Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. The 4th “Odakyu Life Market in Kurihira” will be held on November 19th, an event that connects multiple generations through community co-creation in Asao Ward, Kawasaki City.

Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
The 4th “Odakyu Life Market in Kurihira” will be held on November 19th, an event that connects multiple generations through community co-creation in Asao Ward, Kawasaki City.
We will revitalize the region through activities that aim to create a fun, safe, and livable community!

Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Shu Igarashi), a member of the Odakyu Group, will open Kurihira Station on the Odakyu Tama Line on Saturday, November 19, 2022 as a member of the community activity group “Odakyu’s Life Club”. The 4th “Odakyu Life Market in Kurihira” will be held at the north exit plaza, a regional event that nurtures love for the local community by connecting multiple generations.
This event is an initiative to revitalize the region while having fun by supporting activities created by residents and the region, such as a walk rally picking up garbage, assorted sales of local vegetables, and stage performances by local groups.
What is the Odakyu Living Department?
・It is a general term for activities and an organization name for activities that are created together with residents and communities with the aim of creating communities along the railway lines that are fun, safe, and easy to live for each generation. We are engaged in community formation, services, planning and development, etc., triggered by local activities.
・It was established in July 2019, consisting of various activity members such as Odakyu Real Estate, local activity groups, local farmers, government, post office, etc.
・Activities centered on residents and the local community, not based on corporate information, are based in the community facility “CAFE & SPACE L.D.K.” (operated by Odakyu Real Estate), which opened in front of Kurihira Station on the Odakyu Tama Line in March 2019.
・We are promoting regional revitalization centered on the following three club activities, and the total number of activity participants has exceeded 4,000 (as of the end of October 2022).
1. Flat Clean Club
Create opportunities to learn about and connect with residents and communities through regular community beautification activities 2. Children’s Shinbun Club
Discover the charm of the area by collecting information on facilities and spots in the area and along the railway line from the perspective of children
3. Veg club
Promoting local production for local consumption by using local vegetables, creating menus and planning events
[Image 1d12974-1077-bfbda94e84a83685bbc3-0.jpg&s3=12974-1077-bdb48f7aef3546a68f21e0c5bc0b8de2-645x484.jpg
Scene from the inaugural social gathering
What is Odakyu’s Living Market in Kurihira?
・Enjoy life along the Odakyu Lines at the square in front of Kurihira Station on the Odakyu Tama Line and CAFE & SPACE L.D.K. ・This is an event to learn about the region.
・The Odakyu Life Club is an event with plenty of content that can be enjoyed not only by parents and children, but also by people of all ages, such as stage presentations and booth exhibitions by
individuals, local groups, and companies active in the areas along the lines connected by the Odakyu Life Club. is planned and operated by ・Since the first event was held in November 2019 before the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it has been held every November, and this time it will be held for the fourth time.
・A total of approximately 1,900 customers visited the venue for the purpose of discovering and disseminating the appeal of the region, providing a place for local groups to make presentations, creating opportunities for active participation, and building loose connections within the region.
[Image 2d12974-1077-5c8a7f68c0e11a42a3d3-1.png&s3=12974-1077-5d7e3f3d74c9ea454ddda5ecbf8132e9-812x486.png
Changes in the number of visitors and collaborators
*The 2nd and 3rd times were held on a smaller scale from the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection. Highlights of the 4th Odakyu Living Market in Kurihira
・The popular project “Flat Walk”, which has continued since the 2nd time, is a walk rally where you can enjoy walking around the city while picking up trash and cleaning mailboxes with friends and family, and you can enjoy the fulfillment of cleaning the city you live in with your own hands. Presents such as juice and sweets are also available at the goal point
・”Winter Vegetables Magokoro Bin” is a package sale of fresh vegetables from local farmers who provide vegetables to CAFE & SPACE L.D.K. The taste of vegetables harvested in the neighborhood is exceptional.
・We will hold a total of 14 workshops that parents and children can enjoy, such as “One-of-a-kind name stamps in the world”, “Let’s make a Christmas wag”, and “Let’s make a miniature garden Christmas”. ・Odakyu Electric Railway will also hold a “Children’s stationmaster uniform photo session” where you can take a memorable photo. [Image 3d12974-1077-d2d192b03da5c6f20614-2.jpg&s3=12974-1077-a67c124f076bcbd7e5627f77c978c685-960x639.jpg

[Image 4d12974-1077-ebca6682a7fde7a5cba0-3.jpg&s3=12974-1077-69dcac722864d17fa419268f7d429815-960x639.jpg
– Overview of the event –
Date and time Saturday, November 19, 2022 10:00-15:00
Place Odakyu Tama Line Kurihira Station North Exit Square
Official site URL https://odakyukurashibu.wixsite.com/kurashi Organized by Odakyu Life Club
Co-sponsored by Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. Contact Odakyu Living Department
Mail odakyu.kurashibu@gmail.com
Enthusiasm of Odakyu’s Living Department Officers
Representative of Odakyu Living Department
Fumiyo Nakamura
(Serving as a representative of many organizations such as the local community “Furatto Shinyurigaoka” and “Kawasaki Mama no Wa”) [Image 5d12974-1077-393a2622af927595a155-4.png&s3=12974-1077-9af7d12215f952f4258b55e626e206e1-626x274.png
Fumiyo Nakamura
Odakyu Living Department Flat Clean Department Manager
Jun Oinuma
(Former member of the Kawasaki City Council, working for Casinoya Co., Ltd. Focusing on multi-generational activities with a focus on volunteer activities and agriculture)
[Image 6d12974-1077-eb06a69b339a1c7f1e74-5.png&s3=12974-1077-74c1edcd4c1826145c820385c70ffc10-619x282.png
Jun Oinuma
Director of Odakyu Living Department Children’s Book Department Mayumi Ito
(Presiding over events for parents and children as a representative of “Lilimum Art Pocket” Holding events for the elderly in the Kuriki area)
[Image 7d12974-1077-2021d0d52d4216aaf779-6.png&s3=12974-1077-a7d8c6fcd6411520291e54d023e185cd-624x263.png
Mayumi Ito
Odakyu Living Department Veggie Life Department Manager
Kimiko Fujii
(Representative of E Fitwill Co., Ltd., a registered dietitian who supports health promotion through food and sports)
[Image 8d12974-1077-997ff6ebedc290bf0304-7.png&s3=12974-1077-26d808ac37ac6929a99ea58e3483b66c-616x258.png
Kimiko Fujii
Odakyu Living Department Secretariat
Yuuka Kikuchi
(Working for Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. In charge of launching and operating Odakyu’s living department base facility “CAFE & SPACE L.D.K”)
[Image 9d12974-1077-d70680e1a37ea8ed11ca-8.png&s3=12974-1077-5b42c8d8b88e1f1ed32d53ce2e7d1c2a-836x393.png
Yuka Kikuchi
*”Odakyu Life” URL: https://www.odakyu-life.jp/
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