NODOR Makes going shopping even more fun. Extremely convenient and eco-friendly. 〈FAST PACK TOTE〉

It makes going shopping more enjoyable. Extremely convenient and eco-friendly. – FAST PACK TOTE –
An “evolutionary packable tote bag” that combines the features of an eco bag and a tote bag will appear in crowdfunding.

From November 11, 2022 (Friday), pre-order sales of the evolutionary packable tote bag -FAST PACK TOTE- have started at the joint event of the crowdfunding sites “GREEN FUNDING” and “Kibidango”.
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“Outdoor Ideas in Everyday Life”
-FAST PACK TOTE- is an “evolutionary packable tote bag” that combines the features of an eco bag and a tote bag. Inspired by the hammock structure, we planned and developed it by incorporating outdoor materials and functionality.
The magnetic joint with carabiner allows you to freely style it. You can also attach it to your bag or smartphone shoulder. It is highly convenient to put on and take off, and the size and shape are easy to use.
Stress-free -FAST PACK TOTE- makes shopping even more enjoyable [Image 2

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⚫︎ Feature 1 Thorough ease of putting in and out
Inspired by the structure of the hammock, we devised a storage method that does not fold up. We designed the size and position of the round pouch for smooth loading and unloading.
In addition, the included key holder is a “magnet joint” that can be attached and detached with a “click”. You can attach it to your bag or smartphone shoulder and use it in your favorite style.
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⚫︎ Feature 2 Super lightweight and large capacity
Made of lightweight and durable outdoor fabric.
It is compact and super lightweight (130g) when stored, but when unfolded, it turns into a large capacity tote bag of 21.6 liters. Among the compact bags, I don’t think there are many that have such a large capacity.
The fabric has a supple texture, so even a small amount of luggage can be stored in a well-balanced manner.
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⚫︎ Feature 3 Flat objects are less likely to tilt
The bottom gusset with a depth of 24 cm allows flat items to fit flat. The handle that goes around to the bottom maintains the balance as a “four-point suspension structure” and prevents it from becoming slanted.
It is very convenient when you want to buy lunch boxes, food ingredients, and snacks that you don’t want to tilt at the station or in the basement of a department store.
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⚫︎FIDLOCK(R)︎Magnet joint use
Just bring it closer and it will “click” and lock automatically. It will not come off unless you pull it upward intentionally, so even if you move violently, it won’t come off. The stressless magnet joint makes it easy to carry around.
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⚫︎ Made from recycled materials/ripstop polyester
Lightweight and thin ripstop (a high-strength, tear-resistant fabric with reinforcing threads in a grid pattern), and uses recycled materials that do not easily wrinkle.
In addition, the texture of the appearance is beautiful, and even with outdoor fabrics, it is not too casual, and it is designed to be worn in the business scene.
*The recycled material usage rate is 42%.
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