Nippon L’Oreal Co., Ltd. “For modern women who do not allow a moment’s compromise” November 25 (Friday) Helena Rubinstein will release a new cream of the “P.C. Skin Munity” series that has evolved.

Japan L’Oreal Co., Ltd.
“For modern women who do not allow a moment’s compromise” November 25 (Friday) Helena Rubinstein will release a new cream of the “P.C. Skin Munity” series that has evolved
As the environment surrounding modern women’s skin changes harshly every day, the green aging care * 1 “P.C.

Helena Rubinstein celebrates its 120th anniversary this year. Inheriting the attitude of Madame Helena Rubinstein, the founder of the brand, who continued to revolutionize beauty, we offer skin care products that make full use of advanced technology.
─ For smooth skin texture, uniform skin color, healthy luster, and firmness that repels stress ─
Progenitor cells*² of oceanic crystals that survive harsh environments awaken the potential for beauty, and the cream that always leads to personal best skin condition has evolved into a fresher texture with the same response.
Condition your skin, enhance your beauty, and update your personal best. [Image 1

November 25th (Friday) New Release P.C. Skin Munity Cream
Product features
[Useful ingredients]
■ Progenitor cells of Oceanic Crista*²
Supports the energy needed for cell regeneration, repair and defense activities. ■ Oil derived from Oceanic Crysta*²
The oil is extracted using green technology that does not burden the environment. It leads to smooth skin texture.
It has a high affinity with keratin and acts gently on the skin. Gently removes unnecessary keratin containing melanin to improve skin texture
It leads to clear skin.
■ Defense Complex*⁴
Supports the chemical barrier function and defense system of the skin surface. Stimulates the production of β-defensins.
■Ceramide III*⁵
Protects against dryness and supports long-lasting skin moisture. It prevents moisture from evaporating and protects the skin with a moisture barrier.
[Texture] Fresh, light texture
[Fragrance] A fresh and sophisticated fragrance with an image of green. “Oceanic Crysta”, a power plant that grows in extreme conditions A natural reserve, the Blair Archipelago along the coastline of Brittany’s Emerald Coast, France, is home to an extraordinary array of plant species. Here the ‘Oceanic Christa’ lives.
A plant that grows in one of the harshest environments on earth, including heavy sea spray, strong winds, dryness, and UV rays. Salt water splashes are generally known to be fatal to plants, but ‘Oceanic Crista’ grows just a few meters above sea level and can survive in highly saline soils affected by salinity. , is one of the “power plants” called halophytes.
To combat these environmental stresses, the ‘Oceanic Crista’ has developed admirable survival skills.
It has a strong defense mechanism and antioxidant power, and by controlling its own tissue, it has an amazing ability to withstand salt water and dryness.
[Image 2

Progenitor cells of Oceanic Crista*² cultivated using biotechnology The “progenitor cell”, the mother of all cells, is capable of adapting gene expression and transforming into any type of cell, regenerating an entire species in just one cell.
This limitless regenerative power makes progenitor cells one of the most powerful cells in the plant world.
Helena Rubinstein collaborated with the Brittany laboratory “Biotech Marine”, world-renowned for its expertise in advanced marine active substances, to jointly develop a biotechnological extraction method and successfully extract the progenitor cells of the “Oceanic Crista”. did.
Due to the uniqueness of each plant, research has taken time to establish a unique biotechnological process, and a method of extraction without harming the plant itself or harvesting the whole plant. did.
This rare and valuable plant, ‘Oceanic Crista’, is only allowed to be harvested for a limited period of the year and in limited quantities, so the harvest must be supervised by specially qualified specialists based on their knowledge of seaweed harvesting. I’m here.
[Image 3

Environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives
-Oceanic Crista, one seed to millions of progenitor cells-
1 gram of plant is needed for 1 billion progenitor cells. This small amount is required because the progenitor cells can be cultured and harvested with little water. It also has minimal environmental impact, making it a truly sustainable choice for the future of skincare. -Simple formula design-
In pursuit of bringing out the effects of the progenitor cells of Oceanic Crysta, we have adopted a simple formula with a reduced number of ingredients. The manufacturing process is 100% cold and no heat is used to conserve energy resources.
-Minimal package-
We have reduced the amount of plastic we use and replaced some of the glass with recycled glass.
The color is emerald green, reminiscent of the emerald coast of Brittany and precious gemstones.
Product information
[Image 4

P.C. Skin Munity Cream
50g / 24,200 yen (tax included)
New release on Friday, November 25, 2022
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[Contact for Helena Rubinstein]
TEL 0120-469-222
Official online store:
[Helena Rubinstein Official SNS]
*1 Skin care that gives firmness according to age
*2 Crismum maritimum extract (skin conditioning ingredient)
*3 Capryloyl salicylic acid (skin conditioning ingredient)
*4 α-glycan oligosaccharides/Polymnia sonchifolia root
juice/Lactobacillus (skin protection ingredient)
*5 Ceramide NP (moisturizing ingredient)
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