Nomura Real Estate Holdings Co., Ltd. First store in Saitama Prefecture, health promotion / rental senior resi dence “OUKAS” 5th Oukas Shiki Opening February 1, 2023

Nomura Real Estate Holdings Co., Ltd.
First store in Saitama Prefecture, health promotion type rental senior residence “OUKAS” 5th Oukas Shiki Opens February 1, 2023
Efforts for “creative aging” to age creatively through art
production/appreciation, farming experience, etc.

Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / President: Daisaku Matsuo, hereinafter “Nomura Real Estate”) and Nomura Real Estate Wellness Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / President: Hiroki Matsumoto, hereinafter “Nomura Real Estate Development”) Wellness”) is the 5th installment of OUKAS, a series of health-promoting rental senior residences that aims to create the best life in the world by supporting the extension of healthy life expectancy for residents and their families. We would like to inform you that Oukas Shiki (145 units in total) will be completed on October 31, 2022 and will open on February 1, 2023 (first store in Saitama Prefecture).
“Oukas Shiki” is a highly convenient “location” within walking distance of commercial facilities, parks, hospitals, etc., which is a feature of Oukas. In addition to a complete set of “buildings” and “services” to maintain and improve health from both the body and mind, we will provide new opportunities for “art production and
appreciation” and “farming experience” to enrich the hobbies and interests of residents. Aiming for “creative aging*1,” which contributes to community building and ages creatively, Nomura Real Estate Wellness will pursue the corporate philosophy of “creating the best life in the world.”
*1 Creative aging: An initiative for the elderly to maintain their health and increase their happiness through art creation activities such as theater, dance, chorus, and painting.
Results have been obtained in the United States and Europe, and many research studies have shown that elderly people’s participation in art activities has health benefits.
■ Characteristics of OUKAS Shiki
1. Location: 6 minutes on foot from “Shiki” station, highly convenient location with various urban functions within walking distance 2. Building: Versatile green exterior/common facilities, entrance hall with biophilic design*2, etc.
3. Service: Oukas Wellness Program, which promotes the extension of healthy life expectancy (2019 Good Design Award winner)
Four. Art and farming experience: pottery experience, art
appreciation, farming experience
*2 Biophilic design: By applying the biophilia theory advocated by an American psychologist (living organisms, including humans, innately prefer nature, which is the same organism) to living and office spaces, we are able to connect with nature. A design method that promotes health and comfort with an emphasis on
[Image 1

Feature 1. location
“Oukas Shiki” is a 6-minute walk from Shiki Station on the Tobu Tojo Line. There are general hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, and restaurants within walking distance, and it is located in an area with a lot of greenery and a calm living environment, making it a location where you can enjoy independent living.
[Image 2

Feature 2. building
A carriage porch was planned for the entrance, which is the face of the building. Inside, there is a bright and calm entrance lounge, a fitness studio, a dining room, a large hot spring bath (artificial), a karaoke and theater room, etc. We have a wide range of common facilities.
In addition, we have created a calm and peaceful residence with facilities that incorporate various measures against infectious diseases so that the elderly can live with peace of mind, and an external landscape where you can enjoy the changing seasons. [Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

Feature 3. service
By staying healthy, you can enjoy the time you spend interacting with the outside world and be fulfilled both physically and mentally. We believe that the ideal lifestyle that OUKAS aims for is one in which people, regardless of age, are able to stay active and spend their days in their own way. In collaboration with professional exercise instructors, concierges with nurse qualifications, registered dietitians, and life consultants, daily exercise and activities, nutritionally balanced meals, services that someone is always watching over, and local medical care We support the lives of each resident through partnerships with institutions.
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Feature 4. Art/farming experience
In collaboration with Marunuma Art Forest, which promotes arts and culture based in Asaka City, and local businesses, we have established a system that allows residents to experience art production, appreciation, and farming experience so that they can spend their daily lives creatively. I’m here.
1. Ceramic art production: Ceramic art production at Marunuma Ceramic Art Club 2. Art Appreciation: Appreciation of exhibited works in the Marunuma Art Salon, workshops by artists at the Marunuma Art Park, etc. Lectures, regularly changing exhibitions of art from the Marunuma Art Park collection at Oukas Shikinai, and sculpture exhibitions 3. Farming experience: farming experience and harvest festival on neighboring farms
[Image 7

(Reference) About the Marunuma Art Park
The Marunuma Art Park was established by Katsushige Suzaki in the early 1980s with the aim of supporting young artists. Currently, more than 10 artists are active in production activities both in Japan and overseas. In addition, he has collected a large number of works of art, and currently, the “Andrew Wyeth Exhibition” and “Ben Shahn Exhibition” from the Marunuma Art Park Collection are being held in various places and have been well received. The Marunuma Art Park is a complex space consisting of an atelier, a pottery class, and an exhibition room. In addition to the Marunuma Art Salon, where the general public can appreciate the works in our collection, we also hold exhibitions (special exhibitions) and lectures in our exhibition rooms.
Marunuma Art Park Website URL: -Pottery production at Marunuma Ceramic Art Club-
Teaching instructors by professional potters, spacious workshops, full-fledged pottery production style (choose the pottery you want to make from “material of soil” x “firing method” x “glaze”), electric kiln / kerosene kiln In addition, a pottery club characterized by a fulfilling system such as pottery production using anagama (once a year). A wide range of people from beginners to experienced people can participate.
[Image 8

[Image 9

-Sculpture art in a self-managed park-
The concept of the sculpture is “flux”. It symbolizes the meaning of the existence of people who support each other in a big era like a steady flow of water. In addition, since the Nobidome Waterway once ran through, the flow of water is expressed by the shape of the stone and the glass sandwiched between the stones.
[Image 10

[Area map]
[Image 13

[Reference information]
■ About health promotion type rental senior residence “OUKAS” Oukas is a health-enhancing rental senior residence that aims to create the best life in the world for residents and their families by supporting the extension of healthy life expectancy. 1. Highly convenient location within walking distance to commercial facilities, parks, hospitals, etc. 2. Buildings that make you proud to live in and various common facilities that enrich your daily life 3. Maintaining and promoting physical and mental health By providing services that aim to achieve this, we have established a system that allows people to naturally become physically and mentally healthy by living here. Among them, 3. “Oukas Wellness Program”, which is a general term for various services aimed at extending the healthy life expectancy of residents, consists of i) a variety of exercise programs, and ii) well-balanced and delicious meals managed by a nutritionist. , iii) active community activities such as events and various club
activities, and iv) medical and nursing care cooperation by staff with specialized knowledge of medical and nursing care. I’m here. We will continue to support residents and their families to live healthy, enjoyable, safe and secure days.
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-Facility list-
・Oukas Funabashi:
・Oukas Makuhari Bay Park: ・Oukas Kichijoji:
・Oukas Hiyoshi:
・ Oukas Shiki:
・Oukas Setagaya Sengawa:

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