Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. TWEEDEES releases teaser video for all songs of latest album “World Record”!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
TWEEDEES Release Teaser Video for All Songs of Latest Album “World Record”! Also announced an ambassador project that can write an official review of the band

The pop band TWEEDEES, consisting of Reiji Okii and Natsumi Kiyoura, has released a teaser movie of all songs of their 4th full album “World Record”, which will be released on Saturday, December 3rd. [Image 1

The TWEEDEES teaser, which has been an annual event since the 2nd full album, is a series of surreal and mischievous works composed of daily photos and videos taken by the members and staff and a few comments. This time as well, photos linked to the theme and lyrics of each song have been selected.
You can get a glimpse of some of the unreleased music videos, so check it out along with the new songs that you can enjoy little by little, and look forward to the release of the album.
In addition, an ambassador project
Details: [Overview]
Please tweet a review of the songs included in the new album “World Record”. Accepted reviews will be listed along with your name in the official audio summary column that will be published on the TWEEDEES YouTube channel after the album release.
You are now an official reviewer! We look forward to your wonderful review. [Application period]
・12/3 (Sat) 00:00 to 12/11 (Sun) 23:59
[way to participate]
・Listen to the album “World Record” and find the song you want to write a review for.
・Write a review after the song name, author name (nickname is acceptable), and the hashtag “#TWEEDEES review” and tweet.
・The number of characters is up to about 500 characters for 3 thread (tree) posts.
[Review period]
・2022/12/14 (Wednesday) to 2023/3/31 (Friday)
■ Release information
4th Album「World Record」
2022.12.3 (Sat) release
¥3,300 (¥3,000+ tax)
[Image 2

02.Beret Beast
03. Fuzzing heart
04. Rooftop Rhapsody
05. meta meta love
07. Two-cylinder partner
08. Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!! TWEEDEES ver.
09.Day Dream
10.Hello Hello
COJA-9477 (analog)
¥4,620 (¥4,200+ tax)
[Image 3

[Side A]
02.Beret Beast
03. Fuzzing heart
04. Rooftop Rhapsody
05. meta meta love
[Side B]
02. Two-cylinder partner
03. Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!! TWEEDEES ver.
04.Day Dream
05.Hello Hello
[TWEEDEES “World Record” Purchaser Bonus Information]
Original benefits will be presented to those who purchase at the target store. * The benefits will end as soon as they run out, so please make a reservation as soon as possible.
*Some stores may not carry it. Please contact each store for details on the presence or absence of benefits.
●Tower Records
・”World Record” sticker (for CD purchasers)
・Special receipt with printed message (CD purchasers, LP purchasers) If you purchase the target product “World Record” at all Tower Records stores (excluding Tower Records Online), you will receive a receipt with a printed message! (Friday, December 2, 2022 to Saturday, December 10, 2022)
* Analog sales start date is Saturday, December 3rd
● Amazon
・ Mega jacket (CD purchaser, LP purchaser)
CD (with mega jacket):
LP (with mega jacket):
● Limiter
・TWEEDEES “World Record” release commemorative Internet autograph session (CD purchasers, LP purchasers)
We will write a signature and deliver it to all customers who have purchased the target product at Remister.
100 people will be selected by lottery from customers who purchased the product, and we will write their signature, nickname, and date (release date) during the live broadcast!
This is an event that you can participate in anywhere in Japan, whether you are on the go or at home! !
Don’t miss this opportunity and join us!
■ Live event information
● “Tweedees Album ‘World Record’ Release Commemorative Pied Piper House Manager Event”
Saturday, December 10, 15:00 @ Tower Records Shibuya 6F Pied Piper House [Event content]
TWEEDEES will stand at the store as the store manager of Pied Piper House to welcome you.
In addition, TWEEDEES will autograph the jacket of “World Record” for customers who have “autograph session participation ticket”. Event details: ● “Talking TWEEDEES vol.3”
December 17th (Sat) @ LOFT9 Shibuya
First part: OPEN 11:30 / START 12:00
Second part: OPEN 14:30 / START 15:00
*Replacement system
Advance ticket ¥3,000/Same-day ticket ¥3,500 (+ 1 or more orders required) Tickets are being accepted
Part 1:
Part 2:
[Contact] LOFT9 Shibuya 03-5784-1139
●『TWEEDEES World Record Revue』
January 9 (Monday) @Billboard Live Tokyo
1st stage Open 15:30 Start 16:30
2nd stage Open 18:30 Start 19:30
*Replacement system
Service area S Reserved seat ¥7,000-
Service area reserved seat ¥5,900-
Service Duo sheet ¥ 7,550- (pair sale)
Service DX seat counter ¥8,100-
Service DX sheet Duo ¥ 8,100- (pair sale)
Casual area ¥5,400- (with 1 drink)
Tickets are being accepted [Contact] Billboard Live Tokyo 03-3405-1133
■ “TWEEDEES” profile
A pop group consisting of Natsumi Kiyoura and Reiji Okii. Formed in 2015. On March 18, 2015, they released their 1st album “The Sound Sounds.” from Nippon Columbia, which scored 10 out of 10 in the music magazine review, and was ranked 8th in the 2015 annual best album Kayo / J-POP category. Get rated.
On July 20, 2016, the second album “The Second Time Around” was released. From April 2017, he was in charge of the ending theme for NHK E-TV “Ojarumaru”, and released a mini album “a la mode” containing this song on June 21 of the same year.
In October 2018, the 3rd ALBUM “DELICIOUS.” was released.
He has a good reputation for staging live performances with a life-size friendly character while having high musicality and fashion. TWEEDEES, which penetrates the “royal road” of pop / rock in various aspects, is becoming the tide of the times beyond generations. ■ “TWEEDEES” link
Nippon Columbia TWEEDEES Website: Details about this release:


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