Nishi Honganji “NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO” sponsored by NAKED Co., Ltd. Art event held at Honganji “National Treasure Karamon” and “Important Cultural Property Dendoin” November 24-27, 2022

Nishi Honganji Temple
[“NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO” sponsored by NAKED Co., Ltd.] Art event held at Hongan-ji Temple “National Treasure Karamon” and “Important Cultural Property Dendo-in” November 24-27, 2022
~ Participatory art project “DANDELION PROJECT”, next-generation auction “NAKED AUCTION 0 (zero)” ~

“NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO” sponsored by NAKED Co., Ltd. (English: NAKED, INC.) will be held at Hongan-ji Temple (Nishi Hongan-ji Temple, Kyoto City). At Karamon, a participatory art project “DANDELION PROJECT” will be held for 4 days from November 24th to 27th (18:30 to 21:00, admission is possible at any time) (participation free, no application required) . On November 27th (13:00-18:10), Dendoin will hold “NAKED AUCTION 0”, a next-generation auction of “tradition and innovation” that you can experience in the real x metaverse. An invitation ticket is required to participate in the virtual auction ・You can participate in the virtual auction from anywhere).
■ Overview of the event
Date: November 24th (Thursday) to 27th (Sunday), 4 days, 18:30-21:00, entry at any time
Venue: In front of the Karamon Gate (Ryukoku University Omiya Campus north side; entrance is from the Kitakoji Gate on the Horikawa-dori side)
*Participation free, no application required
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Date and time: Sunday, November 27, 13:00-18:10
Venue: Honganji Dendoin (East side of Nishi Honganji main gate) *Invitation tickets are required to participate in Dendoin ・You can participate in the virtual auction from anywhere
Official site:
For details, please contact “”
*Please refrain from direct inquiries to Nishi Honganji.
■ Organizer
Naked Co., Ltd.
A creative company established by Ryotaro Muramatsu in 1997. Based on the philosophy of “Core Creative, Total Creation, and Borderless Creativity”, he works regardless of genre. In recent years, he has created various experiences that cross over the real and the virtual, such as the network-type art project “DANDELION PROJECT” that connects various parts of the world and the development of AR/VR products. We are creating new experiences and values ​​in every scene of LIFE, such as art, entertainment, culture, tradition, education, music, cities, food, and sports. From 2022, he will work on Kyoto’s metaverse and start the project “NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO” to deliver Kyoto’s culture and art experience in virtual x real.
Representative works include the Tokyo Station projection mapping “TOKYO HIKARI VISION”, the world heritage site Nijo Castle, “NAKED FLOWERS”, a flower art exhibition that has been held in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and the music experience “AI (Artificial Intelligence)”. HUMANOID DJ”, food x art experience restaurant “TREE by NAKED yoyogi park”, infectious disease prevention art “NAKED Tsukubai (R)”, “NAKED Distance Lantern (R)”, etc.
■ About Karamon
It is a four-legged gate with cypress bark roofing and karahafu, which was designated as a national treasure in 1953 and is filled with gorgeous decorative carvings from the Momoyama period. It is also called “Higurashi Gate” because the carvings are so beautiful that you will forget the sun goes down.
■ About Hongwanji Dendoin
1912 (Meiji 45) In commemoration of the 650th anniversary of Shinran Shonin’s death, at the request of Kozui Otani (Kyōnyo Shonin: 1876-1948), the 22nd head priest of Hongan-ji Temple, Chuta Ito, a professor at Tokyo Imperial University at the time, designed “Shinshu”. Shinto Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was built as a company building.
It is a pioneering building that gives you a sense of the East during the period from the Meiji to Taisho eras when Western techniques such as the Renaissance and Gothic styles were the mainstream, and it is a valuable building for learning about modern Japanese architecture. . It incorporates a variety of architectural styles, such as an all-brick tiled exterior inspired by British buildings and an Indo-Saracenic dome.
The roof is covered with copper sheets, the roof frame is made of wood, and terracotta (decorative pottery) that looks like stone at first glance is used for the roof decoration. It is also
characteristic that humorous imaginary rare animals such as winged elephants are arranged on the surrounding stone fence. Inside, the Japanese-style ceiling is fitted with lighting fixtures inspired by Art Nouveau.
[Image 2d110086-7-a7a195248e81a08edb24-1.jpg&s3=110086-7-a72f16932087f3e9c28526d26f41f074-1755x2672.jpg
Appearance of Dendoin Temple

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