Nishitetsu Group THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO will operate a special Christmas course!

Nishitsu Group
THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO will run a special Christmas course!
In conjunction with the “Fukuoka Christmas Market”, Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. will hold a Christmas special for three days from December 23 (Friday) to 25 (Sunday), 2022, on the travel train “THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO” where you can taste the region. run the course. The Nishitetsu Group will carry out a unique Christmas project as part of the “Let’s go to Christmas in Fukuoka!” campaign on Fukuoka open-top buses, highway buses, Nishitetsu Travel, Nishitetsu Hotels, and more. This time, “THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO” will also carry out a Christmas project to further revitalize the town and create tourism demand.
In this course, in addition to course dishes unique to this train that use seasonal ingredients from all over Kyushu, mainly ingredients from Chikugo, we offer special champagne as a welcome drink, as well as brands of wine and non-alcoholic beverages that are not usually served. You can also enjoy alcoholic wine as a free drink. The interior of the car is decorated with Christmas-like decorations such as a tree to enhance the Christmas mood at once. In addition, those who board the train will receive a “Commemorative Mug Cup & Hot Wine Ticket” that can be used at the Fukuoka Christmas Market (Tenjin or Hakata) and “THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO” original nimoca.
 On the 23rd (Friday) and 24th (Saturday), the late lunch service will be changed to a nighttime service, and will operate as a special dinner course departing from and arriving at Fukuoka. After enjoying the Fukuoka Christmas Market until the evening, you can enjoy elaborate cuisine at THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO, which is full of local charm.
How about spending a holy Christmas at “THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO”? Through this campaign, the Nishitetsu Group aims to contribute to the revitalization of the city of Fukuoka and to create tourism demand in a post-corona society.
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Overview of “Christmas Special Course”
[Operating days]
 Three days from December 23 (Friday) to 25 (Sunday), 2022
[Operating hours]
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[Course content]
·Course meal
・We offer champagne (BARONS DE ROTHSCHILD BRUT) as a welcome drink ・Comes with a free drink
You can also enjoy a brand of wine (produced in Burgundy, France) and non-alcoholic wine that we don’t usually serve.
・Commemorative mug & mulled wine ticket
・THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO original nimoca (1,000 yen charge included) [Image 3

[Image 4

one of two
*Color cannot be selected
15,000 yen per person (tax included)
*Prices include fare, course meals, and service charges.
*Each course is limited to 30 people.
[Reservation start date]
Monday, November 21, 2022 11:00-
[Reservation method]
Please make a reservation from the website (URL: (Reference) Course menu
○ Appetizer
・Shiitake mushroom sformat
・ Lotus root pittore
・Boiled leafy vegetables served with sesame paste and Dijon mustard ・Broccoli with Shiraae
・Roasted veal with scallops and sabayon sauce
・Okuhinata salmon tartare, salmon roe, and couscous salad
○Fish dishes
Itoshima red sea bream pie, tomato and cheese sauce
○ Meat dishes
River Wild Red Pork Shoulder Loin, Arima Pepper Soy Sauce, Yukimi Vegetables ○ Dessert
Braised figs in red wine
*In addition to the above dishes, the course includes a welcome drink, an after drink, and bread.
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 For information on the cooking supervisor, please see the THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO website ( (Reference) Nishitetsu Group “Let’s go to Fukuoka for Christmas!” campaign Please see the special site ( for the Nishitetsu Group’s “Let’s go to Christmas in Fukuoka!” Campaign. [Image 6d17692-387-fe39549d1a3e4e63f064-4.png&s3=17692-387-6ba5b709126c9755c20fdeff2bfcce61-784x502.png
[Image 7d17692-387-87ad782debf0e62d274f-5.png&s3=17692-387-4041ee196da7d260658da6ad94306c36-710x502.png

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