NTT Urban Value Support Corporation Event report “MIRAI ACTION AKIBA 2022” was held

NTT Urban Value Support Corporation
[Event Report] “MIRAI ACTION AKIBA 2022” was held
“MIRAI ACTION AKIBA 2022” will be held for about a month from October 1st to November 5th, 2022!

Akihabara UDX (operation and management: NTT Urban Development Corporation, head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Tsujikami) collaborates with 52 organizations such as local residents and companies as part of area management, and “STEAM education” as the theme. It was held for about a month from November 5, 2022. In this project, with the special cooperation of Kodansha FRaU SDGs and JAXA, people in charge beyond companies and positions seriously think about “what the next generation can do to realize a sustainable future” and discuss it. It was realized repeatedly.
As a result, more than 400 people, including elementary, junior high and high school students, participated in this project, and we were able to provide many students with an opportunity to think about SDGs and STEAM.
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・Special workshop
We held a total of 7 workshops on the themes of SDGs and STEAM education for elementary school students to junior high school students. All the participants showed serious expressions on their faces, and in the questionnaire after the event, we received feedback such as “I want to practice ecology that I can do close to me” and “I was able to cultivate the ability of children to think.”
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・Special talk discussion
In the first part, with the cooperation of FRaU SDGs, the top runner of the SDGs, a talk discussion was held with experts on topics such as “food loss” and “changes in food provision due to the corona crisis” with the keyword “World Food Day”. . In Part 2, students from Tokyo Kasei Gakuin Junior High School, Seisoku Gakuen High School, and Tokyo Metropolitan Shirao High School took the stage to share their intentions toward the realization of a sustainable future that transcends standpoints and generations.
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The event was livened up by performances in collaboration with the Akihabara community and public recordings of the YouTube video “Satellite Life” by JAXA staff. In particular, in the flower ike battle (live flower ike performance) by the “Masanori Gakuen High School Hanike Boys Club”, the winner of the battle was determined by the applause of everyone at the venue, and everyone at the venue participated and enjoyed it.
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We held a product sales marche related to “World Food Day” and SDGs on October 16th. A wide variety of products from all 9 stores were lined up, such as new products that reused the “residue” of craft cola and SDGs accessories that use LAN cable coatings like Akihabara. [Image 5

“MIRAI ACTION AKIBA 2022” held this time will be the first initiative of the AKIHABARA Machi Mirai Project. In the future, based on the long-term perspective of fostering regional culture, in order to contribute to the continuous development of Akihabara’s local community formation and the sustainable creation of a rich life for people, the theme is to foster the next generation who will be responsible for the future of the city. We will continue to develop activities such as
[About AKIHABARA Town Future Project]
It is an initiative that contributes to the improvement and continuous development of the region through area management activities with the theme of nurturing the next generation who will be responsible for the future of the city, making use of the latent asset of the city, “diversity rich in individuality”.
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