Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd. We will establish the “Super Library Research Institute” on November 30th, whe re we will research and disseminate libraries and seriously enjoy them.

Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd.
On November 30th, we will establish a place to research and
disseminate libraries and to be seriously interesting.

Hiraku Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Takuro Someya, hereafter: Hiraku), a subsidiary of Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd. (President: Keiji Okumura), is a library research institute (President: Kyohei Hiroki, hereafter: On November 30, 2022 (Wednesday), as a co-creation project with Library Research Institute), we will establish a facility “Super Library Research Institute” (hereafter: Super Research Institute) to conduct library research and dissemination. Also, on November 30, 2022 (Wednesday), a video introducing the facility will be distributed.

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“Choken” is a refurbished office floor of about 50 tsubo, and has three functions: a laboratory, a studio, and an office, and is equipped with facilities for discussing libraries. The big table that spreads across the whole is symbolic, and by surrounding the table, it is a space where you can promote co-creation beyond the boundaries of affiliation and workplace.
[Image 2d23227-139-60c98688875b22ed72cf-0.jpg&s3=23227-139-17b540c85d49c84253cac011f983a23e-2400x1600.jpg
■ Background of establishment
 Open and Library Research Institute started co-creation in 2021, and have implemented various projects while reconsidering the value of libraries and places with books. The idea behind it is simple. Each person has a different definition of a rich life, but having a library close to your life should make your life better. And to do that, I thought that it was necessary to update the way of thinking, space, and way of the library.
As part of the co-creation project, from the winter of 2021, we have started a talk series “What we talk about when we talk about libraries” inviting various guests. Eight guests will be invited over the course of the year, and discussions and related articles will be published in the future.
In addition, the library event package “Library Book Circus” was held in July 2021 and May 2022. At the Nasushiobara City Library Mirude held, many people experienced it, such as updating the highest number of visitors since the opening. From next year onwards, it is attracting attention from all over the country, such as receiving requests from multiple venues.
One year after the start of co-creation, it was finally decided to launch “Choken” as a permanent facility.
■ Super Research Facility Introduction
1. Lab
A space for holding talk events and networking events. The wall is surrounded by bookshelves, and currently there are books selected under the theme of “The books that shaped me” by Open Library Research Institute.
2. Studio
A studio function that allows you to record, edit, and distribute talks and lectures held in the lab. We will continue to regularly distribute content in the future.
3. Office
It is a space where you can work with a free address. Equipped with a 3D printer and laser processing machine, you can also experience the manufacturing elements that are required in libraries these days. In addition, the visual symbolizing “Choken” was created by artist Yosuke Kinoshita. It will be a work that explores the various possibilities of libraries and books in the future, and the original drawing will be permanently exhibited at the Library Research Institute.
[Image 3d23227-139-c926105d60d9738900d9-4.jpg&s3=23227-139-8dc338ae01fab491351d37a616a2e968-3000x2000.jpg
[Image 4d23227-139-0145ed91da52de96a45a-3.jpg&s3=23227-139-8b5e3530506b397ccbf2984c03124e78-3000x2000.jpg
[Image 5d23227-139-5b9e1bd9a8c0d945c95d-2.jpg&s3=23227-139-07a8e2c360618deae903e987f16c0a3e-3000x2000.jpg
[Image 6d23227-139-2260f298c05047cd3aa3-1.jpg&s3=23227-139-7879ce45222c4c55f3f03aa3730c57c7-2400x1600.jpg
■ Video distribution
 On the “Library Exhibition” ONLINE plus page, which is being held until November 30, 2022 (Wednesday), videos of the museum tour and special talks will be distributed. Please see the URL below from 10:00 on November 30 (Wednesday).
In addition, as a special version of “What we talk about when we talk about libraries”, we will interview Mr. Yosuke Kinoshita, who was in charge of visuals, and Mr. Takahashi and Mr. Hara, who were in charge of design. The pattern will be updated on the official note page in mid-December.
■ About facility coverage and tours
 This facility is basically not open to the public, so if you would like to interview or tour, please contact us individually. In addition, when the library is temporarily opened to the public for events or workshops, we will inform you on the official website of Hirakuya Library Research Institute, SNS, etc.
■Overview of “Super Library Research Institute”
Location: 5F Sumitomo Seisen Koishikawa Building, 3-5-9 Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0012
Project owner: Kyohei Hiroki, President and CEO, Library Research Institute Planning/Producing: Hiraku Co., Ltd. Representative Director Takuro Someya Design and direction: Masayuki Takahashi Architectural Design Office, Harahiro Kazu Atelier
Visual production: Yousuke Kinoshita
Design: Shounomaki
Sound and distribution equipment: Fly Sound
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd. President’s Office Public Relations Section Person in charge: Yoshino, Kanno
TEL.03-3233-3829 FAX.03-3233-6045

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