Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. The distribution album “Utate Play! Takashi’s Kirakira Song 2” containing 8 original songs by nursery artist Takashi Deguchi is released today. Lead song “Ne” MV release

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Takashi’s Kirakira Song 2, a distribution album containing 8 original songs by nursery artist Takashi Deguchi, will be released today. Lead song “Ne” MV release

The number of play songs uploaded to the Youtube channel “Columbia Kids TV” has exceeded 35 million times, and as a childcare artist, Takashi Deguchi, who has appeared in childcare magazines and participated in childcare seminars and events nationwide, is the second work. The original distribution album was released today. This time, it was distributed and released in November 2020, “Sing and play! Takashi’s Kirakira Song” Series 2.
Includes 30 original songs by Takashi Deguchi, classic children’s songs, and popular songs at home, kindergarten, and YouTube. In addition, the music video for the song “Ne”, which is the lead song of this distribution album and is sung at graduation ceremonies, was also released today. “Ne” recorded in this work is an important song that Takashi Deguchi himself pushed when he became a nursery teacher. It’s a heartwarming song with impressive lyrics.
Let’s appreciate the chance encounter and watch the world of warm songs that watch over the growth of children!
[Image 1

“Sing and play! Takashi’s Glitter Song 2”
Exit Takashi
Delivery date: November 23, 2022
Form: distribution album
Price: 1375 yen (bundle price) 255 yen (single song price)
Product number: COKM-44042
Delivery URL:
“Ne” MV:
·recorded music
1. “Ne” (newly recorded lead song)
2. Panda brothers (original)
3. Ninja Jump! ! (original)
4. Working car 1
5. Miracle ☆ Everyday (Original)
6. Check Check Taisou (Original)
7. What to make with Guchokipa
8. Yaoya no Omise
9. Picnic (1 and 5)
10. Watermelon production area
11. Ottotto Ondo (Original)
12. Flying Banana
13. Vegetable buttocks (original)
14. Aye aye
15. Curry rice song
16. Stomach Healing Song
17. The song of the story
18. Under the big chestnut tree
19. Mysterious pocket
20. Story Yubi-san
21. Forest Bear
22. It was a cat fun
23. The dog policeman
24. Goat’s mail
25. I wish it was
26. Bus play
27. Cleaning up man
28. Letter to Santa (Original)
29. Spring has come
30. Future treasure (original)
30 tracks total
・Exit Takashi Profile
[Image 2

Taking advantage of her experience as a former nursery school teacher, she is a childcare artist who sings mainly songs for children. As a label director, he directs the production of children’s CDs and video content. In addition to writing lyrics, composing, choreographing, and directing MVs for songs, he regularly uploads videos of hand play and play songs on YouTube, and the total number of views has exceeded 35 million.
A multi-artist who self-produces.
From 2019 to 2022, TV Tokyo series “Kinder TV” Wednesday regular appearance. In 2020, she was in charge of singing the ending theme song “Kiraful Miracle Kiramager” for the TV Asahi national broadcast “Mashin Sentai Kiramager”.
Deguchi Takashi HP: TikTok:
Columbia Kids TV: ・YouTube video featuring Takashi Deguchi
[All 29 songs] 52 minutes
“Play & Play Song Medley 2”
[Takashi’s Hand Play/Children’s Song]
3.71 million views
[All 20 songs] 36 minutes
“Play & Play Song Medley”
[Takashi’s Hand Play/Children’s Song]
3.95 million views
[SINGLE] Released on October 3, 2019
Halloween is noisy
COKM-42516 -Delivery Limited-
[ALBUM] Released on November 18, 2020
Sing and play! Takashi’s Glitter Song
COKM-42998 -Delivery Limited-
[SINGLE] Released on December 23, 2020
I like you / Sunday
COKM-43071 -Delivery Limited-
[SINGLE] Released on October 27, 2021
Panda Brothers / Miracle Everyday
COKM-43455 -Delivery Limited-
[SINGLE] Released on November 3, 2021
letter to santa
COKM-43488 -Delivery Limited-

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