Notice of Sado Business Contest 2023

Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
Notice of Sado Business Contest 2023
Entrepreneurship is not gambling. If you want to shine, go to Sado Island!
Sado City will hold a business contest on the subject of Sado City in order to brand “Island with No. 1 Entrepreneurship Success Rate”. By awarding business plans designated by the city that contribute to solving regional issues and initiatives aimed at creating new businesses rooted in the region through a business contest, the next generation of human resources will take on new challenges such as entrepreneurship and founding. It aims to promote and contribute to the development of the local economy.
The application period is until December 14th (Wednesday). For more information, please visit the “Sado Business Contest 2023” website. ⇒ WEB:
“Sado Business Contest 2023” application guidelines
1. Overview of the event
Name: Sado Business Contest 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the “final presentation”)
Organizer: Sado City
Co-organizer: NEXT Sado
Support: Niigata Prefecture, Kamakura Investment Trust Co., Ltd., Snap Niigata Co., Ltd.
Date: Saturday, January 28, 2023
Venue: Sado Information Center (Ai-Port Sado) 384-11 Ryotsui, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
2. Qualification requirements
The eligibility requirements for applying are as follows:
◆Must meet the 2023 Sado City Employment Opportunity Expansion Project Subsidy Public Recruitment Guidelines
*Please note that in order to apply for this contest, prior
consultation with the Sado City Regional Development Department Industry Promotion Section is required.
◆ Be a startup stage venture company that has been founded or less than 10 years old
◆ Must be able to participate in the “Final presentation” held in Sado City (transportation expenses are paid by the applicant)
*In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, there is a possibility that it will be held online or in a hybrid format. [Image 1

3. Business plan to recruit
We are looking for business plans in two departments with different perspectives.
In both cases, it is necessary to meet the conditions of “3. Eligibility”. (1) Business model category
Similar to other business contests, this is a competition to see how much business potential, growth potential, continuity, job creation effect, etc. can be expected, and whether the business can be expected to develop.
This is a business model that evaluates the potential for future business development based on factors such as the high degree of sustainable growth, the track record of similar businesses, and the strength of the intention to promote the business.
*The Business Model Division does not seek to solve regional issues. (2) Problem-solving business model category
We are looking for business plans to solve the local issues specified by the city.
▼In the problem-solving business model section, please create a business plan for the following four regional issues.
■ Business related to “health promotion”
  ⇒Sado City’s goal of “the longest healthy life expectancy in Japan”, including the creation of a system that allows the elderly to play an active role, and support for health promotion, etc.
business that contributes to
■ Business related to “Energy”
 ⇒Since the renewable energy power ratio in Sado City is only 3%, we are promoting the introduction of renewable energy and EV,
energy-saving technology, etc.
  Business that contributes to effective gas reduction
■ Projects related to “disabled welfare”
⇒ Business that encourages the social participation of people with disabilities, such as support for people with disabilities and collaboration between agriculture and welfare
■ Projects related to “marriage promotion” and “childcare support”  ⇒Needed by the marriage-hunting business, the dating promotion business, and the child-rearing generation to promote countermeasures against population decline
  Business related to support utilizing the vitality of the private sector * We are looking for business models for solving problems from various perspectives.
[Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

Four. Application documents
Please submit the following documents when applying.
◆ Documents listed in the 2020 Sado City Employment Opportunity Expansion Project Subsidy Public Recruitment Guidelines
◆PowerPoint materials to be used at the final presentation *Videos cannot be used.
◆ “Results in similar business” as a reason for adding points (optional) *Please limit the “results in similar businesses” to 5 sheets of A4. [Notes]
1. Please submit materials in digital format.
There is no problem with the submission method, such as email or download service.
2. There is no particular limit on the amount of materials, but please limit it to what can be explained at the final presentation. 3. Only materials submitted by Wednesday, December 14, 2022 can be used at the final presentation. Excluding that
Please note that points will be deducted if you use the materials. Five. About the final presentation
Contestants for the final presentation will be decided after preliminary screening (document screening).
Notification of preliminary screening results is scheduled for Friday, January 20, 2023.
A maximum of 5 contestants can participate in the final presentation. At the final presentation, each person will have 15 minutes to make a presentation.
*The presentation time may change depending on the number of participants. The final presentation will be edited and broadcast as a special program by Sado City’s CNS broadcasting. Please note.
Details of the final presentation will be announced individually to those who pass the preliminary round.
[Points of examination]
Factors such as a high probability of sustainable growth, achievements in similar businesses, and a strong will to promote the business are factors that add points.
6. Contestants and winners benefits
Participants of the final presentation will be given the right to add points to the 2023 Sado City Employment Opportunity Expansion Project Subsidy Scoring at the end of their participation in the final presentation.
The business model section will add 5 points, and the problem-solving business model will add 10 points.
*This right is valid only for the 2023 Sado City Employment
Opportunity Expansion Project Subsidy and will not be retained from the next time onwards.
Winners (three) will receive the following prizes.
◆FY2020 Preferential treatment for the Sado City Employment
Opportunity Expansion Project Subsidy
◆ Incubation center rent subsidy
◆ Matching with venture support funds, etc.
◆Professional management guidance, etc. on formulation of business plans, capital policy, etc.
7. Application method
The procedure is the same as the 2023 Sado City Employment Opportunity Expansion Project Subsidy Public Recruitment Guidelines.
Please note that prior consultation with the Sado City Regional Development Department Industry Promotion Section is required. *Please tell us that you wish to apply for the business contest at the time of prior consultation.
◆ Application deadline December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) 5:30 pm ◆ Application: Sado City Regional Development Department Industrial Promotion Section
232 Chikusa, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture 952-1292
TEL (0259) 67-7863 FAX (0259) 63-2750
*If the size of the submitted data exceeds 5MB, please contact us in advance.

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