NSG Group International Foreign Language/Tourism/Airline College You can work while learning English, IT, an d hospitality in Canada! “Learning + Working = Co-op Study Abroad” Educational tie-up with a Canadian vocational sch ool

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[International Foreign Language/Tourism/Airline College] You can work while learning English, IT, and hospitality in Canada! “Learning + Working = Co-op Study Abroad” Educational tie-up with a Canadian vocational school

The NSG Group’s International College of Foreign Languages, Tourism, and Airline (AiR) formed an educational partnership with CORNERSTONE International Community College of Canada (CICCC), a Canadian IT, business, and hospitality vocational school, on November 7th. The co-op study abroad system has made it possible for students to have overseas work experience while attending school.
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Co-op study abroad is a study abroad program unique to Canada that allows students to work while studying professionally in English with a student visa. CICCC is a vocational school in Vancouver, Canada, where you can study hospitality management and digital marketing in English for 6 months, and gain paid work experience at a Canadian company for 6 months.
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At AiR, we are planning to apply for the establishment of the “International English Communication Department 3-year course” in which students will study abroad co-op during the 2023 academic year. We aim to further improve our English skills and acquire international business skills through specialized study abroad to learn IT, business and hospitality skills while in school and work experience in Canada. [Image 3d32951-966-983f89c9f63dd3e8016c-2.jpg&s3=32951-966-a9462367c93228dd232aeca1ea2d6080-1500x1124.jpg
-International Foreign Language/Tourism/Airline College-
Opened in 1992 as the only language and tourism vocational school in Niigata Prefecture, it is a vocational school where you can learn English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, tourism, aviation, as well as international business and digital communication.
Location: NSG Square 5F, Furumachidori 7bancho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City Principal: Naoko Kuribayashi
URL: http://www/air.ac.jp
-About the NSG Group-
The NSG Group has a wide range of businesses, including health/sports, construction/real estate, food/agriculture, trading companies, advertising agencies, ICT, hotels, apparel, beauty, human resources services, entertainment, etc. A corporate group consisting of 110 companies that operate businesses. Aiming to make each region “the most prosperous and happiest city in the world”, we will work from the private sector to create projects that will revitalize the region with the keywords “people”, “peace of mind”, “work” and “attractiveness”. I’m in.
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