Nudge Co., Ltd. “Hiroshima Nudge Forest”, the first tree-planting activity in Higashi-Hiroshima’s Irino Zaisan Ward

Nudge Inc.
“Hiroshima Nudge Forest”, the first tree-planting activity in Higashi-Hiroshima Irino Zaisan Ward

Nudge Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Takashi Okita; hereinafter referred to as “Nudge”), which aims to become a challenger bank in Japan, will use the next-generation credit card “Nudge” to create forests in Hiroshima. The “Hiroshima Nudge Forest” club, which can contribute to revitalization, conducted its first tree-planting activity in Irino Zaisan Ward, Higashi-Hiroshima City. About the “Hiroshima Nudge Forest” Club
In August 2022, Nudge entered into an agreement with Irino Zaisan Ward, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture and the Kamo Regional Forestry Cooperative, and through the use of the
next-generation credit card “Nudge,” the “Hiroshima Nudge No Mori club and credit cards are now available.
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Please see below for the background of the “Hiroshima Nudge Forest” project and why Nudge is working on the SDGs.
[Official club site]
Nudge | Hiroshima Nudge Forest
Implementation of the first tree planting activity
In the “Hiroshima Nudge Forest” project, we will continue to plant trees in a 3-hectare Japanese red pine forest over a period of 10 years from 2022, based on an agreement concluded with Irino Zaisan Ward, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and the Kamo Regional Forest Association. increase.
A ceremony for the first tree-planting activity was held on November 23 (holiday), and 600 trees were planted on November 24 (Thursday). Initially, it was planned that all the people involved in
Higashi-Hiroshima City and the sponsoring companies would get together to plant the trees. A ceremony was held indoors at the Hiroshima City Irino Community Center with the Mayor of Hiroshima Higashi Takagaki, the Kamo Regional Forest Association, the local Midori no Shounendan, the Junior Chamber International, and the sponsoring companies and sports teams.
At the ceremony, in addition to the greetings from the guests, Nudge Co., Ltd. explained the “Hiroshima Nudge Forest” project, and the Kamo Regional Forest Association gave a lecture on the workings of forests, greening and forest protection activities. I was.
Participants were presented with sweets as souvenirs from Calbee Future Labo, a sponsor company, and Nudge Co., Ltd. distributed NFTs to commemorate their participation.
(Commemorative photo at the ceremony)
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(Distributed participation commemorative NFT)
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The 600 super red pine trees that were scheduled to be planted were planted by the Kamo Regional Forest Association on November 24th (Thursday).
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Nudge will continue to contribute to the reforestation of Hiroshima through the “Hiroshima Nudge Forest” club. In addition, in order to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, we will collaborate with local governments and local companies to expand projects that support regional revitalization and the resolution of social issues through cashless payments.
[Overview of November 23rd Ceremony]
・ Date and time: November 23 (holiday) 10: 00-11: 20
・Location: Higashihiroshima City Irino Regional Center
・Organizer: Nudge Co., Ltd., Irino Zaisan Ward, Higashihiroshima City, Kamo Regional Forest Association
・Participating companies/organizations (representatives):
Nudge Inc. Takashi Okita Representative Director
Hironori Takagaki, Mayor of Higashi-Hiroshima City
Hiromi Kawaguchi, Chairman of the Kamo Regional Forest Association Chairman Teruaki Fukunaga, Irino Zaisan Ward, Higashihiroshima City Higashihiroshima City Council Member Koji Norikoshi
 Irino Autonomous Organization Association Chairman Yuso Horiuchi  Hiroshima Dragonflies Co., Ltd. Nobuyoshi Ura, President and CEO Yamane Holdings Co., Ltd. Hirotaka Okada Senior Managing Director Calbee Co., Ltd. Calbee Future Labo Manager Ryuta Otsuka
Hatsukaichi Sun Blaze Director Misato Iwatani
[Overview of tree planting activities on November 24]
・ Date: November 24 (Thursday)
・ Location: Higashihiroshima City Irino Zaisan Ward “Hiroshima Nudge Forest” ・Number of trees planted: 600
・Tree species: Super red pine
・Implementing body: Nudge Co., Ltd., Kamo Regional Forest Association

Comments from the representative of the organizer
Nudge Co., Ltd. Takashi Okita Representative Director
We are very pleased to announce that the planting of trees at the Hiroshima Nudge Forest will begin this month.
Unfortunately, it rained on the day we planned to plant the trees, so instead of planting the trees, the ceremony was held indoors. We were able to celebrate the start of the “Hiroshima Nudge Forest” project with many people involved, including children from the Boys’ Club and members of the local Junior Chamber.
The 600 Japanese red pine seedlings planted this time will grow together with the local children who will support the future of Hiroshima toward a sustainable future. As a next-generation credit card that supports the realization of such a future, Nudge provides a mechanism that allows users to easily contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.
We will continue to work together with Hiroshima to regenerate forests, and promote collaboration with a wide range of public and private stakeholders across the country.

Higashihiroshima City Mayor Hironori Takagaki
The rich forest is an irreplaceable property for the city, and it is very important to nurture it carefully and pass it on to the next generation as a property shared by citizens.
Unfortunately, the weather was unfavorable on the day of the event. We hope that it will be an opportunity for you to feel the real feeling. In addition, as an SDGs future city, the city is working on various projects to create a sustainable community.
I heard that the company name of Nudge Inc. comes from a term in behavioral economics that means to push a little to do good. It is said that the planting of trees this time will start from an area as large as Mazda Stadium, but the initiative of “Hiroshima Nudge Forest” will raise awareness of forest conservation in the region with the cooperation of companies and local residents. We hope that this will lead to an increase in the number of people involved, and that the circle of activities aimed at “realizing a sustainable future” will expand to more people.
Teruaki Fukunaga Chairman, Irino Zaisan Ward, Higashihiroshima City The Irino area of ​​Kawachi-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima City is a scenic hilly and mountainous area at the foot of Chikurin-ji Temple, a nationally important cultural property, located 10 minutes by car from Hiroshima Airport and at the Kawachi Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway.
However, this area is also aging, and the number of abandoned farmlands is increasing, and the forest that was once a production area for matsutake mushrooms is in ruins.
This time, Nudge Co., Ltd.’s creation of “Hiroshima Nudge Forest”, along with the Takamura Forest Park project that we are currently working on, will be a trigger for regional revitalization and a treasure of our hometown that children can be proud of in the future. The Irino Property Ward Council and the Irino Residents
Self-Government Council will work to protect the rich forest. Hiromi Kawaguchi, Chairman of the Kamo Regional Forest Association Unfortunately, it rained on the day we planned to plant the trees, but I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude that we were able to complete the memorable 1st Hiroshima Nudge Forestation Activity. We will continue to do our best to support and cooperate with Nudge Co., Ltd. as a business operator engaged in local forest maintenance projects, as they work on social contribution activities through forest development activities to address today’s environmental issues. What is the next-generation credit card “Nudge”?
Nudge is a Visa card that you can use everyday to support your “likes”. Support your “likes” with everyday use
Just by using it for everyday shopping such as cafes and convenience stores, you can support your favorite businesses / brands, sports teams, athletes, and artists (the “club” you select when applying for the card).
You can also receive benefits only for Nudge cards from supporters. Safe and convenient Visa card for credit card debut
You can apply easily from the app. It can be used basically free of charge and can be used at Visa affiliated stores around the world. It is a credit card that is easy to make even for students, part-time workers, and freelancers, as it uses AI to conduct independent screening.
-About Nudge Inc.-
Nudge Co., Ltd. has a mission of “creating future financial
experiences through individual actions” and aims to realize financial inclusion in Japan through the challenger bank business.
Company name: Nudge Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: February 12, 2020
Representative: Representative Director Takashi Okita
Location: FINOLAB, 4th floor, Otemachi Building, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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