November is Child Abuse Prevention Month! Why don’t you participate in the event “Yogibo presents ORANGE WALK 2022” where you can walk and contribute to society “for a society without child abuse”?

NPO CAP Center Japan
November is Child Abuse Prevention Month! Why don’t you participate in the event “Yogibo presents ORANGE WALK 2022” where you can walk and contribute to society “for a society without child abuse”?
Entry is until November 22nd (participation is free)

CAP Center JAPAN participates as one of the donation recipients of the online participatory charity walk project “Yogibo presents ORANGE WALK 2022” (hereinafter referred to as “ORANGE WALK”) co-sponsored by the NPO Japan Children’s Support Association and Congrant Co., Ltd. . The event period is from November 9th (Wednesday) to November 22nd (Tuesday) until 18:00. You can enter until the last day.
We are looking for participants who will support CAP Center Japan.

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Hoping for the realization of a society without child abuse. Your step becomes a donation.
Thoughts on “ORANGE WALK”
CAP Center JAPAN has been providing preventive education in Japan for more than 25 years to prevent child abuse, bullying, sexual violence, corporal punishment, and all forms of violence against children. To date, more than 5.83 million people, including 2.18 million adults and 3.65 million children, have participated in the program.
Child abuse has become a major social problem, and although laws have been enacted and the Child Guidance Center abuse response dial number “189” (quick and free), many children are still in a difficult situation.
Many parents struggle with how to deal with their children.
The seriousness is increasing under Corona.
That’s why now
I want to tell children that “You are important”,
I want to tell parents who are raising children that they don’t have to carry it alone,
I want to tell people in the community to watch over children and their families with warm eyes.
I am participating in this enlightenment event so that as many people as possible will be interested in raising children and be aware of the social problem of child abuse.
In different places, at different times, but with the same thoughts, I want to walk with many of you.
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For inquiries about our activities, please use the “Contact Us” page on our website.
Contact: E-mail TEL06(6648)1120
This time, 7 organizations working for the same purpose called for people from all over the country to walk “for a society without child abuse.”
If you enter from the special site, anyone can participate easily and free of charge from anywhere.
[List of supported organizations]
General Incorporated Association Youth Raising Support Center Yokikai, Certified NPO Kamonohashi Project, NPO CAP Center, JAPAN, NPO 3keys, NPO Buddy Team, NPO Active corporation Bridge Force Smile, Japan Child Support Association (NPO)
How to enter
Event special site
Anyone can enter for free from anywhere until the event ends on November 22nd. ■ Participation entry from here: *The smartphone app “minpo” is required to participate in the event. Matching donations will be sent from the sponsor according to the number of entries during the event period and the total number of steps measured by the participants measured by the smartphone pedometer application “minpo”.
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For inquiries about ORANGE WALK coverage, etc.
ORANGE WALK Management Office Misaki Tel: 050-3765-8233 Email: ORANGE WALK Sponsor/Partner
Title Sponsor: Yogibo Co., Ltd.
Yogibo social good “TANZAQ”:
Gold Sponsor: More Jobs Better Lives Public Interest Incorporated Foundation URL:
Silver Sponsor: Yamasho Kosan Co., Ltd.
Bronze Sponsor: Myohoji
Partner: FM Osaka
ORANGE WALK Planning and operation
Co-organizer: Japan Child Support Association
Co-sponsored by Congrant Co., Ltd.

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