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Nobuchan Man Co., Ltd. Directly connected to the subway! “Sake Museum Osaka Metro Minamimorimachi Station St ore” will open at 14:00 on Tuesday, November 22, 2022!

Nobuchan Man Co., Ltd.
Directly connected to the subway! “Sake Museum Osaka Metro
Minamimorimachi Station Store” will open at 14:00 on Tuesday, November 22, 2022!
The Sake Museum Osaka Metro Minamimorimachi Station store will be the 46th store in Japan.

Nobuchanman Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Representative Director: Nobuo Takishita) will open the “Sake Museum Osaka Metro Minami-Morimachi Station Store” at Osaka Metro Minami-Morimachi Station on Tuesday, November 22, 2022. 2-1-4 Minamimorimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka), which will be the first store on the Osaka Metro.
First store in Osaka Metro! The Liquor Museum is grandly open! We will open a new full-fledged whiskey bar, “Sake Museum Osaka Metro Minamimorimachi Station”, right outside the west ticket gate of Osaka Metro Minamimorimachi Station. The Osaka Metro Minamimorimachi Station store is 2.2 tsubo and has a capacity of 5 people, making it the smallest store in the Sake Museum. You can spend a relaxing time in a calm space.
[Image 1d41825-11-06e95906927695af5cd4-2.png&s3=41825-11-55da58d9fa15b23d737f6ef03b499cc2-496x291.png
Liquor Museum Osaka Metro Minamimorimachi Station

[Image 2d41825-11-7620399bbad7cbe602e0-0.jpg&s3=41825-11-849b0c89425548cced804d1239249527-1240x950.jpg
Osaka Metro Minamimorimachi Station Station map
At the Bar “Sake Museum”, we have a large selection of rare old bottles such as whiskey and brandy. We will propose a rich lifestyle with whiskey.
The “Art Museum of Sake” where you can drink alcohol at a reasonable price at a familiar subway station. Please feel free to stop by the “Sake Art Museum”, which is charge-free, for a drink after work or while shopping.

■ About the “Limited Original Blend Taru” *All prices include tax Barrel whiskey “Minamimorimachi” (500 yen), which was originally blended by the Museum of Liquor, is an original blended whiskey that goes well with highballs and features a harmonious and soft flavor with a barrel aroma. Please try.
[Image 3d41825-11-241ebcd196571d608668-6.png&s3=41825-11-289a8ddb135d175c731f8e1b36300ac2-1055x927.png
Original blend barrel “Minamimorimachi”

■ BAR (bar) culture in every life scene
At the Sake Museum, based on the philosophy of “bar culture for every life scene”, we offer drinks at affordable prices, starting from 500 yen per cup, free of charge.
In addition to students and young women, it is supported by a wide range of people, including office workers returning home from work, foreigners visiting Japan, and middle-aged and elderly people who miss the last bottle, and is characterized by a high repeat rate. In addition to regular stores, by collaborating with convenience stores, supermarkets, station premises, etc., we will develop “bars where you can drink casually” in various business formats and locations where various people can feel familiar with bars. We aim to open 1,000 stores nationwide.

[Image 4d41825-11-fccd0e6368bf406e991d-3.jpg&s3=41825-11-7a987f81a4216787c0a31a82a6ebf064-453x343.jpg
Liquor Museum Onomichi 14th Motomachi
[Image 5d41825-11-d88ef27244c6c910c4d1-4.jpg&s3=41825-11-19873112e356c9cdab382d775959a0e7-1478x1108.jpg
Liquor Museum Kawaramachi Marutamachi
[Image 6d41825-11-c18c9f5abbb70d6ffc3d-5.jpg&s3=41825-11-ff4779d41b791664a7f4d96344ebf1fb-2364x1774.jpg
Liquor Museum Kintetsu Namba Station

■ “Sake Museum Osaka Metro Minamimorimachi Station Store” store overview Address: Outside the west ticket gate of Minamimorimachi Station, 2-1-4 Minamimorimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening date and time: Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 14:00
Business hours: 14:00-23:00
Phone: 075-803-1076 (Sake Museum Headquarters)
Regular holiday: Open all year round
Store area: 2.2 tsubo
Number of seats: 5 people Maximum capacity: 5 seats at the counter

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