Notta-kun is appointed as the official character of AI transcription service Notta!

Notta-kun is appointed as the official character of AI transcription service Notta!

“Notta-kun” was born from the desire to grow MIND CRUISER LIMITED (Representative Director and CEO: Ryan Chow, hereinafter MIND CRUISER or “our company”) into a brand that everyone can support! In order to spread the joy of transcribing, from now on, as Notta’s official character, I will try to communicate smoothly with users in various places, including SNS. We will also create Notta-kun related products such as stickers, posters, and tote bags, so please look forward to that as well. We will be sending out various information in the future, so please follow and spread the word on the official Youtube, official Twitter, Facebook, etc.
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Since our founding in 2020, we have been developing our business with transcription services, and currently we are mainly developing “Notta Co., Ltd.” in Japan and the group “NOTTA INC.” overseas. Our company has a vision of “Infinite value of conversation”, and in order to realize it, we are developing our business centered on transcription services, and it is important to advance our customers’ businesses through our services. We believe. In order to ensure that as many customers as possible can use our services comfortably, we aim to satisfy our customers and raise awareness of our company and products by constantly providing high-quality services.
I feel that SaaS has great potential as an indispensable presence in the promotion of DX around the world, including Japan. And with the proliferation of SaaS products, work collaboration, workflow optimization, and digitization can create greater business value. In addition, it will be easier to train new human resources, and companies will be able to develop their businesses more efficiently. ■ Character introduction
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Name: Notta
Gender: unknown
Blood type: O type (tolerant)
Date of Birth: March 27, 2022
Hobbies: Helping others, observing Mr. Noda
Likes: People who like to talk, Mr. Noda, meetings
Dislikes: Loud environments, people with low voices
How to run: Push your butt like a rolling stamp and run while outputting letters Favorite food: Tonkotsu ramen, fried garlic, small fish and peanuts, dried squid (very similar to Noda’s taste)
Characteristics: Large triangular ears, heavy waist (Notta-kun has no self-confidence)
Personality: Usually laid-back and a little shy, but suddenly becomes serious when he starts translating his words. Because he is not accustomed to being praised, he is unable to express his happiness honestly and sometimes feels embarrassed.
Special Skills: Good hearing, fast movement, ability to create text, know many languages, good memory
■ The story of “Notta-kun and Noda-san”
This month, Notta-kun met everyone for the first time on his official Youtube account! Notta-kun, who was born in the Marumi tribe, has big ears unlike everyone else who has small round ears. Notta, who has a problem with big ears, always wants to help people. Seeing Noda-san struggling every day and doing his best, Notta-kun decided to help him. In the process of eating little by little what is on the table, the relationship with Mr. Noda will improve, and a wonderful story will unfold from here. This time, the voice of “Notta-kun” was handled by voice actor Kurumi Mamiya (whose representative work is the role of Hamtaro in “Tottoko Hamtaro”).
“Notta-kun and Noda-san” Meeting
[Video 4:] “Notta-kun and Noda-san” Online Conference
[Video 5:]

“Notta-kun and Noda-san” minutes production
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■ What is Notta
Notta is an AI-powered automatic voice-to-text conversion service that supports 104 languages, including Japanese and English. By using an AI speech recognition engine optimized for the language to achieve speedy and highly accurate transcription, it contributes to a significant reduction in work time. It can be used on various devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you can use it anywhere. In addition, all data is encrypted and processed for security protection, so you can use it with peace of mind even in meetings that include confidential agenda items.
If you want to improve the efficiency of meetings and create minutes quickly, please try Notta now.
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