
Haruaki Deguchi’s latest book “Ichiki Yomi Sekaishi” is released. Real education that can be learned in 7 hours
You can read it all at once, so you can understand the big flow. A new history textbook by the long-awaited “Contemporary Intellectual Giant”.

The latest issue of Haruaki Deguchi will be released on November 17th. [Image 1

The latest historical book written by Mr. Haruaki Deguchi (President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University), a “modern intellectual giant” who has traveled to 1,200 cities around the world and read 10,000 books, will be published by Nikkei BP. . The history book that comes out after about a year of fighting against illness will be a long-awaited book for fans.
“One-shot world history” reservation sales page:

Mr. Deguchi, who loves history, has created a lot of history books so far. However, this time, in response to the unreasonableness of the Nikkei Business editorial department, “I want a book that can read the history of 5,000 years of humankind in 7 hours and grasp the big picture,” I decided to create an unprecedented “history book that can be read in one go”. ” challenged. Japanese history, Western history, Eastern history, political history, cultural history, and economic history are all connected and included in a volume that can be read in 7 hours.
No need to memorize proper nouns or years. He focused on the “great trends” in which human beings have lived, such as “the function of climate change played a major role in the rise and fall of great powers.” It is a new history textbook that is also useful for essay test preparation.
Features of this book
◆ 5,000 years of human history condensed into “a length that can be read in 7 hours”
◆ Focus on the “big flow” by abstracting the details
◆ “Horizontal writing” is the same as general history textbooks. Speedy reading and easy marking layout
[Paper space]
[Image 2

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[table of contents]
Chapter 1 | History of B.C., Part 1 |
Humans who left Africa acquired the technology to govern a large country. Chapter 2|History of B.C., Part 2|
“Almost everything that humans can think of was born in BC
Chapter 3 | 1st century to 5th century |
“In a cold world, two world empires abandoned half of their territory Chapter 4 | 6th century to 10th century |
The rise and fall of the two nations, Takuba and the Franks, who won the conflicts between the various tribes
Chapter 5 | 11th century to 12th century |
200 years when population growth due to global warming changed the world Chapter 6|13th-14th century|
Kublai’s wave of globalization hit the world
Chapter 7|15th to 16th century|
Guns and printing reach a new continent, technological innovation forms ‘Europe’ Chapter 8 | 17th century |
In the heyday of the four major Asian empires, the sense of
“nationality” in Europe is still weak
Chapter 9|18th Century|
The industrial revolution, nation-states, and the coincidence that Europe seizes world hegemony
Chapter 10 | 19th Century |
Nation states spread, and hegemony shifted from Asia to Europe and the United States
Chapter 11|First Half of the 20th Century|
In the era of total war, the United States rose to prominence and Japan forgot about “opening the country”
Chapter 12 | Late 20th century to 21st century |
 Japan, which had recovered from the benefits of the Cold War, fell into stagnation, and China was the winner in terms of GDP
[Author profile]
Haruaki Deguchi
President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU). Born in Misugi Village, Mie Prefecture in 1948. After graduating from Kyoto University Faculty of Law in 1972, joined Nippon Life Insurance Company. Retired in 2006 after serving as president of a local subsidiary in London and general manager of international affairs. In the same year, he established Netlife Planning Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of president. In 2008, the company name was changed to Lifenet Insurance Co., Ltd. Served as president and chairman for 10 years. Incumbent since January 2018. I have visited over 1200 cities around the world and have read over 10,000 books. “Introduction to Life Insurance New Edition” (Iwanami Shoten), “5000 Years of Human History” Series (Chikuma Shinsho), “Lectures on Japanese History from Zero” Series (Bungeishunju), “World History 1/2” (Shincho Bunko) , The World History of War and Diplomacy (Nikkei Business People Bunko).

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