“Not here yet, encounter. Not here, music.” Singer-songwriter eill’s participation decision! Recruitment of “feelings” that will be the source of the music that eill creates is now open.

Recruit Co., Ltd.
“Not here yet, encounter. Not here, music.” Singer-songwriter eill’s participation decision! Recruitment of “feelings” that will be the source of the music that eill creates is now open.

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Recruit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihiro Kitamura, hereinafter Recruit) is planning to create new music based on the thoughts of artists from November 17, 2022 (Thursday). We are pleased to inform you that we will open a special site for “Meetings that are not here yet, music that is not here” and will start recruiting everyone’s “feelings” that will be the theme of the songs to be produced.
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■ “Meeting not here yet. Music not here.”
This project is a project in which artists create new songs based on the wide range of people who want to put their own “feelings” into their songs. Eill, a singer-songwriter who has a wide range of support, especially among her own generation, agrees and participates in this project.
The theme is “Recently, I thought my life wasn’t going well.” I think everyone has a lot of things that make them feel uneasy, such as “it doesn’t work out”, “frustration”, “let’s give up”. However, that feeling will be the source and source of a more personal future. Putting such feelings into music and exchanging feelings will surely become the power that pushes us back. We think so.
Through music that contains everyone’s “feelings”, you will meet a new side of yourself that you do not yet know. We will deliver the music that will be the trigger along with the process until its birth. ■ Special site URL
■ Planning background
Recruit hopes to be a company that supports each person in making choices that are more in line with their own values ​​through the provision of “encounters that are not here yet.” While we all have doubts and anxieties, we also have expectations and hopes for the future. I started this project with the hope that by exchanging feelings through music according to my own honest feelings, it would be an opportunity to connect to the unknown “self”.
■ eill is looking for everyone’s “feelings” to put in the song Please post on Recruit’s official Twitter (@Recruit_PR) and this project’s official TikTok (@madakoko_music) based on the outline below.
・Recruitment details
Mr. eill is looking for everyone’s “feelings” that he would like to put in the song, with the theme of “Recently, I thought that life was not going well” for the production of a song that will lead to a new step for everyone. It doesn’t matter what genre you’re feeling, what you’re worried about, what you’re stumbling over, what you think is painful, what you feel like giving up. Your candid thoughts will become the source of the music that will be born in this project. ・ Recruitment period
November 17th (Thursday) to November 30th (Wednesday), 2022
・ How to apply 1.
Posted on Twitter with the two hashtags “#this feeling to music” and “#eill”. Or quote retweet or reply to the recruitment announcement post of this project. ・ How to apply 2.
Posted on TikTok with two hashtags: “#this feeling to music” and “#eill”. Or comment on the official TikTok of this project.
*The song is scheduled to be released around March 2023. Future details will be announced on the official website of this project as soon as they are decided.
■ Participating artists
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eill (24 years old)
Born in Tokyo. A singer-songwriter who captivates with her musicality based on black music and her singing voice that coexists with sweetness/sadness/glamor/strength. The artist name is derived from the goddess of healing “Eir” that appears in Norse mythology. It contains the idea that the power of healing resides in music. Started singing at the age of 15, and at the same time started composing music on a PC. Released the single “MAKUAKE” in June 2018, and announced the mini album “MAKUAKE” in October. In November 2019, released the 1st AL “SPOTLIGHT” produced with the concept of “dance music that can be heard with earphones”. Highly acclaimed for his versatile songwriting sense, he has provided songs to BE:FIRST, Taeyeon (ex Girls’ Generation), EXID, Johnny’s WEST, NEWS, etc. Many artists have been fascinated by their emotional singing voices, and they have
participated in the songs of domestic and foreign artists such as SKY-HI and PINKSWEAT$ as guest performers. In April 2021, she made her major debut with the ED theme song “Koko de Breath” for the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers”. After that, he was in charge of numerous tie-ups such as monthly 9 dramas, ABEMA dramas, movies and TV commercials. The title song “palette” of “PALETTE”, which will be the major 1st ALBUM released in February 2022, was appointed as the new TV commercial song for “Aquarius”.
In September 2022, he will be in charge of the theme song and insert song for the movie version of the anime “Tunnel to Summer, Sayonara no Deguchi” in which Marie Iitoyo and Oji Suzuka act as voice actors. Acoustic versions of the latest songs “Finale.”, “Pre-Romance” and “Hatappo” are used in the play.
[Comment from eill]
“This time, I will be working with Recruit on this project! I’m eill, a singer-songwriter. Life has peaks and valleys. There are happy days and unhappy days. Every day is affirmative. I hope that this one song, which values ​​each person’s voice, will be an opportunity to save someone’s tomorrow!”
* A special comment movie from eill is also available on the special site (https://www.recruit.co.jp/madakoko_music/). Please take a look. ▼ About Recruit
▼ Inquiries regarding this matter
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