“October Edition Google Algorithm Research Report (44 pages in total)” released

CINC Co., Ltd.
“[October Edition] Google Algorithm Research Report (44 pages in total)” released
Free research and analysis results of search result fluctuations and algorithms that are a must-see for website and media operators
CINC Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Tomonori Ishimatsu, hereinafter referred to as CINC) utilizes the web marketing research and analysis tool “Keywordmap” developed and provided in-house to utilize Google’s algorithm. The October edition of the “Google Algorithm Research Report”, which investigated about [Image 1

In this Google Algorithm Research Report, we publish the results of analyzing the algorithm in “The September 2022 Core Update” announced by Google and the recommended actions to be taken in response to the analysis results.
[October Edition] Download the Google Algorithm Research Report (44 pages in total) from here
https://consulting.cinc-j.co.jp/prtimesalgorithmreport202210 [Image 2

At CINC, we routinely research trends in search results in order to propose appropriate guidelines and measures for our clients’ websites. This report, which is created by the CINC Analysis Group’s full-scale analysis, has received high praise from clients, such as “It is very helpful every time” and “The analysis is too detailed.”
One of the most distinctive features is that it is created based on the huge amount of data from the web marketing research and analysis tool “Keywordmap” provided by CINC. Since we have a wide range of data, such as the scale and area of ​​the website, we are able to provide evidence-based analysis from multiple perspectives.
▼TOPICS of this report
What is Google Algorithm Research Report?
Summary of changes in SERPs
Recommended action
Algorithmic analysis
Introduction to Monthly SEO
▼What is CINC’s Algorithm Research Report?
CINC’s Algorithm Research Report is a bimonthly report that is published to enable advanced SEOs to obtain “new discoveries/new knowledge/new actions” through research and analysis of niche topics. ▼It is recommended for such people
Website manager who focuses on SEO
Marketers who are considering web media management in the future Person in charge of operating web media at a business company ◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆
[October Edition] Download the Google Algorithm Research Report (44 pages in total) from here
https://consulting.cinc-j.co.jp/prtimesalgorithmreport202210 ◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆
As a data solution company, CINC will continue to provide innovative services based on big data utilization and consulting.
▼ About CINC Co., Ltd.
With the vision of “creating a company that represents Japan with marketing solutions”, we are developing marketing consulting from the development of web marketing tools that utilize big data. Based on our unique data collection technology, AI/machine learning technology, and knowledge of data analysis, we develop and provide tools that enable anyone to perform advanced big data analysis quickly, easily, and professionally from strategy planning. We contribute to the growth of our clients’ businesses through the provision of marketing consulting that accompanies them all the way to execution support.
■ About CINC’s analytics business
CINC maximizes the results of digital marketing with overwhelming data volume and analytical power.
■ CINC’s analytics business services
・Digital marketing strategy design consulting
・Content marketing consulting
・SEO consulting
・SNS consulting
・Consulting for conversion improvement
・Ad operation agency
・Video marketing consulting
└YouTube channel operation consulting
└YouTuber tie-up strategy design and distribution
└ TikTok/YouTube Shorts Consulting
-Inquiries about services-
CINC Co., Ltd.
E-mail: marketing.s@cinc-j.co.jp
-Company Profile-
Company name: CINC Co., Ltd. (TSE Growth Securities Code: 4378) Representative: Tomonori Ishimatsu, President and CEO
Established: April 2014
Headquarters: 7th floor, Sankaido Building, 1-9-13 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description:
(1) Solution business
(2) Analytics business
Company website: https://www.cinc-j.co.jp
Recruitment information: https://www.cinc-j.co.jp/recruit/ Management media “Marketing Native”: https://marketingnative.jp/
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