NTT Solmare Co., Ltd. That mystery horror masterpiece appears in Boykone! “Higurashi When They Cry” Collab oration Event Held

NTT Solmare Corporation
That mystery horror masterpiece appears in Boycone! “Higurashi When They Cry” Collaboration Event Held

The novel live distribution service “Boikone” operated by NTT Solmare Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Toshiaki Asahi, hereinafter NTT Solmare) is a mystery horror work “Higurashi When They Cry”. We are pleased to inform you that we will hold a collaboration event with
[Image 1d9284-466-8b6c1aa1b0812ae72def-0.png&s3=9284-466-e0c0b12491a20defe44d1bade24cc407-1125x540.png
・Overview of collaboration
From November 22nd, the mystery horror masterpiece “Higurashi When They Cry” will appear in the Boykone app as a chat novel.
During the collaboration period, you can become a character from “Higurashi When They Cry” and distribute it live, or enjoy the story as a chat novel.
There are also devices to enjoy Higurashi When They Cry 120%, such as collaboration items and novel live events!
Accuracy rate 1% – Let’s challenge the mystery of Hinamizawa Village’s mysterious incident in the novel live
・Publishing schedule of works
“Onikakushi”: Posted sequentially from November 22, 2022
“Watanagashi-hen” and “Meakashi-hen”: To be published in 2023 *The posting schedule is subject to change without notice.
・Collaboration ale item
Yell items are support items that can be sent to the cast within the app. During the period, you can purchase collaborative ale items by in-app purchase.
Sales period: Scheduled from November 22, 2022 to March 31, 2023 *This item cannot be used after the sales period has passed. The period may change due to circumstances.
[Image 2d9284-466-5359e4fbecf1876655f0-1.png&s3=9284-466-aee18de6bc6a11d248fbd17b81a0b5db-1280x720.png
・Collaboration Title
It is a privilege that can be obtained by participating in the collaboration event “Higurashi Marathon” to be held from November 25, 2022 and achieving the conditions. Titles can be set on the profile screen in the app.
An example of a title that can be received as a privilege
Collaboration Title Onikakushi Hen 1. Ryugu Rena ver.
[Image 3d9284-466-d3225d1d652c221b2367-2.png&s3=9284-466-c3558ddc7390d8b8c8481b883f2baeb4-1053x108.png
Collaboration Title Onikakushi Hen 2. Mion Sonozaki ver.
[Image 4d9284-466-cadf3d0049505c20bf59-3.png&s3=9284-466-4d9bac892e2b0f243109db9e78c4a96-1053x108.png
Collaboration title Onikakushi 3. “It’s a lie!!” Ryugu Rena ver. [Image 5d9284-466-a476f8503da3b2a88537-4.png&s3=9284-466-955b9c62660627859beb7741b4442908-1053x108.png
・What is Higurashi When They Cry?
The original is a sound novel computer game by the doujin circle “07th Expansion”. This work is a mystery work centered on a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances that occurred in Hinamizawa Village, a cold village on the border of the prefecture. It has been developed into various media mixes such as anime, manga, and movies, and it is a popular work that is still supported by a wide range of age groups 20 years after its release.
・What is Boycone?
It is a new sensation reading experience platform where you can enjoy “novels” with everyone through “live distribution”. Not only can it be used as a regular reading app, but it is also recommended when you want to connect with someone through a novel, or when you want to enjoy a novel by ear like an audiobook.
Meet your favorite novels, stream and connect with someone, liven up your live with your own novels, and enjoy “Boikone” with your own “unprecedented reading experience.”
-Boykone service related URL-
・App download:
・ Boykone Official Site:
・ Official Twitter:
-About NTT Solmare Corporation-
NTT Solmare aims to “enrich people’s minds through entertainment.” We provide entertainment services centered on romance games “Shall we date? series” “Moe! Ninja Girls”, novel Live distribution service “Boy Kone”, and manga/anime/game schedule information management
application “Sikaro”. 。
Official site:
■ E-book business
・Operation of Japan’s largest e-book distribution site “Comic-C’more” Official site:
[Image 6d9284-466-5bf16622791cfd830577-5.png&s3=9284-466-48f72f5d39684286d87affad4c58d7c5-148x148.png
・ Development of the original brand “Solmare Editorial Department” that drives digital publishing
Official site: [Image 7d9284-466-ba120b95af28446dd13e-6.png&s3=9284-466-236f7c36db2b78a50364b1d0766a698c-124x125.png
・We Love Comic “Manga love is overflowing.”
Official site:
[Image 8d9284-466-c460049673a82d4ed2a3-7.png&s3=9284-466-7843040c65a49282900deb80813d7005-148x148.png
・Operation of MangaPlaza, one of the largest e-manga distribution sites in the United States
Official site:
[Image 9d9284-466-31ba0b077222ba382ce5-8.png&s3=9284-466-31ee4dff915977374cd29b3396c1fb99-148x148.png
■ Game business
・Provision and operation of the “Shall we date?” series of dating simulation games for women
Official website (English):
[Image 10d9284-466-6a44c66ec22c26f24f7c-10.png&s3=9284-466-7e79390bf11ace01f16bfacd489347c4-148x148.png
・Provision and operation of mobile game “Obey Me!” for women Official site (English):
Official site (Japan):
[Image 11d9284-466-06ac66708f4ca2749df8-11.png&s3=9284-466-70c068b935e9da654bf8620146f708fb-150x150.png

[Image 12d9284-466-ebbe95e855b0deba66ac-13.png&s3=9284-466-0c476e055ee85845fa1687fe1476b075-150x150.png
■ New business
・ Live distribution service “Boykone” connected by novels
Official website:
[Image 13d9284-466-ff46c6029cc5e071b0c5-14.png&s3=9284-466-1265761619ba2333209f2e27630b375e-113x113.png
・Schedule information management application for manga/anime/games “Sikaro” Official website:
[Image 14d9284-466-671113cca04a5713fff8-15.png&s3=9284-466-a7189f62e16d9d28d850568b2358b12f-121x121.png

Details about this release:


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