Nippon Television Wands Yoshitaka Amano 70th Anniversary Art Project A new original NFT art collection project drawn by Yoshitaka Amano has started!

Nittele Wands Inc.
[Yoshitaka Amano 70th Anniversary Art Project] A new original NFT art collection project drawn by Yoshitaka Amano has started!
The art drawn by Yoshitaka Amano opens the door to the project, and as a new initiative in the WEB 3.0 era, we will challenge co-creation with the community!

As Yoshitaka Amano celebrates his 70th birthday in 2022, he has taken on the theme of “creating a form of art that has never been seen or touched before” as a new challenge. A number of new initiatives that fuse ] will be implemented.
As part of the project, Nittele Wands Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Shigetoshi Suzuki) is Yoshitaka Amano’s management company, M’s Management Office Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Shigetoshi Suzuki). Mari Suzuki), we are pleased to inform you that we have launched a new original NFT art collection project “ZIELCHAIN” with Yoshitaka Amano as the project owner.

[Image 1

■Yoshitaka Amano New Original NFT Art Project | ZIELCHAIN
Propagating (CHAIN) Yoshitaka Amano’s spirit (ZIEL) through the creation of new works co-created in the community of the WEB 3.0 era *ZIEL: soul, spirit (Dutch)
The purpose is to co-create works with the participants of the community formed in the borderless and open world of WEB3.0. The art drawn by Yoshitaka Amano opens the door to the project, and in addition to the production process of the work such as the story, existing characters, music, etc., it is assumed that the community will participate in the decision making of the use of the work such as media mix and collaboration. doing.
Furthermore, in the process, we aim to create new value and contribute to the revitalization of digital art by creating opportunities for various talented creators to collaborate with Yoshitaka Amano. -project overview-
◆Project name: ZIELCHAIN
◆ Scheduled service start: 2023 WINTER
◆ HP:
◆ Twitter:
◆ Management: Team Amano
■ Comment from Mr. Yoshitaka Amano
[Image 2

This project is not something that I do alone, but rather, I aim to create a work while receiving inspiration from each other, with the theme of “connection” with everyone who participates in this project. While communicating with many people through the project, I am very much looking forward to participating in a new initiative that will create something completely unexpected from my paintings.
In a sense, I think that this work is a challenge to a new world beyond my experience.
Through “ZIELCHAIN”, let’s connect the thoughts of people all over the world and turn the pages of the work together.
[Table 3: ]

■ About “Yoshitaka Amano 70th Birth Anniversary Art Project” “Yoshitaka Amano 70th Anniversary Art Project” is a project jointly promoted by M’s Management Office Co., Ltd., Twin Planet Co., Ltd., Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., NPG Tokyo Agency Co., Ltd., BS Nippon Co., Ltd., and Nittele Wands Co., Ltd. is.
[Image 3

[Yoshitaka Amano VR Museum]
[Image 4

The Yoshitaka Amano VR Museum, which is being jointly developed by Nittele Wands and NPG Tokyo Agency, is a first-of-its-kind art museum that presents Yoshitaka Amano’s works in 3DCG in a virtual space. Those works such as “FINAL FANTASY” and “CANDY GIRL” series “jump out”, “dance”, and above all, “enter” the work world!
Various areas will be added even after the release. Please look forward to it. -project overview-
◆ Service name: Yoshitaka Amano VR Museum -Yoshitaka Amano VR MUSEUM- ◆ HP:
◆ Twitter:
◆ Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Meta Quest 2, Steam (planned) ◆ Operation: NTV Wands/NPG Tokyo Agency
[Yoshitaka Amano OFFICIAL WEBSITE / AMANO Fan Community]
[Image 5

On the official website, we will update the latest information from time to time as Yoshitaka Amano’s portal site, as well as projects that we will work on in the “Yoshitaka Amano 70th Anniversary Art Project”. In addition, in the paid membership “AMANO Fan Community”, many of Yoshitaka Amano’s treasured materials and production processes are posted. You can enjoy the breathing and real feeling of writing that you can feel from the work anytime, anywhere. We also have a plan where A4 illustration cards with Amano’s works printed will be delivered to your home every month.
-project overview-
◆ Service name: AMANO Fun Community
◆ URL:
◆ Twitter:
◆ Correspondence platform: PC / smartphone browser
Usage fee: Simple plan ¥550/month
Special illustration book plan 2,750 yen (4,400 yen for the first month) ◆ Operation: Nittele Wands
[Golden world Yoshitaka Amano draws lights ~GOLDEN VIEW OF THE WORLD~] [Image 6

“Golden World” is a project to create art that symbolizes Yoshitaka Amano’s world view on a campus that utilizes the traditional Japanese crafts of gold leaf and foil stamping. An art exhibition will be held from November 23rd (Wednesday/holiday), collaborating with Kyoto Daihonzan Myoshinji and Yoshitaka Amano. After the end of the event period, works such as Yoshitaka Amano’s main art “Konjiki Zushi” and the venue, Kyoto Daihonzan Myoshinji, will be converted into 3DCG, and in collaboration with the “Yoshitaka Amano VR Museum”, a “virtual golden world” will be created. We are planning to expand.
-project overview-
◆Exhibition Name: Golden World Yoshitaka Amano Draws Infinite Light ~GOLDEN VIEW OF THE WORLD
◆ HP:
◆Holding period: November 23, 2022 to December 8, 2022
◆ Venue: Omotozan Myoshinji Temple 〒616-8035 1 Hanazono Myoshinji-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
[Visiting hours] 9:00 am to 12:00 pm 13:00 pm to 16:00 *Ticket sales until 15:30 [Admission fee] 700 yen for adults / 400 yen for elementary and junior high school students
    【Official site】
Sponsored by: Golden World Project Committee
◆ Sponsor: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
[Table 4: ]
[“CANDY GIRL” web3/NFT Entertainment]
[Image 7

Twin Planet, which handles IP production, and Astar Network, a public blockchain from Japan, will develop a global entertainment project of Yoshitaka Amano’s fine art “CANDY GIRL”.
NFT sale planned on dedicated mint website in November-December. Secondary transactions will be implemented at tofuNFT.
Nittele Wands will also participate in the project, and plans to collaborate with the CANDY GIRL exhibition area of ​​the Yoshitaka Amano VR Museum.
-project overview-
◆ Twitter:
◆ Discord:
◆ Core members: Twin Planet
*For inquiries about the golden world/CANDY GIRL project, please contact the following.
Person in charge: Takumi Murayama (Twin Planet Inc.)
TEL: 03-5766-3811

【Company Profile 】
Company name: NTV Wands Inc. (NTV Wands Inc.)
Location: 1-6-1 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Nittele Tower 23F Representative: Shigetoshi Suzuki
Date of establishment: July 2, 2018
Person in charge: Masami Machida
Phone: 03-6215-6326

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