Notice of company name change to Raja Co., Ltd. (Former company name: Raja Ampat LLC)

Raja Co., Ltd.
Notice of company name change to Raja Co., Ltd. (Former company name: Raja Ampat LLC)
With the motto of “creating a new culture,” we will become a company that represents Generation Z.

Raja Ampat LLC (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Shunji Morinaga) is pleased to announce that it has changed its name to “Raja Co., Ltd.” on November 7, 2022 (Monday).
[Video 2:] We are pleased to announce that Raja Ampat LLC (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Shunji Morinaga) has changed its name to “Raja Co., Ltd.” on November 7, 2022 (Monday).
About company name change
Since our founding in 2018, we have been involved in various businesses and have focused on solving our customers’ problems. Even now, we are still securing its corporate value, but in recent years, the world has changed rapidly, so if we only solve problems, we will not be able to provide sufficient business support to our customers. I thought it would be difficult to provide value. Therefore, I felt that I could not create a growth strategy as a company unless I introduced a new culture in marketing, branding, creativity and management in a way that broke the existing concept, so I decided to change the company name to “Raja Co., Ltd.” .
In the future, the change of the company name also includes the desire to be able to help our clients by using any means possible without being influenced by conventional concepts and times.
“I would like to ask for your continued patronage.”
Main services provided by Rajah Co., Ltd.
・ D2C brand of luxury British scones “it’s my cup of tea”

Launched in March 2022, “it’s my cup of tea” is a scone brand based on the concept of “creating your favorite time every day.” It is characterized by an exquisite aroma created by the generous amount of butter and a crisp, light texture that is not too heavy. It’s my cup of tea is also particular about the packaging, and reuses recycled paper packaging such as milk cartons. It is a brand that also values ​​the sustainable perspective of “making better things using environmental resources”.
Official online store:
Official Instagram:
Official Twitter:
[Image 1d79014-14-e3499e2c21992ab23da3-4.jpg&s3=79014-14-41d84928ac2f04304d67ffd20d2ee00e-3900x2600.jpg
・ Enjoy afternoon tea on Japan’s first London bus “Afternoon Tea Bus Tour” We launched this brand after thinking about what we could offer our customers in the midst of the unprecedented barrier of COVID-19. Since opening, we have received feedback from customers that far exceeds our imagination, and we handle everything from project planning to operation and attracting customers in-house. Through Japan’s first new sense of entertainment, which only we, who are involved in the only brand in Japan, can do, we would like to be a presence that will impress the whole of Japan and become an opportunity for the world to know about Tokyo.
Official website: Official Instagram: Official Twitter:
[Image 2d79014-14-a652f83e539b8a20a2c4-3.jpg&s3=79014-14-4888ef072d99f63428295b16876aa764-3900x2600.jpg
* Raja Co., Ltd. also sells advertisements sponsored by the afternoon tea bus. Click here for details. ・No-code marketing business
Based on the concept of “explosive business management with no code”, we support the client’s website creation, operation, and attracting customers. Because there is no budget, there are no engineers, so a website cannot be created without expertise. No code can break down stereotypes such as, create a future where anyone can develop business at an explosive speed, and expand the possibilities of business. As an official partner “Legend Level” that uses the long-established no-code CMS Wix, we have specialist creators who cover a wide range of no-code functions, marketing methods, and analysis methods. Of course, all of our own businesses are produced with the no-code tool Wix, and we guide our clients to success based on our own marketing know-how such as “MEO operation” and “advertising operation”.
Official website:
Official Youtube: Official Twitter:
[Image 3d79014-14-7b3602afdee3b039c759-2.png&s3=79014-14-cb3d9fd249ee38c3d75a94f75efca9f8-2978x1650.png

Comment from Representative Director Shunji Morinaga
We are a digital marketing company based on no-code.
Founded 5 years ago, we have developed more than 20 businesses in this short period of time. While repeating choices in tremendous challenges and failures,
Now it has grown into a company with about 40 partners.
The results that I saw because I challenged,
Interesting people I met because I challenged,
Experience and knowledge gained from challenging.
I want to see more of this interesting world.
So we
Offline × digital marketing,
keep trying.
“Human Resources” “Idea/Space” “Money Making” “Global”
Following these four major principles, we will complete large-scale projects that have an impact on society.
With the motto of “creating a new culture,” we will become a company that represents Generation Z.
Thank you for your interest in Raja Co., Ltd.
Learn more:
*Acclaimed, looking for working colleagues.
About Raja Co., Ltd.
[Image 4d79014-14-230c7bee68a3a378e6db-8.jpg&s3=79014-14-d26b578beec1cb54b1c7f15771f178dc-1920x1080.jpg
Company name: Raja Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shunji Morinaga
Head office: Lions Mansion 2nd 1002, 5-4-5 Nishi Gotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
Date of establishment: November 7, 2018
Capital: 1,010,000 yen
Details about this release:


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