Nisshin OilliO Group Co., Ltd. ◆ Towards prevention and improvement of frailty ◆ Started empirical researc h using the smartphone app “Balance Diary ~10 Food Group Check~”

Nisshin OilliO Group Co., Ltd.
◆For frailty prevention/improvement◆ Started empirical research using smartphone app “Balance Diary ~10 Food Group Check~”
-Joint research by Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatrics Medical Center, Kagawa Nutrition University, and Nisshin OilliO Group-

Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatrics and Gerontology Center (Chairman: Kenji Toba), Kagawa Nutrition Academy Kagawa Nutrition University (Chairman: Akio Kagawa), Nisshin OilliO Group Co., Ltd. (President: Takahisa Kuno) Aiming to contribute to the prevention and improvement of frailty, which is one of the important health issues in society, joint research to verify the usefulness of the smartphone app “Balance Diary – Check 10 Food Groups -” in nutritional guidance for the elderly. decided to implement
Through this research, we clarified the effectiveness of the app in nutrition guidance, how to use it, and the relationship between changes in food intake diversity (balanced food intake) and frailty. We will promote.
For Japan, a super-aging society, the frailty of the elderly (a condition in which physical and mental vitality has decreased due to aging, the first stage of requiring nursing care and support) is one of the important health issues, and its prevention and improvement. is increasing in need. Through years of nutritional epidemiological research, the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatrics and Gerontology Center has pointed out the importance of diverse food intake in preventing frailty. It has been clarified that it prevents malnutrition and decline in skeletal muscle mass and physical strength in people, prevents frailty, and extends healthy life expectancy. Furthermore, Kagawa Nutrition University is working with the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatrics Medical Center on research into dietary intervention methods to prevent and improve frailty.
In 2018, the Nisshin OilliO Group jointly developed with the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Health and Geriatrics an app called “Balance Diary -Check 10 Food Groups-“, an app that checks the intake of the above 10 food groups and creates opportunities to review daily eating habits. We have shown that checking the 10 food groups through the app leads to an improvement in the diversity of food intake.
Verification of the effectiveness of nutritional guidance using the smartphone app “Balance Diary – Check 10 Food Groups -”
[Specific initiatives]
In two local governments in Saitama Prefecture, local residents over the age of 65 who wished to participate were given nutritional guidance using the “Balance Diary – Checking 10 Food Groups -” for a period of 3 months to promote diversity in food intake and frailty. Records are taken of indicators for checking risks, intake of nutrients by food group, body weight, BMI, body composition (muscle mass, etc.), etc., and changes are analyzed.
【Implementation period】
December 2022 to March 2024
[Roles of the three parties in this research]
・Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatrics Medical Center
Providing knowledge using apps
Providing knowledge on healthy longevity and food/nutrition
・Kagawa Nutrition University
Conducting human trials using the app
Providing knowledge on various nutritional guidance and providing research fields
・Nisshin OilliO Group
Provision of know-how and acquired data regarding the utilization of smartphone apps used in nutritional guidance
-Reference material-

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