Nishitetsu Group Enables route guidance compatible with “my route” and AI-based on-demand bus “Norute”

Nishitsu Group
“my route” enables route guidance compatible with AI-based on-demand bus “Norute”
– Achieved by “NAVITIME API” that can consider the operation time of on-demand mobility, increasing the number of users and improving satisfaction –

Toyota Financial Services Corporation (President: Hiroyoshi Korosue, Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture), Navitime Japan Co., Ltd. (President: Keisuke Onishi, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo), Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. (President and CEO) Executive Officer: Koichi Hayashida, Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), Next Mobility Co., Ltd. (President and COO: Akihiko Tanaka,
Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture) will start
multi-tasking from November 1, 2022 (Tuesday). Modal mobility service “my route” will start offering routes compatible with AI-based on-demand bus “Norute”.
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[Image 3d17692-379-a6b0ba51eb2347016e37-1.png&s3=17692-379-23940edd007ed7f2de6b22b06e38fd04-295x138.png
[Image 4d17692-379-b55da519fb81f33f77c8-0.png&s3=17692-379-400467bd508c1aaf051d22cc423ba529-292x35.png
“my route” has been utilizing the route search technology of “NAVITIME API” so far, various transportation such as walking, railroad, bus, airplane, car (taxi, rental car, private car), bicycle (share cycle, private bicycle). We have been providing routes that combine means, but this time, with the “NAVITIME API”, it is now possible to search for routes that take into consideration the operating hours of on-demand mobility, including “Route”. This makes it possible to propose multimodal routes.
The corresponding area is the Island City area (Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City), and when a route that includes “Norute” is displayed in the route search of “my route”, the search result will transition directly to the reservation application and make a reservation. You can (*). “Norute” is a shared transportation service that operates according to customer requests, and there is no fixed timetable as the dispatch time is determined at the time of booking. Therefore, by taking into consideration the operating hours when searching for routes, we have made it so that “routes” are not displayed in the route search results outside operating hours such as early morning or late at night. [Image 5d17692-379-ded568474ff6d4c796b5-4.png&s3=17692-379-546b021c53558b1ba50c4bce994c0f30-1173x616.png
Through this support, by allowing users to experience the on-demand mobility service naturally while using “my route”, we will provide users with a more comfortable travel experience, improve satisfaction, and increase awareness of on-demand mobility. We believe that it will lead to improvement and promotion of usage.
Going forward, “my route” will continue to support on-demand mobility within the target areas of “my route”, such as the Munakata area and the Ikinami area of ​​”Norute,” thereby further improving user convenience. We will do our best. We will continue to develop technology to enable route searches that flexibly support various operation modes of on-demand mobility with the “NAVITIME API”. * To make a reservation, you need to download and register for the “Norute” app. You can check the actual departure/arrival time on the “Norute” app after confirming the dispatch reservation.
About “my route”
Introduction site:
It is a service that provides functions such as route search, spot search, map display, etc. for corporations through API. It is possible to easily incorporate and link with your business system, website, smartphone application, etc.
Introduction site:
In addition, the multimodal route search function, including on-demand mobility that considers the operation time, is also provided as web content, so you can add the function to your website or application in the same way as the API.
About AI-based on-demand bus “Norute”
This is a shared transportation service that operates while setting the route appropriately according to the customer’s request. AI accumulates and learns usage data, enabling more efficient operation. Furthermore, because it is possible to drive with an ordinary two-class license, the base for driver recruitment is expanding, and it is also helping to solve the shortage of bus drivers. You can expect it.
Next Mobility Co., Ltd. is developing the operation system,
introduction and operation know-how of “Norute” nationwide (solution provision type business), and is currently developing services in 5 locations in Fukuoka Prefecture and 6 locations outside the
prefecture. .
Introduction site:

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