NSG Group Niigata Computer College VTuber “Shoshu Shii” appears in Metaverse x Reality LIVE distribution “Cool Japan EXPO in NIIGATA”

NSG Group
[Niigata Computer College] VTuber “Shoshu Shii” appears in Metaverse x Reality LIVE distribution “Cool Japan EXPO in NIIGATA”
~Techniques handed down from seniors to juniors~

As a personality of the official program that was distributed live at “Cool Japan EXPO in NIIGATA” held at Toki Messe (Chuo-ku, Niigata City) on November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), NSG Group International Educational Corporation Gakuen Niigata Computer College (hereafter NCC)’s original VTuber (virtual YouTuber), “Shoshu Shii” appeared. [Image 1d32951-950-233d399bf02cd09ba4b3-0.jpg&s3=32951-950-980113cee32a41363c9bce4a0b98c74b-682x384.jpg
State of distribution program
The program will be distributed by connecting the distribution studio in Niigata City and the venue of Toki Messe, synthesizing the real and metaverse spaces. Together with Mr. Hideya Morishita (distributed on November 5th) and Mr. Hajime Odani (distributed on November 6th) of the Niigata comedy group NAMARA, we introduced the notable booths at the venue and the charm of Niigata.
[Image 2d32951-950-f67e492210e7513adeaf-3.jpg&s3=32951-950-ec74b548eab4741aaebdcc62d721304a-1773x1182.jpg
State during delivery
In April 2020, NCC established a “VTuber course” to learn the planning, production and management of VTuber. The first educational tie-up in Japan with “Virtual Cast Co., Ltd.”, which provides a metaverse communication service, operating a YouTube channel using the original VTuber Shoshushi, and participating in Niigata City’s 5G demonstration experiment and DX platform demonstration project. , and became the first official virtual cheerleader for a professional basketball team in Japan.
[Image 3d32951-950-b8df121d813fbcaa212e-1.jpg&s3=32951-950-7886019a619f7763b1d6a24a6adabded-1773x1182.jpg
State during delivery
This LIVE distribution program was realized in cooperation with “SOL MEDIAGE Co., Ltd.”. The program distribution staff was a graduate of the company who experienced such a VTuber project in the NCC “VTuber course”.
Current students of the “VTuber course” also participate as assistant directors in the distribution. Learning the behind-the-scenes of program distribution using VTuber directly from senior graduates was an important experience for working in the VTuber industry in the future.
■ Student comments
Character Design Department VTuber Course ・Kaito Kondo ・From Iida OIDE Nagahime High School in Nagano Prefecture
[Image 4d32951-950-972efc2a688f70e90d43-2.jpg&s3=32951-950-e3bf28d51d687c833a60150054aff38b-1665x1259.jpg
“During the live broadcast, there were some troubles unique to the live broadcast, but the senior members of the distribution staff dealt with it calmly while keeping in touch with the local staff, and I felt that it was cool. I wanted to be able to deal with it calmly.” The distribution archive can be viewed from the official YouTube channel of “Cool Japan EXPO in NIIGATA”.
■ Viewing destination YouTube channel URL
・For distribution on Saturday, November 5:
・ November 6th (Sun): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfmH-BtjzJdJQTmup008ZXw Educational juridical person Kokusai Sogo Gakuen Niigata Computer College Location: 7th floor of NSG Square, 935 Furumachidori 7bancho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City
School principal: Tomoaki Kojima
URL: http://www.ncc-net.ac.jp/


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