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NinjaFoods Next-generation konjac food tech Started research on casual food

Cidecus Co., Ltd.
[Next-generation konjac food tech] Started research on casual food There is a privilege to win “Ninja Jerky”. The first is “Snack Bar”
Sydecas Co., Ltd. (reading: Sydecas, Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, Representative Director: Masahiro Yoritama, hereinafter “our company”), which develops the next-generation food business Ninja Foods, will start its own survey on casual food. In order to promote open innovation with our unique plant-based zero-sugar binder “NinjaPaste”, it will be part of research on how to use it. As a first step, we will conduct a survey on snack bars (protein bars, cereal bars, energy bars, etc.).
Survey form:
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■ Next-generation food tech NinjaFoods that goes beyond all food restrictions There are many people in the world who have dietary restrictions such as diabetes, high blood sugar, obesity, and allergies.
As a means to overcome these “food restrictions”, we focused on konnyaku, an ancient Japanese plant-based healthy food. We aim to realize “a world where everyone can enjoy delicious food without restrictions” by using “NinjaPaste”, a material that keeps konjac paste in a unique technology, as a next-generation ingredient. [Image 2d29701-56-75c2791f42228d071053-1.jpg&s3=29701-56-cc343fd2e3702f2fd963eef6b60e5115-960x540.jpg
■ Core technology: Next-generation konjac material NinjaPaste Our NinjaPaste is a next-generation konnyaku material that has succeeded in keeping regular konnyaku in a paste form without completely solidifying it. By mixing it with other materials to reinforce the target fibers and form konjac gel, it is possible to achieve “imparting a streak feeling” and “binding molding” that are difficult to achieve with ordinary konjac glue.
NinjaPaste has a wide range of applications, and we feel the need to explore the potential needs of each domain market.
This survey will be an important basic survey for sorting out the role that NinjaPaste plays in the existing “snack food” domain, improving performance and developing new usage methods.
Survey form:
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