Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation NTT East and Tohoku Broadcasting are collaborating to use AI c ameras to shoot unmanned local sports events and distribute them online. Broadcast the game! ―

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
NTT East and Tohoku Broadcasting are collaborating to use AI cameras to film local sports tournaments unmanned and distribute them over the web.The first one will be distribution of all the games of the “Autumn TBC Cup Miyagi Prefecture Volleyball Friendly Tournament for Moms”! ―

NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION Miyagi Division (General Manager: Masahiro Takizawa, hereinafter NTT East Japan) has utilized the AI ​​camera newly launched by Tohoku Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (President: Atsuhiko Ichiriki, hereinafter Tohoku Broadcasting). We will collaborate and cooperate with each other in the sports video distribution business. As the first initiative, we will conduct web video distribution of all games at the “Autumn TBC Cup Miyagi Prefecture Mama Volleyball Goodwill Tournament” to be held from November 9, 2022 (Wednesday).
1. Background of collaboration
As a social innovation company that supports the future of the region, NTT East is working on regional revitalization using ICT, including AI. On the other hand, Tohoku Broadcasting has contributed to the promotion of regional sports through the hosting and broadcasting of various sporting events.
Tohoku Broadcasting’s online video distribution business for sports events using AI cameras will be jointly implemented by Tohoku Broadcasting, NTT East Japan, and NTTSportict Inc. (President: Masatoshi Nakamura, hereinafter referred to as NTTSportict). 2. Effect of introducing AI camera and vision
STADIUM TUBE, an automatic sports shooting and distribution solution using an AI camera provided by NTTSportict, uses AI to grasp the movement of the ball and players, move the camera, and automatically shoot the game without the intervention of a cameraman. Thing. By utilizing this “STADIUM TUBE”, real-time distribution of regional sports competitions on the web, archive distribution after the game, DVD conversion, etc. will be easily possible. NTT East, Tohoku Broadcasting and NTTSportict are considering not only this initiative but also other competitions in the future, and will contribute to regional revitalization through the promotion of regional sports. We will aim.
3. Roles of each company
NTT East: Technical cooperation for AI solutions, communication infrastructure for distribution, and ICT environment consulting at tournament venues
support the facilitation of the above projects through
Tohoku Broadcasting: Planning and operation of sports event video web distribution business jointly implemented with NTTSportict
NTTSportict: Automatic shooting of sports by AI camera ・Provision of distribution solution “STADIUM TUBE”
4. Tournament Overview
[Tournament name] Reiwa 4 Autumn tbc Cup Miyagi Prefecture Mama Volleyball Goodwill Tournament
[Holding schedule] November 9th (Wednesday) and 10th (Thursday), 2022 [Venue] Tomiya City General Athletic Park Tomiya Sports Center Main Arena [Organizer] Miyagi Prefecture Mama Volleyball Federation Tohoku Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
[Co-organizer] Miyagi Volleyball Association Tomiya City Volleyball Association [competition summary]
23 teams registered in the Miyagi Prefecture Mama Volleyball Federation “general section” will participate (planned).
Divisions 1 to 4 compete for the championship in a tournament format. Competition schedule: 9th 1st and 4th divisions/10th 2nd and 3rd divisions (19 games in total)
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