Nowear Co., Ltd. A BATHING APE (R) x adidas OriginalsSUPERSTAR 80S

NOWEAR Co., Ltd.
A BATHING APE(R) x adidas OriginalsSUPERSTAR 80S

[Image 1d8762-407-e23e1325e26a168bb482-0.jpg&s3=8762-407-256e9214f1376ea052d5aed195d6292b-1000x667.jpg
A BATHING APE(R) is the first since the 21SS collection.
We will announce a tag with adidas Originals.
“SS80S BAPE (R)”, the third collaboration model of “SUPERSTAR 80s” From Thursday, November 10, 2022, BAPE.COM WEB STORE, A BATHING APE (R) regular stores, and
It will be on general sale at the Adidas Originals flagship store. [Image 2d8762-407-233c5a12212c3396f241-1.jpg&s3=8762-407-765cd4dc53b25053bb65bc2456e9e884-640x640.jpg
This work is based on adidas Originals’ iconic model “SUPERSTAR80s”, The BAPE (R) signature “STA” and adidas Originals three stripes are asymmetrically applied.
The heel has the BAPE STA (TM) logo and the adidas Originals Trefoil logo. [Image 3d8762-407-0c351349fb8e96a91012-2.jpg&s3=8762-407-ac7e9acb1276316f5055ea84b19027e7-640x640.jpg
The logos of both brands on the tongue and the shoelace charm are in gold color. I added an accent to the classic black body.
With a color scheme that seems to be a collaboration between both brands, it is a gem that will attract attention even if you are not a fan.
This work, which maximizes the appeal of “BAPE (R)” and “adidas Originals” Unfolds in a special green shoe box.
[Image 4d8762-407-1b0639a62b365a0628fe-4.jpg&s3=8762-407-0fe3b11853de1e15dda7400d6b784fe1-3000x2000.jpg
[Image 5d8762-407-4f4a96b79978337664e1-3.jpg&s3=8762-407-363f79e3e4e54c2a2d48341902e05194-3000x2000.jpg
MENS: ¥20,900- (tax included)
LADIES’: ¥20,900- (tax included)
BAPE.COM special page
Instagram: @bape_japan Facebook: @BAPE.OFFICIAL
LINE: @bape
Contact / For more information : BAPEXCLUSIVE(TM)️ AOYAMA
Phone: 03-3407-2145
Press Inquiries / Marketing Department
Phone: 03-5410-6310

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