“NiziU Live with U 2022 ‘Burn it Up’ ONLINE LIVE” December 18th (Sunday) final performance will be distributed on Hulu store

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“NiziU Live with U 2022 ‘Burn it Up’ ONLINE LIVE” December 18th (Sunday) final performance will be distributed on Hulu store Three years in a row since their debut, all four performances have sold out! Enjoy live streaming of the much-talked-about dome performance Chiakiraku together with the members Planned to mobilize about 330,000 people (including arena tour)

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(C)︎JYP Entertainment
“NiziU”, a nine-member girl group selected from 10,000 people from the Sony Music x JYP joint audition program “Nizi Project”. After completing their first solo live tour in October 2022, they have achieved overwhelming growth and continue to shine with dazzling brilliance, their first dome performance “NiziU Live with U 2022 “Burn it Up” ONLINE LIVE It has been decided to distribute on the Hulu store.
About 1 year and 11 months after their major debut, they held Tokyo Dome performances “the fastest in the history of a female artist”!! The girls, who played at speed, recently announced that they will be participating in the red and white competition for the third consecutive year since their debut. In addition, the 3rd single “CLAP CLAP” won the “64th Japan Record Awards” Excellent Work Award, and continues to attract attention in the music scene. This time, just like the first solo tour, there was a flood of ticket entries at the same time as the announcement, and all 4 performances were sold out. The pattern will be streamed live on the Hulu store. At the 2-day performance at Tokyo Dome held the other day, the lead song “Blue Moon” of the new single to be released in December was also performed for the first time, and WithU (a nickname for NiziU fans) filled the venue with excitement and enthusiasm. It ended in a great success. [Image 2

Photo: Seitaro Tanaka
You can also watch it on the TV screen at the Hulu store. In addition, if you use the chat function (WEB / MB only), you can share your excitement in real time with your family, friends, and fans, making it possible to enjoy the live even more. Please enjoy the realistic live images that can only be experienced at the dome on the big screen. [Image 3

Photo: Seitaro Tanaka Photo Office
Also, on Hulu (unlimited viewing), how these unknown girls grew into a national artist “NiziU” caused a big boom all over Japan and grabbed people’s hearts. Audition program “Nizi Project”
(https://www.hulu.jp/nizi-project) and NiziU’s first crown variety program “We NiziU! TV” (https://www.hulu.jp/we-niziu -tv) is also available exclusively. For those who know NiziU and WithU, if you watch this, you will be able to enjoy the live even more.
* The Hulu store is a service that anyone can watch with a billing system for each work.
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[Distribution overview]
■ Work name
NiziU Live with U 2022 “Burn it Up” ONLINE LIVE (Kyocera Dome Osaka Performance) ■ Live distribution date and time
December 18th (Sun) Start 16:30
*There is no missed delivery for this performance.
■ Sales period
November 21 (Monday) 16:00 to December 18 (Sunday) 16:30
■ Viewing fee
4,500 yen (tax included)
■Purchase URL
https://www.hulu.jp/store/niziu-live-with-u-2022-burn-it-up-online-live ■ How to purchase
Please register as a member at the Hulu store and log in to purchase. * Free membership registration
Please check https://help.hulu.jp/hc/ja/articles/360049955574 for details on how to purchase/view live streaming works on the Hulu store.
◎ Payment method: credit card, PayPay, LINE Pay, points
◎ In-app payment: iTunes Store, Google Play
* Hulu in-app payment can only be purchased with points.
* Please check the viewing screen for the required number of points and the purchase price of points.
◎ Viewable devices:
Internet-connected TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.
Please check https://help.hulu.jp/hc/ja/articles/360047878553 for details on devices that can be viewed.
■ Precautions
・This live distribution will be conducted via the Internet.
・Cancellation is not possible after purchase.
・Be sure to check the viewing method and precautions before purchasing. ・Due to the characteristics of live distribution, there may be interruptions in video and audio, or Internet line problems, which may cause temporary interruptions in distribution. However, please note that viewing fees cannot be refunded.
・We are not responsible for any troubles caused by the customer’s viewing environment and Internet environment.
・Customers are responsible for all costs incurred for viewing (communication costs, line costs, etc.). We recommend using Wi-Fi, etc., as data traffic is expected to increase.
・If you watch the live broadcast from the middle, you will be able to watch it from that point, and you will not be able to rewind in the middle.
・The images, screens, sounds, etc. that are distributed are protected by copyright. It is prohibited to record, record, reprint, transmit, or otherwise use this live video, etc. without permission.
■Frequently asked questions about the Hulu store
Please refer to https://help.hulu.jp/hc/ja/sections/360008449213. ■ Inquiries
Hulu customer support
Phone number (toll-free/free): 0120-834-126 * Fixed line
Phone number (paid): 050-3851-3926 * Mobile phone (smartphone) Reception hours: 10:00 ~ 18:30 Open all year round (except January 1st)
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