Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. 3 minutes walk from Satsukidai Station on the Odakyu Tama Line Center facing south Total number of units: 87 “Lefia Residence Aso Satsukidai” Number of entries exceeded 800 1st phase sales start from November 25th!

Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.
A 3-minute walk from Satsukidai Station on the Odakyu Tama Line Center facing south Total number of units: 87 “Leefia Residence Aso Satsukidai” has exceeded 800 entries; the first phase of sales will begin on November 25th!
Equipped with “Nikoichi Dwelling Unit”, a two-family house in the condominium, and large underfloor storage

Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shu Igarashi) is a newly built condominium “Lefia Residence Aso Satsukidai” (5 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground, 87 units in total) to be born in Asao-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. We will inform you that the first phase of sales will start from November 25, 2022 (Friday).
The property is located a 3-minute walk from Satsukidai Station on the Odakyu Tama Line. We planned spacious dwelling units with an average occupied area of ​​more than 76 square meters centered on the center. In addition, since the official website was opened on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, we have received many inquiries, and the number of entries has exceeded 800*1 in about three months.
*1 801 cases as of November 20, 2022
[Image 1d54964-49-c53262b09afc893a020e-5.jpg&s3=54964-49-f940f38ae03b51728b9ea8aa88d22e1d-3900x2163.jpg
Appearance (image perspective)
1 Concept
“Leafia Residence Aso Satsukidai” is located in a quiet residential area with lush greenery, while being a 3-minute walk from “Satsukidai” station on the Odakyu Tama Line. There are 13 parks within a 10-minute walk, and it is a location where you can enjoy nature and convenience with “Shin-Yurigaoka” where commercial facilities are concentrated as a living area. The concept of this property, “unconventional living,” incorporates the desire to create a residence that accepts various lifestyles and where multiple generations can live comfortably in an era where working and living styles are diversifying.
[Image 2d54964-49-08543f949eba7ab85cd6-12.jpg&s3=54964-49-471a7dc7649b72c8d8d2a79960999b2c-1366x618.jpg
2. Features of “Leafia Residence Aso Satsukidai”
■ Land plan
For this property, we planned an approach that changed the floor level so that access could be divided between cars and bicycles, taking advantage of the land shape with a difference in elevation. The main entrance and carriage porch are located on the west side, which is close to the station, and the sub-entrance centered on the bicycle flow line is located on the south side, which is one floor lower. In addition, in order to make the building that stretches from east to west not monotonous, and to blend in with the detached town on the south side, we selected an exterior design that divides vertically with textures and colors, and by adopting earth colors that make the roadside plants stand out. We are devising ways to please the eyes of passers-by.
[Image 3d54964-49-c8d2f0d9327a2c1246f4-9.jpg&s3=54964-49-01f619fd4be9a97a5bdd8fbbaa67870c-1500x705.jpg
Building layout plan (image illustration)
■ Planning
Taking advantage of the characteristics of the property’s location, we have designed a living space with a wide variety of 21 types of plan variations, which are centered on south-facing units and are full of openness.
[Image 4d54964-49-f48f2b52adc4d7befd2b-11.jpg&s3=54964-49-772394652a62ba44420a82c8d4895f2b-3349x1508.jpg
■ Representative example of space design
The dwelling units are based on spacious plans with an average of over 76 square meters, and we have prepared a wide range of areas from compact 2LDK to 4LDK. In addition, the floor plan is designed to meet the needs of diversifying lifestyles and family structures unique to modern times, such as two-family homes in apartments, living with home as a home office due to the spread of telework, and couples wanting to secure space for each other even in separate rooms. We have adopted a free select plan that is not tied to. Various styles are available, such as “5LDK” with an emphasis on the number of rooms, “1LDK” with a spacious living room, “2 master bedroom” with two main bedrooms, and a plan with a work space at home.
Example 1 Nikoichi Dwelling Unit
In the area in front of the Satsukidai station where the planned site is located, development progressed mainly with detached houses due to land readjustment*2 in 1982, but since 30 to 40 years have passed since the building was built, a plan was considered with an awareness of relocation needs. did. Then, with “a two-family house in a condominium” as one of the keywords, we developed “Nikoichi Dwelling Unit,” which allows people to come and go within two adjacent units. By opening a part of the wall of the border and adding a door, it is a new form of two-family house that allows you to watch over your family while considering each privacy.
*2 Kakio Daiichi Land Readjustment Project. Development progressed with the opening of Shin-Yurigaoka Station and the opening of the Tama Line in 1974, and the Odakyu Group has led the development of the town.
[Image 5d54964-49-4a3cd40f16f014174462-4.png&s3=54964-49-8024970407d90e3af87ef381e2593243-708x442.png
[Image 6d54964-49-8ebefdfe48cb10052b1e-3.png&s3=54964-49-afa4a1c76fa7d7083a17438de4c78ad3-1847x852.png
Nikoichi Dwelling Unit (Image CG)
Example 2 Limited to first-floor residences Adoption of large underfloor storage  The living and dining rooms on the 1st floor have adopted a large underfloor storage that secures an area of ​​about 3 tatami mats. With a height of about 1.35m, it is a plan that maximizes the limited space for storage of outdoor goods and emergency supplies for the whole family.
[Image 7d54964-49-2f1694580b7995a266ec-7.jpg&s3=54964-49-16eac8f64af148ccfc4bc54138e7dcba-1366x931.jpg
Large underfloor storage image (cross-section illustration)
[Image 8d54964-49-0cf4b3cf4c744756ebb7-8.png&s3=54964-49-b81e872f54bf6df67832b631b7dc4ad7-1801x835.png
Large underfloor storage (CG image)
Representative plan

[Image 9d54964-49-d8c4cdece2d057bc1753-13.jpg&s3=54964-49-4310b752e927b150d1c8c8adb25af9ea-1000x900.jpg
Left) Fb type Right) N type
■Common areas/tenant services
At the entrance, we have set up a “lounge” that incorporates the taste of Japanese architecture, such as a light wall and lattice pattern, and a Wi-Fi environment on the “rooftop terrace” where you can relax with the sky and greenery. At the sub-entrance, there is a pet wash area and cycle ports (flat) in the building for all units. Some parking lots also have charging facilities for electric vehicles. [Image 10d54964-49-325b78da5f94bcb55e11-2.jpg&s3=54964-49-f966a4d702915c8dcd945071a77dfec5-3900x2590.jpg
Entrance (perspective image)
[Image 11d54964-49-c4fe813bd858c57af64a-6.jpg&s3=54964-49-ff7e1ab8a6da2413e9541f3e39ce6293-1366x1172.jpg
Rooftop terrace (perspective image))
3 Property overview
Property name: Leafeon Residence Aso Satsukidai
Location: 1-19-3 Gorikida, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa (lot number) Transportation: 3-minute walk from “Satsukidai” station on the Odakyu Tama Line Site area: 3,934.87 square meters
Building area: 1,995.74 square meters
Structure/Scale: Reinforced concrete construction (partially steel construction), 5 floors above ground and 1 floor below ground Total number of units: 87 units
Floor plan 2LDK to 4LDK
Business owner: Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Design and construction Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. Yokohama Branch Completion late October 2023 (planned)
Delivery late January 2024 (planned)
URL https://www.odakyu-leafia.jp/mansion/satsuki87/
First phase sales outline
Sales schedule November 25th (Friday) to November 26th (Saturday), 2022 Number of units sold: 57 units
Sales price: 46.68 million yen to 78.98 million yen (tax included) Highest price range: 59 million yen (7 units) / 61 million yen (7 units) *units of 1 million yen
Floor plan 2LDK to 4LDK
Exclusive area 62.72 square meters ~ 99.32 square meters
Balcony area 6.40 square meters ~ 13.56 square meters
Roof balcony area 23.52 square meters to 35.10 square meters Terrace area 11.60 square meters to 12.50 square meters
Private garden area: 5.67 square meters to 12.91 square meters 4 Property guide map
[Image 12d54964-49-4c14c1bf45175a1bb7cc-10.jpg&s3=54964-49-2bc4c2ef19bd83c0569b9d58b08eda59-1178x948.jpg
Property guide map
For sales inquiries, please contact the following.
“Leafia Residence Aso Satsukidai” Mansion Gallery
TEL 0120-806-204 (regular holiday: Wednesday, Thursday, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday) Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-16:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-17:00
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