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NinjaFoods Next-generation food tech, starting development of unused resource “Amoku” snacks

Cidecus Co., Ltd.
Next-generation food tech, start development of unused resource “Amoku” snacks Konjac food tech NinjaFoods, working as part of a next-generation snack project that utilizes seaweed ingredients.

Sydecas Co., Ltd. (pronounced “Sidecas”, Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, CEO: Masahiro Yoritama, hereinafter “our company”), which develops the next-generation food tech business NinjaFoods, is a kind of seaweed “a Considering Kamoku as one of the unused resources, we started developing next-generation snacks. As part of a
next-generation healthy snack development project that utilizes seaweed traditionally used in Japanese cuisine, such as seaweed and kelp, we combined NinjaPaste, which is derived from konjac, our core ingredient, to create new possibilities for Japanese cuisine. explore sex.
NinjaFoods Missed Alert (Official LINE) We will inform you of new product release information as soon as possible. [Image 1d29701-69-e2abf271fce99c16f8b5-2.jpg&s3=29701-69-743b2c2649dfc744691e55033098e05d-1920x1442.jpg
■ NinjaFoods, a next-generation food business that goes beyond all food restrictions
There are many people in the world who have dietary restrictions such as diabetes, high blood sugar, obesity, and allergies.
Therefore, we focused on konnyaku, an ancient Japanese plant-based healthy food. We aim to realize “a world where everyone can enjoy delicious food without restrictions” by utilizing “NinjaPaste”, a material that keeps konjac paste in a unique technology, as a next-generation ingredient.
■ Next-generation konjac material NinjaPaste
NinjaPaste is a next-generation konnyaku material that has succeeded in keeping regular konnyaku in a paste form without completely solidifying it. By mixing it with other materials, it reinforces the target fibers and forms konnyaku gel, realizing strong binding molding. Therefore, without using wheat gluten, eggs, or starch syrup, it is possible to mold foods rich in dietary fiber by taking advantage of the goodness of the ingredients.
[Image 2d29701-69-214ee4680f9760e0c5ff-0.jpg&s3=29701-69-9be41cb7e356078c0c6ade7aba582827-960x540.jpg
■NinjaFoods open innovation
If we only monopolize NinjaPaste and provide the final product, it is impossible to realize the world we aim for, “a world where everyone can enjoy delicious food without restrictions.”
Therefore, we believe that by providing NinjaPaste itself, which is the core material, to the outside, and by organizing and opening up knowledge about its utilization, it will be possible to make all kinds of food more flexible.
Currently, we are promoting the following co-creation projects with various external companies.
・ A protein bar project (https
・ Next-generation snack development project using seaweed ingredients (Ninja Foods, start developing next-generation snacks using seaweed ingredients)
・Free recipe release project using NinjaPaste
( ・ NinjaPaste free sample provision project for alternative protein manufacturers ( ・ Healthy Otsumami development project with university student intern ( By combining various other ingredients with NinjaPaste, it is possible to develop next-generation NinjaFoods that match various eating habits, such as low-sugar, low-calorie, allergen-free, halal-friendly, and vegan-friendly. In anticipation of the 2025 Osaka/Kansai Expo, we are disseminating various products such as SDGs diapers to the world. [Image 3d29701-69-7186b8ed6c5d0575074f-1.jpg&s3=29701-69-dc596701b4cfe714aa34c553ada7555f-1200x800.jpg
Sydecas Inc.
JA Building 2F, 621 Jikemachi, Kakogawa-cho, Kakogawa-shi, Hyogo 675-0066 555-0011 2-6-18 Takeshima, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Galilei Group Headquarters Building (Fukushima Galilei Co., Ltd.) MILAB
About NinjaPaste
■ Overlook prevention alert ・NinjaFoods official LINE
For early adopters who want to try NinjaFoods products at a great price before anyone else, we will notify you as soon as possible when new products are released. Register here → Details about this release:

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