Nursing care for everyone Superb comfort “Nursing homes with hot springs” survey (2022 edition)

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[Nursing care for everyone] Superb comfort “Nursing homes with hot springs” survey (2022 edition)

Courier Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daisaku Yasuda), which operates “Minna no Nursing Care”, a search site for homes for the elderly with the largest number of facilities listed (*), provides nursing care based on the knowledge gained through site operation. We investigate and research business issues and social phenomena. This time, it is a report on the information of “nursing home with hot spring”.
Recently, there is a growing trend among users of the Nursing Home search site Minna no Kaigo to focus on facilities with enhanced QOL (Quality of Life). There are various services that are in high demand, such as hairdressing and beauty services, karaoke, living with pets, and an enhanced internet environment.
Therefore, this time, among the facilities listed in “Minna no Nursing Care”, we surveyed all over the country about nursing homes with “hot springs”. It is organized in a ranking format in order of the number of regions.
[Image 1

First place is Fukuoka Prefecture with 31 cases. Hokkaido ranked second with 30, and Aichi ranked third with 22.
If you look at the top again, you can see many areas known as hot spring areas. Hokkaido, in second place, has many famous hot spring resorts such as Noboribetsu Onsen and Toyako Onsen. In addition, Oita Prefecture, which has famous hot spring areas such as Yufuin, ranked 5th, Gunma Prefecture, which has Kusatsu Onsen, ranked 7th, and Aomori Prefecture, which has Sukayu Onsen, ranked 8th.
■ What are the benefits of hot springs in nursing care?
When I interviewed people in charge of facilities with hot springs, it became clear that although maintenance and management costs money, there are various merits.
“For residents, it can provide health promotion and mental peace.” “There are cases where elderly people who love hot springs come from far away to move in, and this has led to an increase in customers.” “By having people use the hot springs as a day service, it will be an opportunity for local people to know about the facility.”
It seems that it not only improves the QOL of residents, but also attracts customers to the facility.
■ When considering moving into a nursing home, take a tour
Some facilities with hot springs not only have large public baths, but also footbaths and open-air baths with great views. Even if you say “there is a hot spring” in one bite, the form varies depending on the facility.
When choosing a nursing home, it is important to actually check and be satisfied with the environment and facilities, as well as the personality of the staff and the enhancement of the medical care system. When moving into a nursing home, why not consider taking a tour of the facility?
Data source: List of Nursing Homes and Nursing Facilities with Hot Springs Nationwide|Minna no Nursing Care
Text version, ranking of areas with many nursing homes with hot springs 1st place: Fukuoka Prefecture / 31 cases
2nd place: Hokkaido / 30 cases
3rd place: Aichi / 22 cases
4th place: Nagano Prefecture / 20 cases
5th place: Oita Prefecture / 19 cases
6th place: Shizuoka Prefecture / 18 cases
7th place: Kumamoto Prefecture / 16 cases
7th place: Gunma Prefecture / 16 cases
9th place: Osaka / 15 cases
10th place: Kanagawa Prefecture / 12 cases
10th place: Hiroshima Prefecture / 12 cases
12th place: Kagoshima Prefecture / 11 cases
12th place: Yamanashi Prefecture / 11 cases
14th place: Chiba Prefecture / 10 cases
15th place: Gifu Prefecture / 9 cases
15th place: Ishikawa Prefecture / 9 cases
17th place: Aomori Prefecture / 8 cases
17th place: Iwate Prefecture / 8 cases
17th place: Tokyo / 8 cases
17th: Saitama / 8 cases
21st place: Hyogo Prefecture / 7 cases
21st place: Kagawa Prefecture / 7 projects
23rd place: Fukushima Prefecture / 6 cases
23rd place: Mie Prefecture / 6 cases
23rd place: Ibaraki / 6 cases
23rd place: Nara Prefecture / 6 cases
27th place: Wakayama Prefecture / 5 cases
27th place: Shimane / 5 cases
27th place: Toyama / 5 cases
30th: Miyagi / 4 cases
30th place: Niigata Prefecture / 4 cases
30th place: Tottori Prefecture / 4 cases
30th place: Ehime Prefecture / 4 cases
[Survey overview]
Survey date: November 11, 2022
Survey target site: “Minnanokaigo” Survey target: 50,741 nursing care facilities listed in Minna no Nursing Care Research agency: Minna no Nursing Care (Courier Co., Ltd.)
Calculation method: Total number of nursing homes with hot springs nationwide by prefecture
* As a result of conducting a survey on the number of facilities listed on major nursing home search sites, Minna no Kaigo won No.1. [Summary of No. 1 number of facilities listed]
Survey date: October 24, 2022
Research method: In-house research (Courier Co., Ltd.)
Sites surveyed: Minna no Nursing Care, LIFULL Nursing Care, Searching, Oasis Navi, Senior Anshin Counseling Room, MY Nursing Plaza, Paid Nursing Home Information Center, Good Nursing Care
Details of the survey method and survey results: For the survey target sites, compare the accumulated values ​​of the number of facility listings (excluding home-visit nursing care offices) in each prefecture during the survey period. Regarding the number of facility listings in each prefecture, the number of search results listed on the prefecture index page of the survey site was checked for consistency with the actual number of listings, and the number of results was adopted. As a result, Minna no Nursing Care won the No. 1 ranking for the number of facilities listed.
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