Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation NTT InterCommunication Center ICC Special Exhibition “Multilayered Worlds and the Base of Reality” December 17, 2022 (Sat) to March 5, 2023 (Sun)

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Special Exhibition “Multilayered Worlds and the Foundation of Reality” December 17, 2022 (Sat) – March 5, 2023 (Sun)
An exhibition that considers our changing reality in a multi-layered world where the real and the virtual coexist.

At the NTT InterCommunication Center * 1 (hereafter, ICC), a cultural facility operated by NTT East, from Saturday, December 17, 2022, the exhibition “Multilayered World” utilizing the online platform that began in 2020. We will hold the third exhibition in the series, “Multi-layered worlds and the basis of reality.”
In the past two exhibitions, “Another Museum in a Multi-layered World” and “How to Walk in a Multi-layered World,” we explored how
exhibitions should be experienced from both the real space and the information space. Based on this demand, we have examined how our consciousness and sensibilities will change in the society of the future.
■This time, the virtual worlds such as the Metaverse and the mirror world, as well as the mirror worlds that digitize the real world, are finally becoming a reality and are being implemented. We focused on the way our reality should be.
■In addition to the real-world exhibition at the ICC, some works can also be experienced online.
*1 A cultural facility established by NTT in 1997 as a project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the telephony industry in Japan, after pre-activities from 1991.
*2 A general term for works of art that use various cutting-edge media technologies, including computers.
[Image 1

Mao Shibata “Blue” 2020- Seira Uchida “Virtual Memorial Lecture” 2021- Photo: Hayato Wakabayashi
1. Overview of the special exhibition “Multi-layered worlds and foundations of reality”
English exhibition name: Viewpoints of Reality in the Multi-layered World Period: December 17, 2022 (Sat)-March 5, 2023 (Sun)
[Real exhibition]
Venue: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Gallery A
Opening hours: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
Admission fee: 500 yen (400 yen) for adults, 400 yen (300 yen) for university students
Set ticket with “ICC Annual 2022” exhibition: General 800 yen (700 yen), University student 600 yen (500 yen)
(Advance reservation system, admission on the day is given priority to those who have made reservations in advance)
*Prices in ( ) are for groups of 15 people or more.
*Persons with a physical disability certificate and one accompanying person, those aged 65 and over, high school students and younger, and ICC
Free for annual passport holders.
*Details on how to make a reservation will be announced on the ICC website at a later date.
Closed *3: Every Monday, New Year holidays (12/26-1/4), building maintenance inspection day (2/12)
*3 If Monday is a public holiday or a compensatory holiday, the following day will be closed.
There is a possibility that the opening hours will be changed and the museum will be temporarily closed even on days other than closed days. The latest information will be announced on the ICC website
[Online exhibition]
Venue: Hyper ICC (
Experience fee: Free
Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation)
2. Exhibition overview
Virtual worlds such as the Metaverse and the Mirror World, as well as mirror worlds that digitize the real world, have become a reality and are finally being implemented. In various situations, we live in a world where the real and the virtual coexist. It looks like Under such circumstances, the way we view reality is also changing.
For example, not only does the virtual world imitate reality, such as designing real-world architecture based on simulations in the virtual world, but reality is inspired by the virtual world. can no longer be clearly separated.
The real and the virtual are not 0 and 1, or black and white, but rather, they can be viewed from countless gradations in between. Individuals may be required to find a balance between the real and the virtual to find their own comfort zone.
In the present (future) where we have come to have an extended world as another reality as an extension of reality, how will reality change in the multi-layered world era? I would like to think about how our reality will change in the future.
3. Exhibiting artists (in alphabetical order)
Seira Uchida
Sotaro Sato
Mao Shibata
Akihiko Taniguchi
Total Refusal
Marina Fujiwara
Curated by: Minoru Hatanaka, Akihiko Taniguchi
Curatorial Team: Yasuko Sashisui, Tomoya Kashimada
Co-curated by Hyper ICC: Akihiko Taniguchi
Venue design and supervision: NOIZ
*Please refer to [Reference] for examples of works.
4. Countermeasures against COVID-19
At NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], as a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we ask for the cooperation of all visitors to the following measures in consideration of the health and safety of our customers and staff. .
Those who fall under any of the following will be refused entry. ・ Those who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher.
(We will measure your body temperature with a thermo camera and a non-contact thermometer when you enter.)
・ Those who have traveled to an area or country where the infection is spreading within the past two weeks.
・ Those who are unwell, such as fever, cough, runny nose, and fatigue. ・ Those who are not wearing a mask.
The latest information will be announced on the ICC website
5. Introduction to ICC
Location: Tokyo Opera City Tower 4th Floor, 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
(Keio New Line, 2-minute walk from Hatsudai Station East Exit) [Image 2

[Reference] Exhibited artists and examples of works
Seira Uchida 《Virtual Memorial Lecture》 2021-*Real, Online
[Image 3d98811-403-1d3c98199bdb04ef45cd-2.jpg&s3=98811-403-007578a859f9d4b1e0be08f590be9abb-552x299.jpg
A virtual space where 3D-scanned mementos that cannot be discarded are dedicated along with texts that describe their memories.
This is a work that allows you to experience the “virtual memorial hall” in VR. Uchida is an online
A fictitious new people in an era when people’s various memories and emotions cause various conflicts and meeting other people is taboo. I created this work imagining a religious belief. At the venue, a paper craft “Norishiro-sama” will be distributed after the memorial service.
and you can take home someone’s memento and assemble it. You can also experience a memorial service online.
Ryotaro Sato “All Night” 2022, new work *Real
[Image 4d98811-403-179d2516f75883058564-3.jpg&s3=98811-403-47b297482924c098f2a785cc6ab0af96-535x301.jpg
It is a 3DCG video work created using only existing 3D models called “assets”. Sato regards the large amount of assets collected on the Internet as “floating objects” and treats these various characters in parallel in his work. The work depicts a surreal scene where characters who seem to have been collected from different worlds meet in one place without any context. The characters appear to be at the mercy of the story, regardless of their own will, while the data of those assets “move” and “transform” on the Internet.
Mao Shibata 《Blue》2020- *Real, Online
[Image 5d98811-403-0e35e74372f9bc3ad77b-4.jpg&s3=98811-403-b40911af650d453c0603a0cb923812b3-506x337.jpg
Photo: Hayato Wakabayashi
A blue sculpture installed in the venue is chroma-key composited with the empty venue in the video, and it is a work that disappears. The actual sculpture becomes transparent and is distributed on the Internet in a state different from the actual sculpture in the exhibition hall. You can’t see the actual sculpture unless you go to the venue. Sculpture, which is a form of expression that generally exists as a three-dimensional object with a form in real space, will consider how it can be developed in a variety of viewing environments in the post-Internet environment.
Takahashi, Parallel Plant Survey, 2021 *real, online
[Image 6d98811-403-ead507a954d2992b2d59-5.jpg&s3=98811-403-8cb5cca14324766cc5295f2cd820fbdf-535x356.jpg
Photo: Naoki Takehisa
This work was created based on research on plants in the game space. In this work, we actually took a walk through parks and valleys, photographed the planting of real plants, and placed a similar shape to the nearby plants in a place where there seems to be room for the virtual plants in the game to grow. It is produced by the process of searching for plants from the game world and 3D model assets and planting them. Takahashi considers the relationship between landscaped gardens and parks in the real world and planting in the game world, and finds connections there.
Akihiko Taniguchi 《a throw of the dice》2018, new work *real, online [Image 7d98811-403-b56f17b37dc29e5d92a5-6.jpg&s3=98811-403-026cdbbae073f6a2a9df7a56ac6deeae-236x177.jpg
This work is a real-time simulation of throwing dice, 3D-scanned and 3D-printed objects of a dice-throwing scene somewhere in the past. At the moment the dice fall in the simulation, a 3D scanned landscape appears to overlap the dice. Scenery is embedded in each of the six sides of the dice and displayed accordingly. Here we see the dice as a storage device in which six different times and places are stored and recalled.
Total Refusal, How to Disappear, 2020 *Real
[Image 8d98811-403-4849483da8c61243cd25-7.jpg&s3=98811-403-d7f45ba346927cdf367d6313c7feffe2-391x553.jpg
This is a video work created using gameplay footage from the online shooting game “Battlefield V”. In this game, it is impossible to continue playing while escaping from the battlefield because the game is played by the player’s free will. In this work, the history of deserters whose existence is not allowed in the world of video games created in pursuit of reality, and who have hardly been spotlighted in the history of war, is told. And while contrasting video games and real war, we will explore where reality lies for us today.
Marina Fujiwara * Real
《Face saddle panel that no one can see even if you slap your face》 AR 2022 《Handset device that can cut off ZOOM》 2021
《Machine for emergency escape from an online drinking party》 2020 etc. [Image 9d98811-403-4a36da68da668df1e9e9-8.jpg&s3=98811-403-4f22d93bfc8f40e250afc21f5b337a08-651x366.jpg
《A machine that can escape from an online drinking party》 2020 Fujiwara is a content creator whose main activity is to create unnecessary things that come to mind, and has published more than 200 unnecessary things so far on YouTube. In this exhibition, we will introduce a device that eliminates the awkwardness that everyone has felt when using the online meeting tool that has become familiar during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as a device that restricts sightseeing trips. We will exhibit a project that tried to reproduce familiar face signboards in tourist spots with AR.
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