NPO Corporation Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association Akihabara Nigiwai Hiroba 2022 Held at Entas and Akihabara Park!

[Akihabara Nigiwai Hiroba 2022] Held at Entas and Akihabara Park! At Akihabara Park, VR experiences, e-sports experiences, Akihabara town walking tours, and EV tuk-tuk VR test rides will be held.
Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association (Chairman: Tomio Izumi, hereinafter referred to as ATPA), a specified non-profit organization, will open “Akihabara Nigiwai Hiroba 2022” (hereinafter referred to as Nigiwai Hiroba) on November 18th (Friday) as an initiative to expand the use of parks and roads. -Held at Entas and Akihabara Park on Sunday, November 20th.
After the war, the town of Akihabara built a town of parts with the junk brought back from the battlefield by military signal soldiers. During the period of rapid economic growth, the town was revitalized and expanded to expand sales of home appliances, audio & visual, and information appliances. I got an image as It has prospered as a city of computers and has become known around the world as a mecca for anime otaku. Currently, in Akihabara, where doujinshi and anime stores are leaving, various proposals and activities have begun for the post-corona era.
The Association will actively promote the following activities. ・Using the Akihabara brand to attract customers, introduce the latest Akihabara to visitors, experience, and promote consumption
・Promoting interaction between Generation Z and the Silver Generation, such as product information and application introductions such as information home appliances and the Internet by DX
・Promotion of activities to introduce unique towns with specialty shops by nationally licensed guide interpreters who are specialists in tourism
Akihabara is always evolving!
We would like to grow “Akihabara Nigiwai Hiroba” into an outdoor event where you can experience contents such as stores, products, goods, and services in Akihabara.
As a first step, we will hold “Akihabara Nigiwai Square 2022”. [Image 1

○ Overview of “Akihabara Nigiwai Square 2022”
Date: November 18th (Friday) to 20th (Sunday), 2022
1. Public lectures and entertainment performance events
・ Date and time: November 18 (Friday) Doors open: 15:30 Start 16:00 ・Venue: Entas (Onoden Main Building 5F)
・Price: Admission free
2. An event to experience the town of Akihabara with e-sports exchanges and VR ・ Date: November 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun)
・Time: Doors open at 12:00, closes at 17:00 (16:00 on the 20th) ・Opening ceremony: 19th (Sat) 11:50 start
・Venue: Akihabara Park
・Price: Admission free
3. Holding a free walking mini tour in Japanese and English for foreigners (EV tuk-tuk VR experience test drive event will also be held at the same time) ・ Date: November 19th (Sat)-November 20th (Sun) 3 times / day ・Meeting: Akihabara Park “Akihabara Nigiwai Hiroba” Reception (Reception for EV tuk-tuk VR experience is at the exhibition corner) ・ Excursion course: around JR Akihabara Station about 30 minutes ・Price: Participation is free (first-come-first-served basis if there are many people)
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[Image 2

[Image 3

Organizer: Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association
Sponsored by: Chiyoda Ward
[Overview of Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association]
Our association conducts the following activities for domestic and foreign tourists and businesses visiting Akihabara.
(1) Activities to promote community development
(2) Activities to promote tourism
(3) Activities to promote academics, culture, arts or sports (4) International cooperation activities
(5) Activities to promote science and technology
(6) Activities to revitalize economic activities
(7) Communication, advice or advice regarding the operation or activities of organizations that carry out the activities listed in the preceding items
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