NTT EAST Campaign to enjoy the night in Yokohama Hamaburari Supporting the operation of Yorunoyo “Digital Stamp Rally” and “Digital Coupon”

NTT East
[Campaign to enjoy the night in Yokohama, Hama Burari] Supporting the operation of Yorunoyo “Digital Stamp Rally” and “Digital Coupon”
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation, Kanagawa Division (Executive Officer, Kanagawa Division Manager: Hironobu Nakanishi, hereinafter referred to as “NTT East Kanagawa Division”) aims to increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists in Yokohama, create a bustle of the city, and In order to revitalize the economy, in the creative illumination project “Yorunoyo” -* 1- that creates the night view of the harbor unique to Yokohama, we will have a digital stamp rally and digital coupons for the campaign “Hama Burary” to enjoy the night of Yokohama. Operation support.
-*1- [Image 1

1. Overview of “Yorunoyo” -
(1) Period: Thursday, November 24, 2022 to Tuesday, January 3, 2023, 17:00-21:05 (2) Venue: Central Yokohama Waterfront Area (Main Venue: Shinko Central Plaza, Main Viewpoint: Yokohama Port Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal)
(3) Implementation details:
・NIGHT VIEWING (every 30 minutes from 17:30 to 21:05, 5 minutes each) ・NIGHT WALKING (17:00-21:05)
・Campaign “Hama Burary” to enjoy around the city of Yokohama ・Limited-time light and art program (core period: December 9-11) 2. Contents of “Digital Stamp Rally”
It is a project to collect stamps around all 32 illuminations that color the night of Yokohama, including the Yorunoyo venue. Depending on the number of stamps collected and area, you can get prizes unique to Yokohama by lottery. You can apply from any 3 areas and 3 stamps. Stamps are a mechanism that can be obtained with the “GPS” function of the smartphone.
[Image 2

【way to participate】
[Image 3

[Image 4

[Stamp points]
A total of 32 stamp spots are scattered in 6 areas of the central Yokohama coastal area.
*Yorunoyo area 3 locations
* 5 locations in the area around Yokohama Station
*5 locations in the Sakuragicho/Minatomirai area
*Shinko/Osanbashi area: 6 locations
* 6 locations in the area around Kannai Station
*Motomachi/Chinatown area: 7 locations
[Application conditions]
Prize A: All 6 areas, 12 or more stamps in total
Prize B: Any 4 or more areas, 6 or more stamps in total
Prize C: Any 3 or more areas, 3 or more stamps in total
In addition to luxurious prizes such as hotel dinner buffet tickets and cruise dinner buffet tickets,
194 people, including Renoyo limited goods.
Please check here for more details. – You can select your desired product from each prize.
* Prize example A prize (12 or more stamps including at least one of all 6 areas)
[Image 5

3. “Digital Coupon” Contents
We will distribute digital coupons that can be used immediately in the Yokohama area on a digital map.
[How to use]
1. Display the map in the “Coupon” category of the digital map 2. Shops with coupons are displayed on the map
3. Tap the shop you want to go to
4. Get a digital coupon
5. Present the digital coupon at the store
6. You can receive various benefits such as one drink service and discounts * The contents of the benefits differ for each store.
[Image 6d64879-143-dc8cce8446932b1abadc-5.jpg&s3=64879-143-f21ebda6c016efecdb22a7475d887da4-487x427.jpg
Reference: Service used_”Platinum Rally” -Service provider: Bold Ride Co., Ltd.- Platinum Rally is a “digital stamp rally system” that allows you to easily create and hold a digital stamp rally. Equipped with features such as quizzes and coupons that make stamp rallies more enjoyable, as well as mechanisms for improving stay time and circulation rate, local governments, tourism businesses, private businesses, etc. can easily build stamp rallies that meet their respective purposes. .

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