Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. Super Mario and Splatoon 3 “Wrapping x Eco Bag” is on sale today!

Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd.
Super Mario and Splatoon 3 “Wrapping x Eco Bag” is on sale today! Even if you wrap a present or use it for going out.

Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) released new products (3 types) related to “Super Mario” and “Splatoon 3” on Friday, November 18th.
From today, sales will start sequentially at My Nintendo Store, Nintendo TOKYO, Nintendo OSAKA, electronics retailers nationwide, major mail order sites, and others.

What is “Wrapping x Eco Bag”?
[Image 1

It is a bag that can be used as a gift wrapping or as a folding eco bag. It will be useful in the coming Christmas season and in the daily shopping scene. It comes in two sizes that are perfect for wrapping the Nintendo Switch (TM) series and software.
Super Mario Wrapping x Eco Bag (Mario Characters)
“Wrapping x Eco Bag (Mario Characters)” is a bag that comes with a superstar-shaped pouch and is perfect for creating a lively Christmas present. It’s just the right size for wrapping the Nintendo Switch series body.
How to use 1 [Wrapping]
Wrapping is completed by tying the attached ribbon and attaching a superstar. [Image 2

Teresa is also hidden on the side of the bag.
[Image 3

[Image 4

How to use 2 [Eco bag]
The size is convenient for shopping and can be washed and used repeatedly. The folded bag can be stored and carried in the attached pouch or the pocket inside the bag.
[Image 5

Children can also use it on their shoulders, so it is useful when commuting to school with a lot of luggage or when carrying tools for lessons.
[Image 6

[Image 7

The pouch is recommended not only for storing the folded bag, but also for storing small items.
[Image 8

[Image 9

Super Mario Wrapping x Eco Bag Mini (Super Mushroom)
Splatoon 3 wrapping x eco bag mini (squid [yellow])
Two types of mini size designs are available: “Super Mario” and “Splatoon 3”. The size is perfect for wrapping Nintendo Switch software and Joy-Con (TM).
How to use 1 [Wrapping]
Wrapping is completed just by tying the attached ribbon.
[Image 10

[Image 11

How to use 2 [Eco bag]
It is large enough to hold A4 size notebooks, stationery, and children’s slippers. Great for occasions when you need a secondary bag, such as small shopping or going out.
[Image 12

[Image 13

Each can be stored in the “Super Mushroom” and “Squid” mascots and carried compactly. (The mascot is integrated with the bag.) The mascot has a loop for hanging, so you can hang it on a rucksack or the like. [Image 14

[Image 15

・Size comparison
See image below for size.
[Image 16

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