Nissho Hoken Co., Ltd. Opened “Marutto”, a search site for real estate brokers where you can only search for office properties with reduced security deposits Offices with half-price security deposits and zero security deposits all over Japan

Nissho Hoken Co., Ltd.
“Marutto”, a search site for real estate brokerage companies where you can only search for office properties with reduced security deposits Opens offices with half security deposits and zero yen security deposits all over Japan

Nissho Hoken Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Junya Toyooka; hereinafter “Nissho Hoken”), which operates a “deposit reduction guarantee service”, only posts properties with a deposit of half to 0 yen. We have opened the office property search site “Marutto”. While the security deposit for offices is a burden for companies to move in, we received many requests from real estate brokerage companies that they wanted to immediately find a property with a reduced security deposit. It’s made for you to find. Currently, in addition to the 23 wards of Tokyo, tenant properties from Hokkaido to Kagoshima are listed, and we plan to increase the number of listings in the future.
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About “Shikikin Half Price”
By replacing the security deposit deposited by tenant companies with our guarantee, it is possible to reduce the security deposit from half to a maximum of 0 yen. For tenant companies, in addition to reducing the initial cost of moving in by reducing the security deposit, it is also possible to use it to return the security deposit that has already been deposited. I can.
-Overview of Deposit Half Price-
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-For rent of 1 million yen/month and security deposit of 12 months (deposited security deposit of 12 million yen)-
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Office 2023 problem, rising vacancy rate … Differentiate by reducing security deposit
Due to the spread of COVID-19, working styles have changed due to an increase in remote work, and the values ​​of corporate offices have also changed. The average vacancy rate in Tokyo (5 central
wards/Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato, Shinjuku, Shibuya) as of November this year was 6.44% (*1). When looking at the vacancy rate of newly supplied offices, an average of 5% is used as a guideline for market fluctuations. It is over.
In addition, next year, office buildings will be completed one after another in the city center, and it is expected that there will be an oversupply situation. There are also concerns that companies will move away from their offices, and office owners are facing an urgent issue of how to fill the vacancies.
In a survey of business owners conducted in July of this year (*2), when companies select an office, they want a “comfortable space” and “a design that facilitates communication.” The ideal conditions to be sought are also changing.
In addition, many respondents said that they were planning to relocate their office, but “moving costs” and “deposit” were a bottleneck, and we learned that “deposit” is a hindrance when moving or moving into a new office. rice field.
Therefore, Nissho Hoken proposes an initiative for office rentals that do not require security deposits by utilizing the “Security Deposit Reduction Guarantee Service”, and encourages companies to utilize the “security deposit” that should be paid as a service for business funds. On the other hand, on the owner side, as a service to fill office vacancies early, we have launched the “Deposit-free office” project, which is a growth capital project, and have started supporting startups and small and medium-sized enterprises.
*1 From Miki Shoji Tokyo business district office market *2 From Neomarketing “Survey on office use and corporate management during the corona crisis”
We are promoting the “Deposit as growth funds. Project”. A total of 15 companies, including Tokyu Land Corporation and Tokyo Tatemono, agree Nissho Hoken Co., Ltd., which provides a security deposit reduction guarantee service, is working with office owners to roll out security deposit-free offices nationwide with zero security deposits. to growth funds. Projects.
As a result, an estimated 62.5 billion yen in security deposits will be eliminated, and it is expected to be used as investment funds for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises.
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Despite reaffirming the importance of office buildings, about 40% saved growth. Background of the launch of the project
According to a survey conducted by the research company Neo Marketing Co., Ltd., while about half of the managers reaffirmed the importance of office buildings, 45.6% of the managers of SMEs and start-up companies that raised funds said “deposit I could have grown without it,” he said. In addition, 42.7% of respondents answered that they “save investment in growth” and 39.3% answered that they “save employee employment” because of security deposits.
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About Nissho Hoken Co., Ltd.
At our company, we are developing a service that converts “deposits” into business funds and supports the “business growth” of ventures and start-up companies.
Based on the idea that the “finance” that supports the business can be freed in accordance with the changes in the environment surrounding the business, in order to realize “finance that supports the main business”, a new form of guarantee that breaks out of old customs With the aim of achieving this goal, we provide a security deposit reduction guarantee service that allows companies moving into commercial real estate such as offices and stores to reduce the initial cost of moving in and relocating, such as security deposits, so that the reduced funds can be used effectively for their
businesses. increase.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Nissho Hoken Co., Ltd. (URL: Location: 3rd floor, Toranomon Takagi Building, 1-7-2 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003
Representative: Junya Toyooka, President and Representative Director Established: September 16, 2011
Capital: 606.5 million yen
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