Notice of change in the release date of “RPG Maker Unite”

Notice of change in the release date of “RPG Maker Unite”

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Gotcha Gotcha Games Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Kiyoshi Narita), a group company of KADOKAWA Co., Ltd., has released a new version of RPG Maker (RPG Maker), an RPG game production software for PCs and game consoles. , we will inform you about the latest information on “RPG Maker Unite”. This product runs on the most popular Unity editor in the game industry and aims to be a product that makes RPG creation easier to understand.
Regarding “RPG Maker Unite”, which is currently under development, we have decided to change the originally planned release in 2022 to the spring of 2023 in order to provide a more comfortable game production. rice field.
“RPG Maker Unite” is being developed with the idea of ​​realizing the game creation experience of the previous RPG Maker series on the Unity editor. In order to provide a no-code game production experience on the Unity editor, we believe that further efficiency is necessary, so we have strengthened existing functions (enhancement of animation and single picture map) and added new functions (outline editor, switch line , auto guide, etc.) are already reported. In these development processes, it has become necessary to coordinate functions with the Unity editor, and it takes time to improve the degree of perfection. Under these circumstances, we had no choice but to change the development plan.
We sincerely apologize to everyone who is waiting for the release, but we ask for your understanding in order to provide the best game creation experience for game creators.
Next, we would like to inform you that “RPG Maker Unite” will be pre-sold at the “Unity Asset Store” operated by Unity Technologies. “RPG Maker Unite” has been developed with the aim of simultaneous release on the Unity Asset Store and Steam, but as a result of considering the smooth game production experience by operating on the Unity editor, the Unity Asset Store version We have decided to pre-sell. The Steam version is scheduled to be released after making modifications suitable for the Steam environment, such as the installation method.
Currently, the release date is scheduled for spring 2023. The detailed schedule will be announced as soon as it is confirmed. Thank you for your patience.
Past information release
New feature “Outline Editor” Enhanced character animation and some specifications of materials
released! Easy event management with Switchline! All the default character materials of this work are released! Quickly adjust the game balance with the “auto guide” function! Changes to battle effects! Some of the new BGM songs have been
released! Using the Unity editor makes the process of outputting to a smartphone environment easier! A “template game” that users can freely modify! For the latest information on RPG Maker Unite, check out Maker Web and official SNS!
・”RPG Maker Unite” Official Website: ・”RPG Maker Unite” Steam store:
・ Twitter for “RPG Maker Unite” (Japanese): ・ Twitter for “RPG Maker Unite” (English): ・ Maker Official Twitter:
・ Maker Blog:

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