NSG Group College of International Business Civil Service Students produce wedding ceremony “Wedding Ceremony 2022” held

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[International Business Civil Service College] Students produce wedding ceremony “Wedding Ceremony 2022” held

On November 12th, the NSG Group’s International Business Civil Service College – Comprehensive Business Department Hotel and Tourism Course – held a wedding ceremony that was created from scratch as a practical class.
In the hotel and tourism course of the General Business Department of the International Business Civil Service College, students create a wedding ceremony from scratch as a practical class every year. We recruited brides and grooms from the general public, held meetings from April, and the students worked with the brides and grooms for five months to prepare for the wedding ceremony on Saturday, November 12th. rice field.
This year’s concept is “Natural Wedding”, and everything from the theme of the wedding, making accessories such as invitations, bouquets, and ring pillows, to the main decorations, preparation of the opening profile video, etc., is all handmade by students. . In addition, students were responsible for everything from moderators, attendants, sound, lighting, and service on the day of the event. Date: Saturday, November 12, 2022 11:00-14:00
Venue: Koriyama View Hotel 11F Stellato
Number of participants: Hotel and Tourism Department Hotel and Bridal Course (7 second-year students), General Business Department Hotel and Tourism Course (11 first-year students), Groom/Yuta Sato and Bride Misaki Sato (40 guests)
■ Student comments
・ Yuto Sakizaki, a second-year student who served as leader and moderator “It was great that everyone was able to work together and work toward a single goal. I once again felt that it was a wonderful thing that I could feel the connection between.”
・Raru Endo, a first-year student who served as an attendant for the bride and groom
“I was happy to be able to help the bride and groom as an attendant in a once-in-a-lifetime wonderful moment.
Comment from Groom Yuta Sato and Bride Misaki Sato
“It was very well received by my relatives, saying that it was a wonderful wedding! Everyone was surprised when I told them that the small items were handmade by students. Thanks to everyone, I was able to spend a happy time. I’m sorry.
At our school, we will work on more practical classes in cooperation with the local community.
International Business Civil Service College
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