NOWEAR Co., Ltd. A BATHING APE (R) x END. “Bowling”

NOWEAR Co., Ltd.
A BATHING APE(R) x END. “Bowling”

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A BATHING APE (R) has partnered with END., a select shop from Newcastle, England, to announce a capsule collection. Entitled “Bowling,” the collection is inspired by the traditional target sport of bowling and the fashion, culture and aesthetics associated with it. A BATHING APE (R) has produced many items inspired by American vintage since the brand was established, and its unique style has become an indispensable part of Japanese fashion.
This collaboration incorporates elements of American culture and bowling, and expresses the concept throughout.
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[Image 3d8762-412-94a378bf59dd4c566bd3-4.jpg&s3=8762-412-9f070640cac0c96742b4ab2ce93110e9-2000x2500.jpg
[Image 4d8762-412-3664efaaa82bca74bac6-2.jpg&s3=8762-412-3ee84b57a9134933a62172f35abc4622-2000x2500.jpg
[Image 5d8762-412-40fa04462b210dfbc82a-3.jpg&s3=8762-412-ed403c178e643f5a42606e93ca6c7bfa-2000x2500.jpg
[Image 6d8762-412-37d2cf119b2bef10ec57-5.jpg&s3=8762-412-9e41d3a2e655022f5b2b8c0314be5ee9-2000x2500.jpg
The footwear uses BAPE STA (TM), which is the icon of A BATHING APE (R). Finished in a split burgundy and dark green color scheme, the design is reminiscent of bowling shoes.
In addition, attention has been paid to the details such as END. In addition, the bowling ball and pin are printed with the BAPE (R) icon Ape motif, making the collection even more exciting.
This collection will be released on Saturday, December 3, 2022 at BAPEXCLUSIVE (TM) Aoyama store, DOVER STREET MARKET Ginza store and BAPE.COM WEB STORE.
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