Nishimoto Wismettac Holdings Co., Ltd. The finest salted caramel chocolate “CENTHO”, which won Belgium’s first gold medal at the International Chocolate Awards, will start EC sales of Christmas limited products

Nishimoto Wismettac Holdings Co., Ltd.
The finest salted caramel chocolate “CENTHO”, which won Belgium’s first gold medal at the International Chocolate Awards, started EC sales of Christmas limited products
~ 3 kinds of Christmas limited flavors are now available ~

Wismettac Foods Co., Ltd. (located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Tsujikawa, hereinafter Wismettac Foods), a food trading company with a history of 110 years since its founding, will sell Belgian chocolate “CENTHO” Christmas limited products on 11th. It will be on sale for a limited time from 12:00 on the 25th of the month. The sales period is about one month from November 25th, and can be purchased only on each company’s EC site.
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Founded in 2006, “CENTHO” has its main store in Tervuren, Flanders, a little far from Brussels, Belgium, where world-famous chocolatiers line up. Starting with the finest salted caramel chocolate that won Belgium’s first gold medal at the International Chocolate Awards in 2013, there are many chocolates in Japan with a three-layer structure that sandwiches jam in the center of two layers of ganache that has been thinly finished over time. I have a fan. In Japan, Valentine’s Day chocolates are popular every year, but we wanted to deliver them to everyone as soon as possible, so we were able to sell them in time for the Christmas season ahead of Valentine’s Day.
“CENTHO” is a popular chocolate that Wismettac Foods has signed a general agency contract and a branding contract with since 2015, and has been sold at department stores and other specialty stores in Japan at Valentine’s events, and has many fans. Brand.
This time, two products, “Centaur Christmas Premium 10” and “Centaur Caramel Assorted 8”, will be sold exclusively on the EC site.・ “Apple cinnamon” ・ “Speculose” and Christmas-like flavors are assorted. “CENTHO”, which has a special commitment to cacao, which is the origin of chocolate, produces various flavors depending on the combination of “country of origin”, “soil” and “climate”. In addition, it uses a “three-layer filling” that maximizes the flavor, and the jam is sandwiched between the two-layer ganache center that has been thinly finished over time to create a rich aroma from the first bite. will fill your mouth. This is a chocolatier-specific method that takes three times more effort than the normal process.
This Christmas, please enjoy the various flavors of “CENTHO” that can only be tasted at this time of year, the cacao flavor that is maximized by the original filling, and the melt-in-your-mouth texture. ◆◆ Sales product overview ◆◆
EC site URL: (Scheduled to open at 12:00 on Friday, November 25, 2022)
Brand site:
Instagram official account: [Image 2d90251-21-82b579551e46600d6ae0-1.jpg&s3=90251-21-7b9072f16a50f14644c204a70095b45d-888x665.jpg
[Image 3d90251-21-d54a94a5ec9ec7aabbb7-5.gif&s3=90251-21-d0a7afbfa7387a361157505d2a7eda90-464x428.gif

[Image 4d90251-21-08edf93472b88d09e919-2.jpg&s3=90251-21-60caf2478c5f2f752970718f8b68d297-728x545.jpg

[Image 5d90251-21-0e52b3b9cf1a28268eba-6.jpg&s3=90251-21-9dd6aa6871143c8724ba86f55572758e-462x340.jpg

[Image 6d90251-21-5c17cafd61a8fbdd2fa4-7.jpg&s3=90251-21-93e8c78b4756708cb89cc6e496d65a92-386x580.jpg
■ Chocolatier
Geert Decoster
After studying sweets making at culinary school in Belgium for 6 years, he graduated from the same school in 1983. The following year, he opened a pastry shop with his brother. After continuing to make sweets with my brother for 15 years, I decided to become independent in 2000 because I wanted to concentrate on making chocolate. From 2005, he spent three years at the Ecole Bellouet in Paris, a professional school, to improve his knowledge of chocolate.

What has not changed since our founding is that we value the origin story of each cacao production area. Ultimately, the leading role is chocolate, and we continue to make chocolate that expresses the original taste of cacao beans, making the most of the cacao production area and its individuality. “Simple form,” “unique filling,” and “gorgeous manufacturing method,” are unchanging characteristics of Centaur.
■ Wismettac Foods Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Since our founding in 1912, we have built up a history of more than 100 years based on the philosophy of enriching dining tables not only in Japan but also around the world. I have built a foundation. Currently, we are mainly engaged in the development and overseas sales of Asian food (Asian food global business), domestic and overseas sales of agricultural and fishery products (agricultural and marine products trading business), and domestic and overseas sales of other products (amenity & Retail business)”.
Looking to the future, we aim to become a global solution company by integrating not only the food field but also new fields including healthcare, and we will continue to grow as a corporate group that contributes to the wellbeing of people around the world. I am aiming for
■ Inquiries about orders and products
TEL: 0120-953-375 (10:00-16:00, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays)
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