Odakyu Department Store Co., Ltd. Second renewal! A food section produced by Odakyu Department Store has opened in the Odakyu Ace North Building! “SHINJUKU DELISH PARK” opens on December 1st

Odakyu Department Store Co., Ltd.
Second renewal! A food section produced by Odakyu Department Store has opened in the Odakyu Ace North Building! “SHINJUKU DELISH PARK” opens on December 1st
~ A delicious path in the morning, noon, and night with the concept of “satisfying the ‘little’ of people coming and going” ~

On October 4, 2022 (Tuesday), the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku store, which was relocated to Shinjuku West Exit Hulk and reopened, will open on December 1 (Thursday) as the second renewal of Shinjuku Station West Exit underground shopping area “Odakyu” operated by the Odakyu Group. Ace North Building will open a new food sales floor, SHINJUKU DELISH PARK, produced by Odakyu Department Store, in an area of ​​approximately 1,000 square meters on the west side of the North Building.
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The main target is office workers in the Shinjuku West Exit, and the concept is to “satisfy the ‘a little’ of people who come and go”. Establish an eat-in space, etc. In addition to newly introduced shops, a total of 28 shops will appear, including popular shops that were developed at the Shinjuku store before the renewal. We aim to be a “delicious path in the morning, noon, and night” that makes you want to stop by every day.
“SHINJUKU DELISH PARK” consists of six zones, “PARK1” to “PARK6”. PARK 1, which opens at 8:00 a.m. on weekdays, earlier than other zones, sells carefully selected boxed lunches, side dishes, bread, and freshly squeezed juice that will give you energy for work. There will also be an original bakery and minimart in collaboration with the magazine “Oz Magazine”.
In addition, “PARK 2” offers western sweets and soups that are perfect for taking a short break, “PARK 3” offers Japanese and Western sweets that are recommended for small gifts, and “PARK 4” and “PARK 5” are specialty stores that offer a wide variety of food ingredients. In “PARK6”, we will open an eat-in pop-up where you can easily enjoy popular ramen from all over the country.
At the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku store, plans and information dissemination will be held in conjunction with the “SHINJUKU DELISH PARK” located nearby the food sales floors on the 1st and 2nd basement floors, which were reopened in October, depending on the season and seasonal calendar. By doing so, we will further enhance the
attractiveness of “depachika”.
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◆ About the shops in each zone
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PARK 1-Quick Deli & Charge-Business hours: 8:00 to 20:30, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00 to 20:00
 11 shops, including bento boxes, side dishes, breads, and freshly squeezed juices, are gathered to give you energy for work while you spend your hectic days. We will open at 8:00 am on weekdays so that office workers at Shinjuku West Exit can stop by before going to work. In addition, an eat-in corner with 10 seats will be set up in the area.
A shop in collaboration with the magazine “Oz Magazine” has also appeared. We will develop an original bakery with prepared breads using local ingredients, and a mini mart with items that you will want to pick up, such as drinks and snacks.
● “OZ and Haruko Travel Bakery” (bread) [Odakyu original / new introduction] An original bakery that collaborated with the magazine “Oz Magazine” x “Bakery’s Kitchen Ohana” x Odakyu Department Store. We will sell “Travel Tartine” using local ingredients. It is a shop that provides opportunities to become a wonderful self through new encounters, such as learning about the food culture of various parts of Japan in a travel mood.
● “YORIMICHI MART” (drinks/baked confectionery) [Odakyu original/new introduction]
A minimart that collaborated with “Oz Magazine” and Odakyu Department Store. We have beverages, including alcohol, snacks, and snacks. ● “Numazu Sushinosuke” (Tama Inari / Sushi) [First product sales business / new introduction]
A take-out specialty store of a conveyor belt sushi restaurant with a local fish headquartered in Numazu. Please pay attention to the new product “Tama Inari”.
● “Nihonbashi Tendon Tenmusu Kaneko Hannosuke” (Tendon Tenmusu) [Shinjuku area only, new introduction]
An Edomae tendon specialty store with its main store in Nihonbashi. In addition to the popular tempura rice bowl, we also offer limited quantities of tempura balls and shrimp tempura pressed sushi. ● “Bonta Bonta” (rice balls, side dishes, lunch boxes) [Newly introduced only at our shop in the Shinjuku area]
A rice ball specialty store that uses delicious and healthy Kinmemai rice. We offer rice balls with lots of ingredients made with secret nigiri techniques.
● “Buttsu Sando x Kenshintei Takumi” (sandwiches, side dishes, lunch boxes) [Newly introduced only at our shop in the Shinjuku area] We offer a wide variety of sandwiches and seasonal side dishes and bento boxes that incorporate seasonal ingredients.
● “Komeraku no Komeben” (Bento) [Newly introduced only at our shop in the Shinjuku area]
Based on the concept of “hospitality with takeout”, we sell bento boxes that match various scenes.
● “JUICE STAND BUBBLES” (raw squeezed juice) [newly introduced] We provide “cold-pressed juice” that is freshly squeezed under pressure without adding heat to fresh vegetables and fruits. ● “Shinbi” (rice, bread, side dish deli) [our shop only, relocated] A natural fast food shop for those who value time and health. We develop healthy salad bowls.
● “Salad Deli Margo” (Salad) [Relocated]
Salad deli specialty store. We propose a “staple salad” that allows you to eat plenty of vegetables, meat and fish, mainly using domestic seasonal vegetables.
● “Pompadour” (Bread) [Relocated]
A freshly baked bread bakery founded in Motomachi, Yokohama in 1969. We have a wide variety of specialty breads.
-Product image-
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OZ and Haruko’s Traveling Bakery
[Image 5

Numazu Sushinosuke
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Nihonbashi Tempura Rice Bowl Tenmusu Hannosuke Kaneko
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PARK 2-Refresh Sweets & Soup- Business hours: 10:00-20:30, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-20:00 *Some shops open at 8:00 on weekdays We offer blissful sweets and soups that melt your heart and make you feel good in one bite, which are indispensable for switching between on and off every day.
The soup stand, which offers conditioning soups that are gentle on the body, is open from 8:00 am on weekdays, and is recommended for breakfast or lunch in combination with the rice balls and bread sold in PARK 1.
● “Umami Hesta Soup Stand” (Soup) [New introduction]
Karayorokobu, a soup shop. We prepare the body through meals, approach health as well as beauty, and propose new eating habits. *Open from 8:00 on weekdays
● “Pastel” (pudding/baked sweets) [Reintroduced]
The flagship product, Nameraka Pudding, is a dessert that continues to be loved to this day, and is characterized by its smooth texture and the richness of fresh cream and egg yolk.
● “Godiva” (chocolate) [relocation]
A leading brand of premium chocolate loved around the world. They also serve chocolate drinks.
-Product image-
[Image 8

Umami Hesta Soup Stand
PARK 3-Refresh Sweets-Business hours: 10:00-20:30, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-20:00
There are nine shops selling baked sweets and sables with eye-catching cute packaging and cans. We have a lineup of Japanese and Western sweets that are perfect for small gifts and small gifts for a large number of people, such as co-workers.
● “Sable Michelle” (Sable) [Shinjuku area only, new introduction] A sable specialty store that depicts a world full of originality, such as the beautiful flowers and scenery that Michelle, the image character of the brand, traveled around the world, and the various shapes of sables associated with each country.
● “Agemochi Cocoro” (Rice cracker) [Shinjuku area only / new introduction] A store specializing in various flavors of okaki. Various flavors and shapes of okaki, and cute cookies in the shape of “lucky charms” from around the world, which are said to bring happiness, are packed in cans.
● “POP UP Sucrei” (baked confectionery) [newly introduced]
Sucrei, which operates a number of confectionery brands, will develop unique brands one after another for a limited time.
● “Shinjuku Takano” (cakes, baked sweets) [relocation]
A fruit specialty store that sells high-quality fruits and original foods. We offer the popular cake “Fruit Royale”.
● “Press butter sand” (baked confectionery) [relocation]
A butter sandwich specialty store with crispy cookies sandwiched between rich butter cream and buttery caramel that melts in your mouth.
● “Azabu Karinto” (Karinto) [Shinjuku area only, relocated]
A Karinto restaurant with its main store in Azabujuban. With the atmosphere of the city as a secret flavor, we have a wide variety of flavors.
● “Le Pepin” (chocolate) [Shinjuku area only, relocated]
A chocolate specialty store inspired by a flower shop. We will develop lollipop-shaped chocolates like bouquets.
● “Tops” (cakes, baked confectionery) [relocation]
We sell chocolate cakes that were born as desserts at the
American-style restaurant “Top’s”.
● “POP UP ONE” [event]
This is an event corner operated by Odakyu Department Store. -Product image-
[Image 9

sable michel
[Image 10

Azabu Karinto
[Image 12

Le Pepin
PARK 4/5 – Variety Market – Business hours: 10:00 – 20:30, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00 – 20:00 *Some shops open until 21:00 A little excitement for your daily dining table. We will develop specialty stores that offer a wide variety of ingredients.
● “Sumie” (Bread) [Relocated]
A bakery run by a French restaurant founded in Shinjuku 75 years ago. Taking advantage of the individuality of the ingredients, it is carefully baked every day.
● “Kodawariya” (organic, natural food) [Shinjuku district only, relocated] A specialty store that mainly sells organic and domestically produced foods that contain as little chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and synthetic additives as possible.
● “Krispy Kreme Donut” (Doughnut) [Relocated]
A donut shop that was born in the United States in 1937. We provide quality donuts. *Open until 21:00
100 Selected Confectionery (Confectionery) [Event-December 31st] We will develop brands that are made by confectioners in each region and loved in each region.
PARK6-#Shinjuku Underground Ramen-Business hours: 10:30-21:30, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-21:00 (Last order is 30 minutes before closing) *Irregular holidays
With the theme of “eating up”, we will open an eat-in corner “#Shinjuku Chika Ramen” that offers recommended noodles from all over the country that can fill your stomach for a limited time. In Shinjuku, you can casually enjoy the specialties of popular ramen shops all over Japan.
As the first step, Kumagaya’s “Golden Tiger” (December 1-7), which offers TKM (egg noodles), will open. After that, Osaka’s “Gokuno Tonkotsu Ramen Boy” (December 9th to 18th) is scheduled to appear. ● “#Shinjuku Underground Ramen” (Eat-in POP UP) [Odakyu Original Event] An eat-in space that offers popular ramen from all over the world for a limited time.
-Product image-
[Image 13

Ramen image
The “relocated” shop in the remarks column is the shop that was developed at the Odakyu Shinjuku store and the Shinjuku station west exit underground concourse before the renewal.
◆ About the opening project
We will sell special limited items, limited-price items, and fun bags filled with each store’s specialty flavors for a limited time. -Product example-
[Image 14

-Opening project-Ink painting
●[Bokue]-Limited opening item-[Marshmallow bread that melts into the dough] 220 yen/piece Limited to 10-15 pieces each day *December 1st to 31st
[Image 15

-Opening project-JUICE STAND BUBBLES
●『JUICE STAND BUBBLES』-Open Limited Product-「Organic Hot Chocolate Salty」Small 680yen~※December 1st to 31st
[Image 16

-Opening project-Shinjuku Takano
● “Shinjuku Takano” – fun bag – 1,620 yen Limited to 100 bags *From December 1st until the limited number is reached
[Image 17

-Opening project-Pastel
● “Pastel” -Limited Price Product- “Opening Commemoration! Neko Neko Cheesecake/Finyan She Set” 2,220 yen *December 1st – 5th
Place: Odakyu Ace North Building (West side)
Location: Nishi-Shinjuku 1-chome West Exit Underground Mall 1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Area: about 1,000 square meters
Opening date: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) * All stores will be open from 10:00 to 19:00, and all stores will close at 18:00 on Saturday, December 31st.
[Reference] Please refer to the following release for details on the refurbished opening of the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku store on October 4th.

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