Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd. The total number of shipments has exceeded 700,000 with high breathability and comfortable fit! ! This fall, ivory white will be added to the “Zamst Mouse Cover”!

Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd.
With high breathability and a comfortable fit, the total number of shipments has exceeded 700,000! ! This fall, ivory white will be added to the “Zamst Mouse Cover”!
Limited sale at our online shop “Zamst Online” from Friday, November 25, 2022
Japan Sigmax Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Yosuke Suzuki), which develops the sports support and care product brand “ZAMST”, is popular for its high breathability and comfortable fit. Added a new color ivory white to the anti-splash mouse cover. From November 25, 2022 (Friday), it will be sold exclusively at our online shop “Zamst Online”.
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▲ Following black and light gray, ivory white has also been added to the color lineup.

About Zamst Mouse Cover
“Zamst Mouse Cover” will be sold online only in 2020 from “Zamst”, a sports support and care brand born from Japanese technology and loved around the world, and has shipped 700,000 pieces* so far. Product. It was developed as a product that can be worn as an etiquette measure for those around you while maximizing the ease of breathing during sports activities as a preventive measure against infectious diseases. And this time, in addition to the black and light gray on sale, we have added ivory white to the lineup, which has a clean feel and is easy to use even during sports.
* Cumulative number of shipments from July 2020 to November 2022 [Simple test using sprayer]
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Product information ( ・Product name: Zamst Mouse Cover
・Color: Ivory White (new color)
・ Sales price: ¥ 2,970 (tax included)
・Size: Small/Medium
・ Number of sheets: Only 2 pieces sold
・Use: A mouth cover that can be worn to cover the mouth as an etiquette measure during sports activities.
Product Summary
・It is a “mouse cover” with high breathability. Please use it for the purpose of softening the spread of droplets.
・Adopts a three-dimensional design that does not cling to the mouth. – The part that goes over the ear is made of a thin, soft and stretchy material. ・Two sizes are available: “Small” and “Normal”.
[Image 2d2354-324-05a27ebb80d45a7f73cd-1.jpg&s3=2354-324-67a94bd3c30ee7117e3b8f2b71c47cc5-1360x1360.jpg
▲ “Mouse cover” with high breathability
[Image 3d2354-324-ad37d394ae1d17c88363-2.jpg&s3=2354-324-976eda1f77dee6bdabd32ee07a267784-1343x1344.jpg
▲ Adopts a three-dimensional design that does not cling to the mouth

[Image 4d2354-324-dfdcc47eacfeec28feff-3.png&s3=2354-324-ede73726f4d436ff62ee66390187748c-2144x715.png
▲There are two sizes, small size and normal size.
Release campaign (URL: [Image 5d2354-324-fa529f9d2fb79f0a752f-4.jpg&s3=2354-324-71f73359b0f3971f4a39183ac755d8b6-799x354.jpg
To commemorate the release of the new color, we will carry out a simultaneous purchase campaign limited to Zamst Online.
10% off if you purchase the mouse cover ivory white and ZAMST products at the same time.
Please check the campaign page for details.

November 19, 2022 (Sat) 0:00 to November 30, 2022 (Sun) 23:59 *Pre-orders will begin on November 19th.

All “ZAMST” products are eligible.
[Image 6d2354-324-a1715c164ff3d7a0a907-5.jpg&s3=2354-324-5f944b876187fdbb7a5127865e6f8334-842x595.jpg
ZAMST is a sports support and care product brand established in 1993 by Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd., which has developed and manufactured orthopedic products for 48 years as a medical manufacturer.
We develop supporter products that support each joint of the human body, compression products that apply moderate pressure to muscles, and insole products that support foot alignment.
In a survey conducted since 2014, we have been recognized as No. 1*1 in sports supporter market sales for seven consecutive years. ZAMST will continue to develop and provide products unique to our company, which knows the human body, with the goal of maximizing the performance produced by the human body, and will continue to move forward every day.
*1 Sports supporters from 2014 to 2020 (excluding supporters for the purpose of shock absorption to joints in sports activities, motor function assistance and performance improvement, medical and healthcare applications) market based on manufacturer shipment value Research by Yano Research Institute Ltd. As of January 2022 *The results of this survey are estimates based on qualitative research and analysis methods.
ZAMST Partners
ZAMST supports athletes and organizations who continue to challenge the limits in all sports, including volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, marathons, golf, and badminton.
[Image 7d2354-324-a54a301de534b8a792f6-6.jpg&s3=2354-324-9d63577218b438844c4248eebecde994-1361x905.jpg
Volleyball: Yuji Nishida, Futoshi Onodera, Tomohiro Yamamoto, Naoya Takano, Yuki Higuchi, Maki Oya, Wilfredo Leon, Chihiro Sasaki/ Basketball: Yuki Togashi, Yuki Kawamura, Koki Schaefer Avi, Yuta Nishida, Ryuto Yasuoka, Ikkyu Tsuya, Shun Ito, Kyonosuke Terashima, Trey Young, Mai Yamamoto, Nanako Toto, Elena Dele Dan/
Soccer: Makinosuke Hatanaka, Ikuya Unoki, Yusuke Kobayashi, Ryo Sato / Tennis: Yosuke Watanuki, Nao Hibino / Marathon: Reia Iwade / Golf: Uta Anai / Badminton: Misaki Matsutomo and many other athletes and teams About Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd.
[Image 8d2354-324-9821e72743eb63709f1b-7.jpg&s3=2354-324-16f01442950d3aeb573738c4224c784a-1326x648.jpg

Location: 1-24-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Founded: June 1, 1973
 Capital: 90 million yen
President and Representative Director: Yosuke Suzuki
 Number of employees: 265 (as of the end of March 2022)
 Sales: 10.82 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2022)
Nippon Sigmax provides products and services that support people’s physical activity in the fields of medicine, sports, and wellness, with the business domain of “physical activity support business”. Since our founding, we have specialized in “medical care”, especially “orthopedic surgery”, and have manufactured and sold various joint braces, external fixation materials such as casts, and
rehabilitation-related products. In the field of medical equipment, we are a pioneer in icing systems for cold therapy after surgery, the first cordless ultrasonic bone fracture treatment device in Japan, the Axelus mini, and a dramatic increase in convenience by expanding the range of use of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment. We offer distinctive products such as the portable ultrasound diagnostic device “Pocket Echo miruco” that has been transformed into a
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