Nomura Shoten Co., Ltd. Spread this one anytime, anywhere and people will gather! And my office is on the roof ! Started sales of folding chair with desk 【chAIR】

Nomura Bookstore Co., Ltd.
Spread this one anytime, anywhere and people will gather! And my office is on the roof! Started sales of folding chair with desk 【chAIR】
Nomura Shoten Co., Ltd. will release a portable folding chair “chAIR”, a floating desk, and a backpack for transportation from November 25, 2022 through green funding.

Have you ever thought, “I want to work outdoors in my favorite place full of greenery, not in a busy office”?
chAIR is a “anywhere chair” that allows you to spread out your desk and chair wherever you like.
In today’s world where remote work is recommended, working in a comfortable place will increase productivity.
If you spread chAIR wherever you like, friends will gather and communication will be lively.
With chAIR, you can have a great time in the comfort of your own home. A folding chair with a table that can be used for work or parties [Image 1

chAIR is more than just a folding chair.
By adding a table, its role and usage scene have changed significantly. Try working on your laptop in your free time, or venture away from your usual desk and work remotely.
[Image 2

During your off time, you can gather around the table with your friends and have a great time.
[Image 3

Simply unfold and sit down
No assembly or configuration required.
[Image 4:] Whether indoors or outdoors, spread the chAIR out to your favorite spot and sit down quickly, and that is your best position.
[Image 5

As a new form of office
It is already old to line up fixed large desks!
[Image 6

With chAIR, you can freely arrange your seats without taking up too much space. Depending on your work project, depending on the group, you can change the arrangement every time to achieve comfortable office work. The meeting room can be moved easily, so when the weather is nice, you can have a lunch meeting on the rooftop.
[Image 7

Only 6kg! Feel free to take it out
chAIR can be used by people weighing 95kg. It uses solid aluminum pipes that support even heavy weights.
Despite its solid frame, it weighs just under 6kg.
[Image 8

This makes it easy for women to carry around.
I can work in this style
You can use it anywhere in your home.
Getting ready for the next day’s meeting by the baby’s bed.
[Image 9

Read a chapter by your favorite author by the fireplace.
Take it outdoors.
[Image 10

Have fun with your friends outside of work.
Floating desk (sold separately) with more uses
If you use it in combination with the floating desk, it becomes two comfortable tables.
[Image 11

– Table: Bamboo (oil coated)
– Clasp and screw material: stainless steel
– Suction cup: ABS plastic
– Belt: ABS plastic
Size: 33cm x 47cm x 1.2cm
Weight: 1729g with suction cup and belt
Table load capacity: 30kg
Warranty: Receive a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase with free replacement parts.
Country of origin: China
Product overview [Backpack]
[Image 15d107128-2-0b1e495fc94f542183b0-14.png&s3=107128-2-edc2a553678f0c5413f66f09dea7dae5-900x296.png
Material: Reinforced polyester
Size: 30cm x 50cm x 15cm
Capacity: 40 liters
Laptop Sleeve: 13″-17″
Warranty: 6 months
Country of origin: China
Released from November 25, 2022 on the crowdfunding site GREEN FUNDING This product will be on sale from November 25, 2022 on Japan’s leading crowdfunding site GREEN FUNDING.
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