NTT DATA CORPORATION NTT DATA and Hideki Matsuyama hold “Be Global, Be Challenge” to challenge the world t o the children who will lead the future

NTT DATA Corporation
NTT DATA and Hideki Matsuyama hold “Be Global, Be Challenge” to challenge the world to the children who will lead the future ~Golf lessons by professional golfer Hideki Matsuyama~

NTT DATA Corporation (President: Hiroshi Honma, hereinafter: NTT DATA) will hold the “Be Global, Be Challenge” event for children who will lead the future on Saturday, December 17, 2022.
“Be Global, Be Challenge” is an event in which Hideki Matsuyama, a top athlete who is active in the world, and NTT DATA communicate the importance of continuing to challenge toward goals for the children who will lead the future. This event was planned and realized because I sympathized with the attitude of Hideki Matsuyama, who continues to challenge the world with a strong desire to improve and an
overwhelming amount of practice that supports high technical skills toward a big goal. At the event, there will be a participatory session with NTT DATA and children, and a golf lesson by Hideki Matsuyama. The application period is from November 22, 2022 to December 4, 2022 (Sun). Please apply by all means.
NTT DATA supports top athletes and children who challenge their goals, and aims to make a further leap forward on the global stage. 【background】
Hideki Matsuyama, who has been supported by NTT DATA since May 2021, is the world’s top athlete that Japan is proud of, having won the first major tournament in Japan and winning eight times on the PGA Tour. Every day, we continue to take on challenges with a strong desire to improve and high technology to achieve our big goals. NTT DATA is moving forward with the goal of becoming one of the Global Top 5 in the IT service field. Together with Hideki Matsuyama, we will hold the event “Be Global, Be Challenge” to convey “the importance of continuing to challenge the world” to children who will be responsible for the future.
[Overview of “Be Global, Be Challenge”]
・ Date: Saturday, December 17, 2022
・Holding time: 11:45-15:10 (planned)
          End time may vary
・Venue: Somewhere in Tokyo
          Only the winners will be contacted
・Capacity: 24 people
          In the case of a large number of applicants, a lottery will be held ・ Speaker: NTT DATA Representative Director and Executive Vice President Kazuhiro Nishihata (NTT DATA, Inc. Representative Director and President)
          Professional golfer Hideki Matsuyama
・ Event details: 1. Participatory session by NTT DATA “Challenge to the world” 2. Golf class by Hideki Matsuyama
3. Question session, commemorative photo, etc.
[Application conditions]
・Junior high school students (ages 12-18)
・People with golf experience
・ Those who have the skills to participate in the competition and belong to the target age
・People with an average stroke within 90 strokes
・Those who live in Japan and can receive instruction in Japanese [How to apply]
Please check the application conditions listed on the recruitment site, fill in the necessary information on the application form, and apply.
・ Recruitment site URL: ・ Recruitment period: November 22nd (Tuesday) to December 4th (Sunday), 2022 ・ Winning notice: December 5, 2022 onwards
[Comment from Hideki Matsuyama]
I would like to thank NTT DATA for this opportunity.
We hope that this event will be an opportunity for the many junior golfers who will carry Japan on their shoulders in the future to have dreams and hopes.
We are looking forward to seeing you.
Hideki Matsuyama
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