Odaka Workers Base Co., Ltd. Designed by a craftsman who moved from Taiwan to Fukushima to deliver to Corona Vortex. Handmade glass accessories “ichi” series will be released on 11/17 (Thu.)

Odaka Workers Base Co., Ltd.
Designed by a craftsman who moved from Taiwan to Fukushima to deliver to Corona Vortex. Handmade glass accessories “ichi” series will be released on 11/17 (Thu.)
Accessories that “create your own tomorrow” while enjoying fashion
With the concept of “creating your own tomorrow”, the handmade glass brand iriser (Odaka Workers Base Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Odaka-ku, Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture / Representative Director: Tomoyuki Wada) supports an independent way of life through
manufacturing. has released a new series “ichi” on November 17, 2022. With the theme of “confidence and feeling strong”, the necklace can be enjoyed in 3 ways depending on the outfit and mood of the day. Now that we are often forced to make unprecedented changes in the way we work and live due to the corona vortex, a Taiwanese craftsman who has faced himself and reconsidered his own identity in a country with different cultures and values. , we deliver ideas through
[Image 1

ichi series
♢Characteristics of the “ichi” series
Choker necklace that can be enjoyed in 3 ways depending on the outfit and mood of the day
The necklace is sold as a set of clear glass and sandblasted glass, and by attaching a removable ball catch, you can enjoy 3 types of necklace tops depending on your outfit.
[Image 2

When using clear glass
[Image 3

When using frosted glass
[Image 4

When using a set of 2
Two types of pierced earrings that are easy to combine with necklaces In addition to the clear glass only design, we also offer a frosted type that combines clear glass and sandblasted glass asymmetrically in the left, right, top and bottom for a limited time.
[Image 5

ichi earrings -clear-
[Image 6

Ichi Earrings -Frost- [Limited Edition]
You can add an accent to your chic winter outfit while creating a gorgeous look. It is also recommended for those who use it with a necklace. ♢Background of the development of the “ichi” series
As the coronavirus vortex continues, we are forced to make
unprecedented changes in the way we work, live, and distance ourselves from others, and we have more opportunities to reconsider our own ways of being and living.
“ichi” is a design that expresses the harmonious number “1” with the motif of “whole person”, which means “a person with a good balance of knowledge, emotions, and will”. It was born from the desire to be yourself by recognizing light and shadow, not being perfect, and achieving harmony.
Ping Kyle, who moved from Taiwan and now lives in Japan as a glass craftsman, is a design born out of her experience of facing herself and re-perceiving her own identity in a country with a different culture and sense of values. The idea is that wearing ichi will be an opportunity to maintain your own “harmony”.
[Image 7

Ping Kyle (26 years old) from Taiwan
After graduating from the Toyama Institute of Glass Art, she will join the staff of the atelier iriser from April 2022.
I went to Japan from Taiwan to study glass production. When I came to Japan and became a foreigner for the first time, I felt that I had to reassess my new identity in Japan when the coronavirus broke out. By spending time alone at home and listening to the voices of my own heart, I have regained my inner harmony and am striving as a glass artist.
♢Wearing scenes of the “ichi” series
In addition to changing the glass top, you can enjoy many patterns by changing the position of the glass and ball catch back and forth. [Image 8

When using clear glass
[Image 9

When using frosted glass
[Image 10

back design
[Image 12

show the glass in the background
[Image 13

Ball catch to the front
♢ “ichi” series product overview
Release date: Thursday, November 17, 2022
Necklace: ¥ 9,350 (tax included)
Earrings: ¥ 9,900 (tax included)
Earrings: ¥ 9,900 (tax included) *Frost type limited sale until the end of December 2022
Sales outlet:
〒979-2124 1-87 Honmachi, Odaka-ku, Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture Atelier iriser (inside Odaka Pioneer Village)
iriser EC site https://iriser.owb.jp/category/shopping/design/ichi/ Material: Heat-resistant glass/copper/brass (silver-plated) *Partly nickel-free size:
[Glass part] Necklace: 4mm diameter x 44mm, Earrings: Upper 3mm diameter x 24mm / Lower 4mm diameter x 40mm
[Necklace choker] Circle diameter about 12cm / circumference about 38cm / wire diameter 1mm

■ About “Atelier iriser”
[Image 14d37386-10-bf77f55800bc716b93f1-14.png&s3=37386-10-da692d51005b667cb4c71e06e301c41c-3900x3900.png
In August 2015, with the aim of creating attractive jobs that young people would want to try, Odaka Ward in Minamisoma City, which was designated as an evacuation zone due to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Established. As one of the production bases of the glass accessory brand “HARIO Lampwork Factory”, which was established by HARIO, a heat-resistant glass manufacturer founded in 1921, to pass on craftsmanship techniques, local female craftsmen have learned techniques from inexperienced. . “iriser” was released in March 2019 as a brand that directly delivers the thoughts of female craftsmen. “iriser-irize-” is close to you, who creates tomorrow, encourages you, and colors it. We aim to be such a brand.
♢ Website: https://iriser.owb.jp/
■ About “Odaka Workers Base Co., Ltd.”
[Image 15d37386-10-56654d87aba7bde4f09c-16.jpg&s3=37386-10-4c3b475f83372b53944d62cd52a21a56-875x421.jpg

・Location: 〒979-2124
     Odaka Pioneer Village, 1-87 Honmachi, Odaka-ku, Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture
・Representative: Tomoyuki Wada, Representative Director
・Established: November 2014
・Business description:
With the mission of “creating 100 businesses from 100 local issues”, we will develop various small businesses such as coworking spaces and simple lodgings in Odaka Ward, Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture, which has become an evacuation zone. doing. Based on the purpose “We make life secure with our own hands”, instead of relying on one business that employs 1,000 people, 100 businesses that employ 10 people are vibrantly sustainable. We aim to realize a self-sufficient local community.
♢ Reference URL:

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