Non-Profit Organization Collable Launched Collable Certified Lead User System

Specified non-profit organization Collable
Launched Collable Certified Lead User System
A lead user training course will also be held from 2023! Recruiting briefing session participants

NPO Collable (located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Sayuri Yamada, hereinafter referred to as Collable) will launch a Collable-certified lead user system as an initiative to spread inclusive design. Along with that, we will start a lead user training course from 2023.
Background of launch: The presence of “lead users” essential for inclusive design
For 10 years since the establishment of the organization in 2013, Collable has been working to spread inclusive design. I have been working on the project of As a result of many years of efforts, inclusive design concepts and methods have come to be widely used not only in product and service development, but also in organizational development such as employment of people with disabilities and web accessibility.
Inclusive design is a design method that aims to create value by including people with disabilities in the process of coming up with new ideas. In a workshop-like space for co-creation, we consider ideas that can share value with a diverse range of people while gaining new insights. In implementing this inclusive design, the presence of a “lead user” is essential. Lead users are often people with
disabilities, and they play an important role in providing new insights.
Aiming to spread inclusive design more widely by promoting the activities of lead users
However, on the other hand, the current situation is that the lack of human resources who can be the lead user in inclusive design and the lack of an environment to involve the lead user are the barriers to the spread of inclusive design.
Therefore, in today’s world where side jobs are commonplace, it is necessary for people with disabilities to have a system in which the lead user can be proud of as a “side job” and that the lead user can participate in various projects without burden. With that in mind, we launched the Collable Certified Lead User System.
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What is the Collable Certified Lead User Program?
The Collable Certified Lead User System is a system that certifies those who have completed a certified lead user training course conducted by Collable. After certification, you will be able to participate in various projects as a partner lead user of Collable. In the future, we plan to expand the target obstacles and characteristics and form partnerships with various lead users.
About the Certified Lead User Training Course
This is a course to learn attitudes, skills, and ways of thinking to guide awareness and accompany value co-creation in Collable’s inclusive design. Learn about inclusive design through lectures and hands-on practice.
In addition, on Saturday, December 17th, we will hold a certified lead user training course briefing session. This time, the briefing will be limited to those with visual impairments. Please check the details below.

Briefing session for certified lead user training course overview This time, the briefing will be limited to those with visual impairments. Date and time: December 17, 2022 (Sat) 13:00-14:00
Holding method: Online *Using Zoom
Capacity: 10 people (first come, first served)
[How to apply]
Please apply using the form below or by email. *Deadline December 10th (Sat) 23:59
▼ Apply using the form from the URL below
▼Application by email
Email address to apply for by email:
-Application details to be sent by email-
Email subject: Application for certified lead user information session 1. name
2. email address
3. age
4. Area where you live (prefecture and municipality are fine) 5. degree of vision
6. Remarks
Reference: Inclusive Design Experience Event (November 6th)
An inclusive design workshop was held on Sunday, November 6th. This time, two people with visual impairments were invited as lead users, and a wide range of discussions took place on product design, packaging, product selection, etc. under the theme of “design of adhesive plaster.”
▼Implemented based on the request from the person in charge of the company “I am interested in inclusive design projects and want to experience them.” “I would like to have the opportunity to experience it first before working on an inclusive design project within the company.”
“I want to find hints to create value by forming a team with people with disabilities.”
Such voices led to the implementation of this inclusive design experience meeting.
▼Participant’s voice
“I was able to honestly experience exchanging opinions with people with disabilities on an equal footing.”
“I found myself subconsciously thinking that everyone could read Braille just because they were blind.”
“Even if it was difficult to ask directly, it became easier to ask because there was a workshop theme between me and the lead user.” “Even with a band-aid, there are different issues and points to focus on, and even if you have a visual impairment, each person will be different.
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Organization overview
Specified non-profit organization Collable
Aiming for a future where everyone can participate in society, we are working on projects where people with and without disabilities can cooperate and co-create.
Location: Kosho Building 301, 3-27-2 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Representative Director: Sayuri Yamada
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us using the details below. The person in charge will contact you. NPO Collable info ★ ※Please change ★ to @ when sending an email. Details about this release:


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