Nint Co., Ltd. Product Update Notice Added “Shop Sales GAP Analysis” function to “Nint ECommerce”

Nint Inc.
Nint Co., Ltd. Product Update Notice Added “Shop Sales GAP Analysis” function to “Nint ECommerce”
You can now compare, understand and analyze the difference with other shops efficiently!

Nint Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Junko Yoshino, hereinafter “Nint”), which provides market trend data for major domestic EC malls using its own technology, estimates sales of major domestic EC malls for EC businesses. We are pleased to announce that we have added a new “shop sales GAP analysis” function to the cloud tool “Nint ECommerce” that provides data, which allows you to efficiently compare the differences between your own shop and other companies’ shops and identify areas for improvement. This function will be available free of charge to customers who subscribe to the Professional version of “Nint ECommerce” from November 30, 2022. Feature point
It is possible to understand the sales breakdown ratio for each target genre and identify differences in estimated sales.
It is possible to identify differences from other companies’ shops for each target genre by measure (price, product title, advertisement change, etc.)
It is possible to identify changes in ranking rankings and differences in estimated sales within a period for each product handled by other companies.
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User benefits
It is possible to understand the differences with other companies’ shops for each target genre by measure (price, title, advertisement change, etc.), and to suggest how to fill in the differences. In addition, it is possible to grasp the ranking changes, estimated sales, sales volume, etc. of the best-selling products of other shops during the period when differences occur, and efficiently consider measures to improve sales strategies and sales of your own shop. can do things
[Company profile of Nint Co., Ltd.]
・Representative: Junko Yoshino
・ Location: 8-17-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Realty & Development Shinjuku Tower 34F
・ URL:
・Established: April 2018
・ Business: Provision of EC data analysis services
・Group companies: Nint Holdings Co., Ltd.
Nint collects public data from major e-commerce malls (Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shopping, Amazon) using its own technology, and collects information such as distribution amount by product category, market share by manufacturer, and top-selling products and advertisements for each product of companies that open stores in the mall. By providing market trend data such as policy trend analysis, we support EC management decision-making. The service “Nint ECommerce”
( provided by Nint is currently used by more than 1,300 companies in Japan. Implementing companies can analyze market trends of EC malls, hot-selling products, trends of competing stores, etc., and can efficiently collect information for formulating business strategies and plan sales strategies.
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